Don’t Downvote Me, Bro!

In the 28 March 2020 teleseminar, MJD has strong views about YouTube videos being disliked within 30 seconds of being posted. It’s one of the most superficial things I’ve heard him talk about. As will be heard below, the way he returns to the subject 20 minutes later and blows it up to ludicrous significance suggests the effect of downvotes on his ego.

The YouTube video of that CMA teleseminar has been deleted like other teleseminars but I have the two relevant audio clips here.

“Master John Douglas”, unknown date and location

In this first clip MJD starts by condemning people’s general tendency for “negative” reactions and behaviours, because they eventually return to inflict pain via karmic law:

28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

Another aspect of illustration is the cynical, negative default that most of humanity exists in.

People don’t understand the harm they do to themselves by instigating laws of nature that deliver suffering.

To understand these laws is to be freed. To understand these laws is to have a machine to print money.

Say for example. One of these YouTubers that I watch occasionally about automobiles and he’s very popular, he has got a couple of million subscribers. He came out and said that as soon as he releases a video, within the first 30 seconds he has 10 or 20 downvotes. And he attributed to his competition who are trying to downvote his videos.

I was aghast when I found that out. That people literally do that. That people literally try and spoil someone else’s blessings, someone else’s hard work, someone else’s natural right to be successful. That people literally have that negative intention to downvote a person who is popular and true and honest and doing the right thing. And then we wonder why we suffer.

I was just watching our live stream on YouTube and before Chris [Hartnett] had even spoken there were four downvotes [laughs].

Y’know … do you really think your opinion has any cosmic weight to effect anything besides your own destruction?

That’s the key to it. And we as humans have been conditioned to own this universe. We’ve been conditioned that whatever is on our mind must be inflicted onto everybody else, that whatever difficulty, negativity, struggle we have is not self-created but we should just vomit it out onto everybody else.

And that is encouraged now. That is propagated. And that is self-destructive. That is self-destructive.

MJD, 28 March 2020 teleseminar

It is the way he goes from “instigating laws of nature that deliver suffering” to YouTube downvoting I find absurd.

The line “Do you really think your opinion has any cosmic weight to effect anything besides your own destruction?” is hugely disparaging and sanctimonious towards everyone with minds contrary to his own. It’s outrageously egotistical in the context of such a trivial matter as downvoting YouTube videos. I can hear a subtle inner anger in his voice as he says it.

It’s an over-the-top insult thrown out like he’s predicting the downvoters are going to hell for their actions.

Are MJD’s own opinions not subject to this law? It’s akin to his “your naturally doubting offensive mental capabilities” and “Just be” instructions rejecting any rational thought that might work against him.

In the latter part of the clip he links it to his wider philosophy: if something bad happens to you, it’s your fault due to something you did in your past. And most importantly don’t complain about it. Robbery? Cancer? Disabled? You’re to blame. Going through a hard time and want to talk about it? Too bad, your opinions are vomit to him. Which rather calls into question MJD’s genuine thoughts about the people who come to him for “healing”.

If anyone knows which automobile YouTuber he might be referring please comment below for interest.

20 minutes later…

… he’s back on the topic, after expounding his nonsense COVID-19 theories and waxing lyrical about coronavirus sufferers being killed by antiviral medication and immunosuppressants.

At the start of this second clip, MJD is still talking about his preposterous theory of one’s past negative reactions and behaviours causing future bad events like coronavirus (another example is 9/11):

28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“This is literally, as I mentioned last week, delivering to all sectors of society some kind of transformation, change and purification and some kind of uh, reunification of people.

If you go back to what I mentioned about downvoting someone’s video before you even watch it, that little tip of the iceberg is the reason a lot of this is happening.

As I mentioned last week… the state of politics, society, debate, media, country, the world, social media trends and tendencies.

I said nature simply brings forth a catastrophe when it’s required to blow away all kind of things and negativities…

MJD, 28 March 2020 teleseminar

Seeing those downvotes really unsettled his karmic balance.

In essence he is saying the downvoting of his videos contributed to the rise of COVID-19. As if his videos being quickly downvoted caused a massive butterfly effect of negativity resulting in a world-changing catastrophe. As if the very idea of deciding to downvote a video is an unethical act feeding a looming, growing monster of bad karma we’ll all bear the brunt of eventually.

Doesn’t this comeuppance contradict his earlier pretentious and overblown remark “Do you really think your opinion has any cosmic weight to effect anything besides your own destruction”?

“FREE Global Repair Livestream”, CMA YouTube 2 October 2020. 18 upvotes / 6 downvotes

At no point does he address quick upvotes of videos, despite this being extremely common on popular YouTube channels. Do upvotes not cancel out the downvotes in MJD’s karmic world? Sidenote: I wonder if CMA members are told to upvote videos ASAP as a matter of course.

MJD never considers if a downvote is ever honest and justified – not merely the work of biased and nefarious competition. “People literally try and spoil someone else’s blessings, someone else’s hard work, someone else’s natural right to be successful. That people literally have that negative intention to downvote a person who is popular and true and honest and doing the right thing” as if everything has a right to be accepted simply for existing. “popular and true and honest and doing the right thing” – he appears to be talking about both the automobile YouTuber and himself here.

