What is CMA?

They say:

CMA International Foundation, [Doing Business As]: The Church of the Master Angels, is a unitary, non-denominational, faith-based community Church open to all seekers of truth, cosmic awareness and soul-realization, regardless of belief, tradition, creed, or religious affiliation that promotes the selfless worship of God through the teaching of God’s Masters, Angels, and Holy Saints.

CMA website

When was CMA founded?

2017 in Boone, North Carolina, USA.

Who is Master John Douglas (MJD)?

Master John Douglas, or Supreme Grand Master John Douglas as he is often called, is said by CMA and himself to be a “world renowned theologian, prophetic minister, spiritual healer and extraordinary teacher”. We are told he was born in Australia in 1971 to a family with several generations of spiritual healers. We are told he has the power of remote sensing, capable of looking inside people at a molecular level from the other side of the world and kill viruses he finds. This ability started aged 9 when he “received a complete clairvoyant activation, allowing full vision of the energetic or spiritual dimension”.

“He utilizes unique and precise techniques and healing processes with the help of Master Angelic Beings. Together, John and his Angelic companions are working to create profound change on the quantum “invisible” level to be experienced as healing on the gross physical plane.”

“The techniques employed by John, via his spiritual companions, are a powerful synthesis of known and unknown methods that are producing amazing changes and healing on all levels.”

He’s been active since at least 2006. CMA say thousands of medically documented miracles are attributed to him. He has been likened to an “air traffic controller” directing a “cosmic airforce” of angelic action on Earth.

He is the head – the “Pope” if you like – of CMA and owes much of his current profile to Christopher Hartnett.

Who is Christopher Hartnett?

Christopher Hartnett

He is the chairman and founder of CMA and mainly responsible for taking MJD from a smalltime spiritual healer & “Energetic Healing Practitioner” to an organization of thousands of believers and “grateful” recipients of healing. Verified statistics are not available.

Jeffrey Wagner, the legal mind of CMA and its “global ambassador” says Hartnett is “a spirtual seeker since age 18” with “great stores of knowledge in ancient traditions such as Vedic science as well as modern Western and Eastern faiths.” In return, Hartnett calls Wagner “one of the top legal minds of the world. He literally has never lost a case. He is one of the best lawyers on the planet, literally.”

In the 1990s Hartnett owned USA Global Link (Global Link USA) a company which led him being called “The Father of Internet Telephony and VOIP technologies”. He bought and sold thousands of domain names. He traded gems. He was a commodities broker in Chicago. He was a big time follower of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He was profiled in various magazines. He was a magician for a time. He made a lot of money we are told, with USA Global Link valued at $2.2 billion. He’s a husband, and father to three adult daughters.

He says he became bed-ridden and continually ill which prompted him to search the world for a legitimate healer. “I’ve had every disease you can think of practically. I’ve spent the last 30 years practically in bed” he said March 2020. 2008 is supposedly the year his globe trotting bore fruit by meeting MJD for the first time whereupon Hartnett’s “medical nightmare” was ended. Now he’s MJD’s biggest supporter.

It is worth reading this 2008 article https://www.dnjournal.com/cover/2008/june.htm (a domain name industry magazine) as a source of Hartnett information pre-MJD/CMA.

What’s the Global SELF Foundation?

This is Hartnett’s other organization. Different sources have different foundation dates. Hartnett says it was formed to empower his global search for healers, that is no later than 2008 – the year we’re told he met MJD. But tax records state 2015 and their Facebook says 2012.

SELF = Self Education Learning Fund.

Their mission statement is:

Our mission is to find alternative health technologies and solutions to eliminate physical and physiological challenges and nurture the self development, self awareness and self-sufficiency of the individual.

The Foundation will create, connect and collaborate with the best organizations and experts to raise awareness and inspire research and development related to character development and well being.

Promote and research non-traditional health and self development modalities.

Donations to Global SELF Foundation enable funding of CMA’s free events and teleseminars.

What kind of donations?

One example is the $10,000 minimum needed for Elite Development Course attendees.

The Elite Development Course?

This is MJD’s exclusive 4-day training for hardcore believers in his powers and teaching.

The headline benefit is:

“Preparation and installation of the apparatus for beginning remote scanning ability of matter and energies”

Basically the Elite course gets you closer to understanding MJD’s worldview, the secrets of the universe and how to achieve his powers for yourself. Needless to say, no-one seems to have quite reached his level yet. Although he claims to have taught 600+ people how to “verify frequency of matter, to verify truth and explore the world around them on the energy level”. Then there are 400+ people he’s apparently taught to “kill a virus”. Source: 21 March 2020 teleseminar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhPK_8BuwQg

Is MJD really Australian?

