Springtime for CMA

CMA have announced their “Blissful Empowerment Tour” with an opening teleseminar on April 30th priced $99. Registration for ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ tour passes is open and likely priced at thousands of $ as in previous years. I expect the format of this “tour” to be entirely online audio streams like 2020.

May 11th update: I’m informed the “Blissful Empowerment Tour” follows same format as the Fall 2020 tour. 11 audio streams individually priced $250 and the Silver tour pass costs $2750. Do not send them money.

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Events were once announced and extensively promoted with unrestrained joy but none of CMA’s social media pages has mentioned any of it. A sure sign of CMA closing ranks and eventual decline.

I imagine only existing CMA members or newbies privately introduced are expected to attend these new events.

Christopher Hartnett’s big mistake was to formalize CMA and take it online. If instead it was kept on the downlow and local, Hartnett’s pushing of MJD might have remained on the fringes of transcendental meditation. But Hartnett, obsessed with going global, couldn’t resist using the Internet to help build a new imagined empire for MJD, to make CMA global virtually if not in the real world too. But Hartnett didn’t realize the Internet doesn’t behave like an unpaid promotions team or yes man. Nor is it the same Internet as in Hartnett’s younger years when to have a voice required traceable website ownership and a domain name purchase. Lies and scams get called out, by anyone anywhere.


Here’s the mumbo-jumbo description for the April 30th teleseminar:

Each TeleSeminar is a way to get the latest unique insights from an Angelic perspective. Our guest speakers share the latest developments and spiritual concerns for our global audience. Registration includes a private online link to the event until four weeks after the tour.

Healing starts the moment registration is completed and continues powerfully at the event itself. Faith is what bridges the gap between a person’s karmic debt and their opportunity to be healed. During this event, participants receive powerful healings on multiple levels of mind, body, and spirit. Many issues are addressed during the group healing at the deepest “root” levels.

Each event is designed to impart a new level of perspective on and awareness of your energetic structures and their impact on your spiritual and physical health and well-being. Powerful healings on multiple levels of mind, body, and spirit are transmitted throughout the event, culminating in an extra-powerful group healing at the end.

If the new teleseminar and “tour” are anything like all their previous events they’ll consist merely of utter nonsense, self aggrandisement, baseless claims, interminable spiel, quack health advice, and other ramblings from the narcissistic charlatans Christopher Hartnett and “Master John Douglas”.

Simply stated in CMA’s own words, the tour will be of no benefit whatsoever.

My blog has lots of clips and analysis of previous teleseminars for those in any doubt.

There’s no explicit mention of MJD in the new event description. This is expected these days, an attempt to remove him and his troublesome presence from public gaze and critique. CMA continue to circle the wagons around him even as he holds sway over the entire operation.

Just so no-one forgets MJD and the absurdity he says and does, here’s another clip from the 2015 workshop video deleted from CMA’s YouTube. It comes just after he’s performed a “blessing” similiar to that seen in my previous clip.

2015 workshop with MJD, unknown location

You had for a moment the attention of all of the unknown celestial realm on your spirit. Something from every one of God’s creation came into you and its intelligence is now within you.

And for the reason of the following process you received that. We’ll do our general healing then I’ll be happy to be torturted by you for five minutes. But the next process for our new people whether you’re spiritual or not you’ll feel a difference.

To put it very simply, we’re going to allow the power of your soul to enter you to a level where it shouldn’t. Where you don’t deserve it to.

But we will restructure your energies down here to allow the soul to wipe your mind, emotions, and physiology of anything that is not corresponding to peace.

If I measure the new people [performs jerky arm & hand movements] especially after that blessing that’s a little higher than normal you have 40% peace in the mind, 10% peace in the mind, 30% peace. Your worries and stresses and agitations; neurotransmitters; thoughts; thoughts; emotions; tremor; look at her and look at him, what a bitch, I can’t [imitates babbling]; look at my pants today; look at my hair today; look at her, I hate her, what a bitch!

That’s all we do all day, right?

Look at that bitch in the lift!

That’s all we do.


Lest anyone mistake this post as promotion, I’ll clearly state:

I strongly discourage anybody from sending a single cent to CMA or taking part in the “Blissful Empowerment Tour” in any capacity. A fool and his or her money are soon parted.

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  1. Hello. I just want to mention that this whole blog is mostly garbage. No offense but you are attacking a group of people who believe in angels and follow a teacher who has verified medical results to his credit, who has healed many people in many ways. you are confusing John with one of the myriad poser cult leaders out there – which is an innocent-enough mistake. this is a world after all so filled with posers. but John really does heal many people, and teaches an outlook or kind of philosophy that is largely helpful to people, and the financial structure of the group is needed to keep the organization moving forward and to give scholarships to many of his followers and volunteers who cannot afford and do not pay the full prices. I will also say that sometimes the marketing for CMA and John has been a bit clumsy. that is because it is done by volunteers who are not exactly trained ad execs and they do not always know what they produce is looking a bit clumsy in comparison to what a pro would do. not to mention describing spiritual phenom is difficult and easy to be trivialized. spiritual words get trite so fast even if they are describing real phenomenon. so it is easy – a cheap shot – to poke fun at all these various efforts. but how many teachers/healers would have so many volunteers to help him and support his efforts to tour and teach and help people for roughly twenty years in the first place? the answer is… not many! they volunteer to help him and organize to support his tours and efforts here in the USA so John can continue teaching and working here. the home grown nature of this group is in fact a sign of its authenticity. so really, what you are are doing in this blog is as follows: you are stringing together a lot of factoids, partial truths and making all of us who follow John look wing nuts. you are belittling all of us, shaming us, etc. suggesting that what we experience is placebo or fake and we are all basically dumb idiots. so thanks for that. we feel it. : ) but the bottom line… anyone who follows John already is going to keep following him, because John is a profoundly gifted teacher and healer. …and you seem to be hellbent to continue on persecuting a very loosely organized religious group or sect that is not hurting anyone and is entirely benign. So why not find a cult where truly someone is being hurt and spend your time there instead? And leave us in peace to celebrate god and nature and the angelic order… which is basically all we do in this group? you are perhaps shouting up the wrong tree. thanks for your consideration.

    1. I agree with this post. Keep in mind the following: The creator of this blog is Hennie Groot Lipman. And there is a fair amount of information concerning Hennie Groot Lipman that might place this blog in a different perspective.

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