The very idea people might disagree with him and also express it is offensive to MJD because it harms his standing in CMA. Any occurrence of doubt is an attack on a cult‘s authority.

The downvotes are a publicly visible sign not everyone agrees with him, seen not only by CMA members but all viewers and potential future devotees watching.

In particular, early downvotes on CMA’s Global Repair “livestreams” as mentioned in the first clip likely reduce viewer susceptibility to value what MJD and Hartnett say. I wonder if this was one reason the Global Repair streams moved to Twitch which has no upvote/downvote feature. Sidenote: the main reason was likely to find an untapped audience.

But in any case, CMA could’ve simply switched off the YouTube thumbs up/down feature. Now that’s what I call FREE Karmic Mitigation.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I’ve previously revealed McKayla Maroney‘s deep involvement with the Church of Master Angels and her idolizing of Master John Douglas. In the last few years McKayla has transitioned from ex-Elite gymnast to a graduate of CMA’s Elite Development course learning “proof of God” and the ability to “remote scan matter and energies”.

Now I will reveal the discovery that Erin Maroney, McKayla’s mother, is also a serious devotee of MJD, praising him and attending his Elite Development courses just like her eldest daughter does.

Erin and McKayla Maroney, @McKaylaMaroneyOfficial Facebook (2014)

The proof is in two videos on CMA’s YouTube channel.

My Miracle Testimonials

The first video is called “My Miracle Testimonials” posted 5 September 2018. Filming date and location are unknown but likely at a seminar, workshop or Elite course that year:

It consists of believers briefly describing MJD’s “miracle cures” of their various health issues after medicine failed to help. They all thank him for improving their lives. Emotive piano music plays and the editing cuts between the talking heads.

No names are given but three of the CMA higher-ups included are Jan Casebolt (“He brought me closer to God”), Debra Wagner (“I experienced the most amazing absolute cooling sensation”) and Richard Sarnat (“He basically waved it away within 15 seconds”).

At the 1:53 mark I recognised another face: Erin Maroney, McKayla’s mother. This was completely unexpected and quite a shock to me when I first saw it in November 2019.

Erin says:

“The very first night after seeing John I slept through the night for the first time in ten years.”

Later in same video at 1:46 mark she says:

“It’s been the biggest blessing of my life. And I’m just an average everyday mom who will never be able to thank John enough.”

Leaving aside the question if Erin really is “an average everyday mom”, I don’t know how or exactly when McKayla and her mom were introduced to MJD, whether one introduced the other, or a third party introduced them both together. Reminder: McKayla claims he cured her of fibromyalgia, her testimony saying “What do you say to someone who has given you your life back. Who cures the incurable. Who gives and gives so gracefully. Who has time and time again blessed my life with miracles I can barely comprehend.”

Fragments of McKayla’s CMA life.

Gratitude Video

The second video is simply titled “Gratitude Video” posted 24 October 2019. Unknown location, possibly CMA’s “chapel” on Heavenly Mountain.

We can infer from the introductory text (above) that Erin, like everyone shown, has joined CMA’s $10,000-per person Elite Development course. I assume Erin and McKayla attended together but notably McKayla isn’t shown or mentioned in this video, or any video I’ve seen.

“Gratitude Video” is very similiar to 2018’s “My Miracle Testimonials”. Emotive music plays as MJD, unseen, is aggrandized by a selection of his cult members. Many wear the CMA pendant.

Again no names are given. Various CMA higher-ups are included: Debra & Jeffrey Wagner, Jan Casebolt, Renata Maniaci. There is a brief but significant glimpse of Hartnett‘s youngest daughter Grace whom he says is an Elite graduate and can kill viruses.

The sentimentality and veneration of MJD has intensified since 2018. Praise and thanks are poured onto him for clearing “karmic debt” and miracle cures of infections, ulcerative colitis, liver parasites, cancer and so on. As if that wasn’t enough, he is lauded for their general spiritual development and “truly universal and comprehensive transformation in every single department and aspect of life”.

The only purpose of this video is to elevate the “humble” MJD personally; not CMA, not the “Master Angels”, not the alleged 400+ other Elites supposedly taught the same powers. Imagine having a video like this made about you. Imagine the ego boost. How would your friends react to it?

At 4:11 mark Erin appears and we get a quick and rather vague, generic thanks:

“Thank you Master John for leading me out of the darkness and showing me the way to the truth and the light.”

Erin and McKayla are not the only parent/child pair to follow MJD. There are examples of devotees passing on his teachings to their children, much like a Christian for example would indoctrinate a child with their own religion. I’ll write more about this in a later post. This was a factor in prompting me to finally create this blog, realizing there was not enough criticism of CMA/MJD’s exploitative, fabricated, deceitful world.