Biographical details are thin on the ground.

When did MJD start his healing work?

Supposedly circa 2000.

Can MJD really command angels? Heal remotely?

Of course not.

I say this not only because it’s my rational reaction to MJD’s claims, but is the response anybody with eyes open would have to the whole ridiculous apparatus MJD has built around himself, aided by Hartnett and co: the church, the “secret knowledge”, the “elite training”, the “supreme grand master” title, the carefully worded legal disclaimers, the glorification of MJD, the total lack of verifiable evidence.

I do not deny the existence of inexplicable things simply because I have no experience of them, but I refuse to live a life based on singular claims of extraordinary abilities which are self-justified by extraordinary claims built upon extraordinary claims upon extraordinary claims upon nothing.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote:

We certainly are not to deny whatever we cannot account for. A thousand phenomena present themselves daily which we cannot explain, but where facts are suggested, bearing no analogy with the laws of nature as yet known to us, their verity needs proofs proportioned to their difficulty.

letter to Daniel Salmon (1808)

What is Descent From Heavenly Mountain?

I’m Leonard and DFHM is my blog for my research into CMA/MJD. I’m not a pro writer so bear with me if some sloppiness, poor grammar, bad structure and the like appear. I’m no Pulitzer Prize winner that’s for sure. Perhaps one day guest writers will contribute posts to the blog. This is an editorial, non-commercial site hosting legitimate commentary.

Some things I write will probably be ill-defined and confusing. My journalistic skills don’t stretch to turning MJD’s cosmos of flights of fancy into something coherent and lucid.

I’ve never written about cults or spirituality before. I’m not a logician or intellectual. I made this because there isn’t much out there for critics of CMA to find and discuss. CMA aren’t well known but seem to have a significant following and resources. There’s something there to be looked into and legitimately criticized. Perhaps others will take this as a starting point for their own research and commentary if they want.

I ask readers not to copy any part of this blog or its media without clearly crediting and linking to descentfromheavenlymountain.is or relevant page.

Can I send you info?

Yes, please use the Contact page. Or, anyone can leave a public comment underneath the posts.

What are CMA’s core products?

$250 Silent Faith Remote Healing Directed Prayer https://masterangels.org/product/remote-healing/

$250 Karmic Mitigation Blessing Directed Prayer https://masterangels.org/product/mitigation/

$149.99 Spirit Repair CD/download https://masterangels.org/product/spirit/

$149.99 Karmic Repair CD/download https://masterangels.org/product/karmic/

Is there a secret sex cult within CMA?

I don’t think so. I’ve seen basically no sexual references but I’ve not consumed everything CMA/MJD have put out. I hope not. Main motivators for cult leaders and other exploiters and manipulators are invariably basic things like money, respect from peers, not wanting to be seen as a fraud, getting off on control and of course sex. My main concerns are financial exploitation and insidious influence on followers’ life decisions.

What’s the deal with 501(c)(3) charitable organizations and tax exemption?

CMA International Foundation and Global Self Foundation are classed as 501(c)(3) organizations exempt from federal income tax in USA.

501(c)(3) tax-exemptions apply to entities operated for religious, charitable, scientific, educational purposes and the like.

To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual.


A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.


Inure definition: to be of use, benefit, or advantage to an individual.

What websites do CMA have or are closely associated with?






I’ll mention here that CMA maintain a pretty active social media portfolio. Facebook is where most interaction happens. There are never negative comments.

https://www.themanwhocankillavirus.com/ (little more than a one page article by Hartnett “THE MAN WHO CAN KILL A VIRUS: including COVID19”)

https://metamórphosis.com/ and https://cma-events.de/ (German affiliate headed by Jutta Zimbrich)

https://www.omniblueminerals.com (magnesium-based health product endorsed by MJD)

https://www.australianexcellence.com (health supplement to aid digestive system, said to be formulated by MJD. Ceased business in 2020.)

http://www.spirit-repair.com and https://www.masterjohndouglas.org (these were MJD’s pre-CMA sites. Redirected to CMA site circa 2017-2019 but currently show “Under construction”. Can use archive.org to go back)

https://self-found.org/ (Hartnett’s Global SELF Foundation)

https://www.medicalmiracle.info/ (Richard Sarnat’s book documenting ‘miracles’ performed by MJD. Endorsed by CMA)

What do I read first?