Master John Douglas is Srjan Marjanovic

Exclusive story and details: please credit / link / hat-tip if reporting.

Master John Douglas’s real name is Srjan Marjanovic.

Srjan Marjanovic the man who hides from scrutiny while shamelessly scamming & exploiting thousands of Americans; through his Church of the Master Angels acquiring millions of dollars and channeling it to Australia for his enrichment. This man is Srjan Marjanovic.

Srjan Marjanovic

It’s immensely satisfying to finally put this information out there. I long had a hunch “John Douglas” was an alias. I expect most people have an inkling it sounds made-up. Multiple sources eventually told me his real name but I didn’t possess proof independently until later.

I held off publishing but now is the time. Below I set out the discovery, where it leads, and provide documented proof. It’s a very long post but it all ties together by the end.


The Truth of the Matter

Srjan Marjanovic, a/k/a John Douglas

A Thorn By Any Other Name

Following the Trail of Bread Crumbs

Srjan Marjanovic the Artist

Srjan Marjanovic the Businessman

Srjan Marjanovic the Resident

Garth Walter Fleeton

The Door Unlocked

Garth & Srjan & John


Theodore’s Interests

Lilydale House

Top & Bottom Stories

Family Ties

Connections Diagram

Final Thoughts

Some Other Developments

The name is not to be confused with a Serbian musician, a physicist at University of Belgrade, a creative director in Louisiana or various others going by similar names Srdjan Marjanovic / Srđan Marjanović.

Let’s recap key MJD facts:

  • Claims he had a “clairvoyant activation” when 9 years old allowing him to see the entire spiritual realm and bio-electric fields around the body. Later acquiring further superpowers like remote sensing to detect frequency of molecules inside people, diagnosing the true cause of health conditions, and curing them via angelic beings.
  • Is a charlatan who operated largely without public criticism before this blog.
  • Sells $250 ‘blessings’, meditation CDs and other junk tools advertised to ‘repair’ the listener’s karma, conduct remote healing, protect believers from negative energies etc.
  • Controls his cult of the Church of the Master Angels, which has sent millions of $ to unspecified beneficiaries in “East Asia and the Pacific – Australia, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia” via Global SELF Foundation.
  • Waves his arms around pretending he’s directing angels in front of audiences brainwashed into accepting what he says and does is true.
  • Protected and enabled by narcissist Christopher Hartnett, chairman of CMA who privately tells other CMA higher-ups the “natural order” is to become a “multi-billion dollar enterprise”.
  • Has a legion of believers led to believe using his products for years balances their karma and thereby somehow cures their ills, with a particular fixation on the digestive tract.
  • Teaches $10,000 Elite Development courses at CMA’s annual September gathering of acolytes and recruits in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina. Believers are told they will learn “proof of God” and acquire the same powers that allow MJD to know the true nature of matter and COVID-19.
  • Supposedly dedicates his time to answering followers’ prayer requests and meditating to advance his spiritual connection to the Master Angels. MJD’s followers are under the impression his personal life in Australia is simple, humble, thrifty, celibate, and spiritual. But as I will show for the first time, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Until now there have been scant biographical details about MJD’s life. CMA have provided next to nothing that is believable besides “John Douglas was born in Australia in 1971”.

The Truth of the Matter

Even having been informed of MJD’s real name didn’t prepare me for what I found in March this year.

The key turned out to be Watauga County Register of Deeds the official deposit of “deeds, deeds of trust, cancellations, powers of attorney, plats and other miscellaneous documents related to real property” for the county Heavenly Mountain is in. This database is free and public to any interested party.

I searched for Christopher Hartnett and found documents stretching back to the 1990s. Analyzing them all would need a dedicated post by a specialist. Here I’m interested in only one: a Trust Certification for Spirit Repair Headquarters Irrevocable Trust dated 17th February 2016, document #644785 to be precise.

The facts revealed in pages 2 & 3 are crystal clear to everyone:

Watauga County Register of Deeds document #644785, page 2. The names and addresses of Srjan Marjanovic a/k/a John Douglas, and Linda & Christopher Hartnett are seen.

Watauga County Register of Deeds document #644785, page 3. The names and signatures of Srjan Marjanovic a/k/a John Douglas, and Linda & Christopher Hartnett are seen.