Other Planets

Most CMA members and MJD followers appear to be past middle age. This makes sense because that age group naturally have more chronic medical problems, age-related and recurrent. The kind of physical problems that come and go but never permanently go away, but MJD can exploit for years to persuade his duped followers the peaks and troughs of their pain align with the waves of their karmic balance.

Actual statistics aren’t available, but I’ve noticed women appear to outnumber men, at least within the circle of higher-ups and social media supporters of CMA.

Which gives me a suitable place to post this audio clip of Hartnett talking in typically grandiose and otherworldly style about CMA’s “most powerful women on the planet”:

Hartnett, CMA conference call 2019

“We have some of the most powerful women on the planet. That’s reality. They were on other planets and they came here. They’ve already learned a lot of these lessons, they’ve been given by John before… they already know a lot of this stuff without even learning it.”

A puzzling remark. I would be curious to hear about the time spent on other planets by these women, Hartnett’s knowledge of it and his implication MJD was with them. Need we add “space adventurer” to the list of his improbable achievements? Some of MJD’s claims are decidedly where no man has gone before.

Or perhaps this popular 1970s song below isn’t about aliens but is a prophecy of MJD?

In your mind you have capacities, you know

To telepath messages through the vast unknown

Please close your eyes and concentrate

With every thought you think

With your mind you have ability to form

And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm

You close your eyes, you concentrate

“Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”, The Carpenters

Joking aside, I suppose Hartnett was referring to the karmic notion of past lives. He connects it to MJD’s lessons somehow being retained over sucessive incarnations. Though I’m still unsure if he’s referring to their past lives existing on actual other planets. Mars? Venus? Delta Vega?

The fact McKayla and her mother are both deep into CMA shows how manipulative and persuasive the cult of MJD is to those in the orbit of their snake oil enterprise and its advocates. I highlight them because of the weight of evidence and to bring attention to the whole business. Elite Development attendees are banned from sharing the details of course contents. Though I expect most would be too embarrassed to speak about their “secret knowledge” to a non-CMA audience, lest the utter ridiculousness of it be thrown right back at them.

YouTube Drama Karma

Welcome all new visitors to my blog in the last few days. Hope you learn a lot and enjoy my posts.

But I bring terrible news.

Very recently the Church of Master Angels official YouTube channel has made private Master John Douglas’s past teleseminars.

Dear Supreme God, I am distraught!!!! What a terrible loss to the world!!!!!!!!!

CMA YouTube channel early December 2020, with deleted teleseminars highlighted

I hope some reprobate wasn’t misusing the secret divine knowledge contained in those videos!!!!!!!! Such human negativity, such naturally doubting offensive mental capabilities!!!!!

Let us pray to the Lords Of Karma’s YouTube representative on Earth to reincarnate those videos back onto this planet.

Personally the teleseminars were an excellent relaxation and sleep-aid, invariably I was dozing within seconds.

For example: the “powerful lecture and global healing” to quote McKayla Maroney, that was the “Crystal Light Tour Spring 2020 Launch and Explanation” video:

McKayla’s twitter 29 March 2020

Pray we don’t forget the gems and golden nuggets of “divine truth” MJD imparted to us during that 28 March 2020 teleseminar, example:

“I can’t remove the skin tags on your neck. But I can kill the virus that no-one can see that is causing your chronic fatigue syndrome.

“You can do our Elite course and become a frequency modulator, a frequency sensor, a frequency machine that can save your own life and life of your family. That is what our events are all about … I talk sometimes for an hour, an hour and a half…

“If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. If you give a reason often enough that reason will be accepted… The opinion of people can be easily manipulated.

In the old days, it took advertisements, newspapers, TV, trusted personalities to tell us. Now you have this absolute explosive diarrhea of millions of sources of information and enough can stick and we can go into a snowballing conflagration of whatever it may be.

Sidenote: I would’ve hoped explosive diarrhea was something MJD could cure. Or doesn’t his supervision stretch to looking into assholes?

This dietary advice about eating cake until you become a non-reactive being:

“Every truth you beget leads you to a greater piece of cake.

Every truth you beget becomes sweeter and there is an inner blissful generation that gives you a baseline peaceful happiness, peaceful strength, non-reactive courage, non-reactive intelligence, non-reactive harmony, non-reactive love, non-reactive attractiveness, a non-reactive being that is literally walking at one with the vibration of creation around us.”

And how can I not remind us of this next quote, where MJD tells followers to prioritise his teachings over their daily lives, pastimes and jobs:

“The first responsibility we have is not freelancing, not baking cookies, not Instagramming, not fashion-designing …

Your first charge is to understand the reality of your existence.

But wait, perhaps CMA have a good karmic reason to remove the videos:

MJD on negativity causing bad events like coronavirus

“If you go back to what I mentioned about downvoting someone’s video before you even watch it, that little tip of the iceberg is the reason a lot of this is happening.

… I said nature simply brings forth a catastrophe when it’s required to blow away all kind of things and negativities.

There we have it: the reason CMA removed the videos was because the downvotes were causing COVID-19 !!!! Thankyou SMGJMJD for this self-sacrifice!!!!!