Fleshlights and Master John Douglas

One of the first critical and rational assessments of MJD/CMA I found was bizarrely by an anonymous ex-employee of the sex-toy manufacturer Fleshlight. It’s posted on Glassdoor 12 September 2019 in context of a review of the Fleshlight company as an employer. Fleshlight and parent company Interactive Life Forms (ILF) are based in Austin, Texas since 1995 and hail themselves as The #1 Male Sex Toy in the World.

The review:


The CEO is part of a religious group call The Master Angels. I think it’s fair to describe them as a cult since they center around a charismatic leader named Master John Douglas who claims he can cure cancer, lyme disease, etc. He hosts $250 seminars and sells supplements, DVDs and healing jewelry online.

This is relevant because 2 weeks after I was hired, my boss the CTO, one of the smartest and most decorated engineers I have ever worked with, was fired and replaced by a high priestess of the Master Angels. This woman had convinced the CEO (fraudulently) that she was capable of contacting angels in heaven via the power of crystals and that they could help her make perfect business decisions.

I am not even joking.

If you decide to take a job at ILF there are a few things you should know:

– Your opinion does not matter.

– The CEO is extremely volatile.

– You can get “terminated” for any reason or no reason at all.

– 20%-ish of the employees are the CEO’s direct family members.

– Most of the management belongs to the crystal angel cult.

– Smart people are not welcome because they are a threat to the divine.

I really hope that the CEO eventually realizes that these crystal people are lying. They cannot talk to angels. They do not have magic powers. Crystals are just rocks. The whole thing is an absolute fraud it would be great if one day they all get sued. I would love to see them try to explain their value proposition to a judge and jury.

The review mentions several of the key issues my blog covers. It serves to remind me how MJD is viewed by people not previously exposed to him and without a predilection to his karmic angel-based lies. The review acknowledges the absurdness of CMA and MJD. It describes how CMA are a negative influence not only on personal and spiritual development but careers and business decisions.

Fleshlight CEO Steve Shubin with wife Kathy Shubin and Fleshlight staff (undated). How many CMA members are in this photo I wonder?

“High priestess” is not an official CMA term as far as I know but it sounds like the reviewer is describing one of “400+” Elite Development course graduates who believe MJD has taught them to commune with angels and see viruses inside people at the molecular-level using “remote sensing” just like he supposedly can.

Convinced the CEO (fraudulently) that she was capable of contacting angels in heaven via the power of crystals and that they could help her make perfect business decisions” tells us this CMA devotee applies MJD’s teachings to all areas of life.

Two relevant teleseminar clips of MJD talking about reforming everything you are through his CDs, courses and “processes”:

MJD, 21 March 2020 teleseminar
MJD, 30 October 2020 teleseminar

Smart people are not welcome because they are a threat to the divine” mirrors exactly what MJD teaches about “stopping the machine” of one’s “interferring” rational intellect lest it obstruct “oneness”, “divine bliss” and “cleaning out the crappy notions around your issues”:

MJD, 30 October 2020 teleseminar

The review describes the CMA member installing like-minded colleagues into other management roles. A covert way for a cult to take over a company.

I tip my hat to the anonymous reviewer for sharing this rare insight of the influence of CMA members within an established business. And for not holding back: “The whole thing is an absolute fraud it would be great if one day they all get sued.”

“Contacting angels in heaven via the power of crystals”? CMA chapel in Heavenly Mountain near Boone, North Carolina, 2017

The CEO and founder of Fleshlight is Steve Shubin. Here are more worrying quotes from other reviews of Fleshlight and Shubin (some predate CMA):

Steve Shubin, the CEO, is a full-tilt bozo idiot.

The company is owned by a master manipulator, Steve Shubin.

Poor leadership, no direction, compensation, benefits, creepy owner and his old wife [Kathy (Harter) Shubin, ex-professional tennis player] lurking around.

Private company constantly at the whims of a bored and ridiculously wealthy CEO who does not understand how modern companies function and operate.

Habitually fires large groups of people. Sometimes with good reason and sometimes for no reason at all.

There is no management, only a crazy millionaire steroid freak owner. And he sleeps in an egg shaped sensory deprivation chamber.

Every single day is filled with lies, firings, half-truths, and hardships. Decisions are made on a whim and rarely make any sense.

It is a cesspool that is now nothing more than a hobby for a bored CEO & his family; they don’t have any friends outside the company anymore, so it exists solely to feed their egos at this point.

Shubin has settled multiple times for sexual harassment.


It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to work for Fleshlight after reading that.

The company is owned by a master manipulator, Steve Shubin” sounds just the kind of person CMA would want for a higher-up member.

None of the reviews mention if Kathy is also CMA-affiliated. But a sidenote: Kathy’s son Aubrey Marcus runs Onnit, a multi-million dollar “human optimization and health empire” labelled by some as cult-like.

Steve and Kathy Shubin

The revelation CMA are operating within the upper management of Fleshlight is intriguing by itself, but also brings to mind this odd remark made by CMA chairman Christopher Hartnett on an internal CMA conference call:

Hartnett, CMA conference call 2019

“So what do we do? We have to grow this and we can’t wait around for everybody to become CEOs of companies.

Hartnett was speaking to a selected group of leaders and higher-ups about a recent test of loyalty and commitment to CMA he conducted. The full context of that audio I’ll leave for another post but even when given context this remark puzzles me, not being clear what Hartnett was inferring.

But if we take this clip together with the Fleshlight CEO information, a possible inference is CMA are deliberately infiltrating management levels of market leading companies to influence, control and expand CMA’s reach and resources. What reach and resources? Global success and money, naturally. This was revealed in another clip from the same internal CMA conference call where Hartnett states the “natural order” of CMA is to become a “multi-billion dollar company”:

Hartnett, CMA conference call 2019

Lest we forget, CMA is a 501(c)(3)-classed organization. Such organizations are exempt from federal income tax while required to operate exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes.

I finish by wondering how much direct influence MJD has on Fleshlight? For example on product designs? Might MJD wish to release a range of CMA-branded sex toys? I’ve said too much.

Mock-up of an imagined MJD/Fleshlight collab