Srjan Marjanovic, a/k/a John Douglas

So there it is, finally. Absolute proof of my long held suspicion that Master John Douglas is merely an alias. A closely guarded secret, unknown to most everyone that knows him.

Watauga County Register of Deeds document #644785, composite.

Even CMA higher-ups like McKayla Maroney, Jan Casebolt, Richard Sarnat, Bridget Fonger and Jeffrey Wagner are likely unaware of his real name; obeying in ignorance the persona he’s claimed since 2006 to be: a “world renowned” healer called John Douglas. It’s my hope they all read this post, carefully and rationally.

But from today his dual lives of fake master of angels MJD and real-world Srjan Marjanovic will no longer be separate. “John Douglas” is a sham. His followers, friends and network of enablers, onboarders, wellness mentors and coaches of all stripes manipulated to believe there is any worth in his products and teachings must reckon their beliefs with reality.

I couldn’t believe what I had unexpectedly found. The big secret explicitly declared in a certified legal document in black & white, even signed by himself. Was this an oversight by Marjanovic and the Hartnetts back in 2016, did they not realize this is a public document?

Remember the document is freely available to anyone who knows where to look. It is not leaked, private or internal.

I wonder if the notary public Andrea Capua of di Santi Watson Capua Wilson was aware back in 2016 she was in the presence of a man claiming to talk to “The Lords of Karma” and able to direct angels using his hands, selling blessings and prayers to heal diseases and health complaints – if one’s karmic balance was in favor? I’m not sure which week of law school covers that.

This one document also conclusively proves CMA and Hartnett were lying through their teeth every time they said MJD was merely a “guest speaker” or that CMA and Global SELF Foundation were independent of any individual. As I have provided evidence of before. Of course, I already knew Hartnett was a serial liar from CMA teleseminars and podcasts. Both he and Marjanovic seem to be pathological liars. This is a legally binding document filed with Watauaga County and is irrefutable evidence Christopher Hartnett, his wife Linda Hartnett and Srjan Marjanovic/MJD have been joined at the hip.

Linda Hartnett and Srjan Marjanovic. Linda’s husband Christopher Hartnett is seen behind. Circa 2012.

Marjanovic’s given address uses the same PO Box 1520 as several companies of Hartnett: The Pink Emerald Company and his domain registration business Tedhens Limited. Also the apparently defunct Saint Hart Gallery run by the Hartnetts; purveyors of trinkets of dubious worth but priced at many thousands of dollars, and dishonestly proclaiming establishment in 1926:

In 2017 the name of Spirit Repair Headquarters Irrevocable Trust was changed to 1200 HMD Irrevocable Trust. This refers to 1200 Heavenly Mountain Drive, the CMA ‘chapel’ close to Hartnett’s residence. The same year CMA International Foundation was founded and the chapel was refitted in gold paint and terrible art to become the centerpiece of the operation:

Christopher Hartnett preaching to the converted in his gilded chapel, Instagram 15 August 2017.

But what is an Irrevocable Trust, like the one set up by those three? What is this document saying besides MJD’s real name?

It’s outside the scope of this post not to mention outside my area of knowledge to explore technicalities of trusts, grantors, deeds, irrevocable vs revocable, and the like. I am sure there are more insights to uncover from the Watauga County database by someone fully understanding what they’re looking at.

But quoting from :

  • The purpose of a trust is to create an “Artificial Legal Person” to protect, hold, and manage your private wealth for the benefit of your heirs.
  • The trustee of an “Irrevocable Trust” has sole discretion over trust assets.
  • An “Irrevocable Trust” gets the assets completely out of your (Grantor’s) name and in return you get complete asset protection, elimination of probate, elimination of estate or inheritance taxes, in certain cases a tax deduction for the assets contributed to the trust, and finally, under certain conditions other uncommon tax benefits not otherwise available.

