If you only watch one Master John Douglas video…

… it’s this one because at time of writing I don’t think there are any others on the Internet. Not that can be easily found or without paying $125.

It’s a short clip from CMA’s deleted 1hr38m workshop video from 2015. CMA have never posted any other similiar video of MJD I’m aware of. I wanted at least one video on the blog to watch him at work, and didn’t want to host it on YouTube etc.

2015 workshop with MJD, unknown location

“You will operate at a level that may have taken you thousands of years to achieve. And you will feel it immediately. You will be different in the mind and emotions.

Soul Patterning: let’s do it.

[Closes eyes, slowly raises and lowers arms several times. Sudden hand movements]


[More inexplicable hand movements. Grimaces. More arm raising and lowering]

[Stands still, hands clasped]

Where is that chakra [?] gone? Where’s your brain? Are we empty?

Notice his peculiar jerky hand movements. I wonder if they are spontaneous or does he practice in a mirror.

I wonder why CMA deleted it and replaced with an audio-only version? Is it because he looks preposterous? Taken on its own, what’s your opinion?

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