And from :

  • The trust is now the owner of the assets, which you’ll retitle or register in the trust’s name. The assets are no longer yours, and have no bearing on your wealth, the value of your estate, or your tax liability.
  • Irrevocable trusts also offer asset protection from future creditors and lawsuits. If the trust is properly structured and managed, you cannot be asked or forced to give up assets in certain irrevocable trusts in the event that you’re sued.
  • Reasons you might benefit from an irrevocable trust are:
    • You’re very wealthy and want to reduce your taxable estate
    • You are likely to be sued and need asset protection

So the trust appears to establish a legal ownership for the CMA chapel building and presumably other assets, away from the Global SELF Foundation and legally separate from the 3 individuals, to reduce taxes and legal liability. The beneficiaries of the Trust are not listed but trustees can also be beneficiaries. The Trust becomes the legal owner of 1200 Heavenly Mountain Drive – the chapel where ceremonies like handing out Elite Development graduation certificates once happened in better times for CMA:

Srjan Marjanovic AKA Master John Douglas flanked by Christopher & Linda Hartnett granting worthless certificates of Elite Development course graduation at 1200 Heavenly Mountain Drive. Facebook 2017. The self-issued certificates have no legal basis, unlike the trust certificate for Spirit Repair Headquarters Irrevocable Trust which carries the signature of all three.

Bottom line: it’s proof of an extremely close legal bond & financial relationship between the Hartnetts, Srjan Marjanovic, CMA and the Global SELF Foundation. The kind of formal relationship they’ve all pretended doesn’t exist.

I shall leave the Trust there because there is more to Srjan Marjanovic. The secret name has been proved, now I’ll see what further discoveries it leads to.

A Thorn By Any Other Name

I suspect Marjanovic first adopted the name John Douglas in 2006, there appears no prior history for the man. A dead giveaway something was amiss.

Why the fake name? Because it hides his real identity and is a friendlier, familiar name easier to digest. It is protection from eyes of the law and anyone delving into his past.

The contemptible nature of his business makes an alias preferable. The boldfaced lie of his new persona John Douglas could never belong to a realworld human with family, acquaintances and history and not be exposed.

I have not spoken to any associates of Srjan Marjanovic for this post. It’s a sign how much can be found without insider knowledge. I would like to see anyone who has ever personally known Srjan Marjanovic to speak up in your own time, tell your stories to the world however you’re comfortable.

Now that MJD and Srjan Marjanovic are toxic names, exposed forever as charlatans, he may pop up with another alias, spouting the same guff or hawking a new useless invention. Like a career criminal with a string of AKAs.

Following the Trail of Bread Crumbs

Googling “Srjan Marjanovic” currently shows about 16-22 results, none related to a 9-year old who had a “clairvoyant activation”. No mentions of angels, healing or anything of the sort. Confirming his origin story is bogus and an effort to never publicly associate the name with MJD (the Trust document being the only exception found to date and is not indexed by Google.)

I feel that will soon change.

Only around 4 of those 22 are the Marjanovic of interest, ignoring duplicates. No images of him show up.

Extract of Google search “Srjan Marjanovic”. Images are blacked out because unrelated.

Other search engines have been less useful, often merging results with similiarly named people. Leave a comment if you find anything important I’ve missed. What I present here is the majority of what I’ve found and where it led me. For clarity I’ve arranged things differently to how the research actually happened. There is a diagram later to help understand the connections.

Srjan Marjanovic the Artist

The first discovery is more a curiosity than anything substantial.

Evidently a young Srjan contributed to a collection of children’s art titled All About Us published for the 1978 Commonwealth Games, Edmonton, Canada.

His piece is described “Abstract, Tempera, Srjan Marjanovic, Age Six, Camperdown, Australia, 1978” :

University of Guelph’s McLaughlin Library catalog entry, via via via

I don’t know for sure this 6-year old Srjan Marjanovic is the one and same who would grow up to be MJD but it all matches up. Camperdown is part of Sydney, Australia. If his 1971 year of birth is correct (which appears to be so) he would indeed be aged 6 approx 1977/78 (no doubt the piece of art would’ve been created a year before the book was published.)

A copy of All About Us is kept in the University of Guelph’s McLaughlin Library. Perhaps elsewhere too. Alas a digital copy is not available but must be inspected in person.

Would a reader be able to visit McLaughlin Library (Ontario, Canada) and get a scan of the relevant page? A longshot perhaps but the abstract tempura art created by the 6-year old MJD may be a rare & intriguing insight into his formative mind.

Srjan Marjanovic the Businessman

Turning to the more significant Google hits for his name, we see the Australian government’s Business Register (ABR) turns up a sole trader operating in Bellevue Hill in Sydney. His Australian Business Number (ABN) is 44959514985.

I haven’t found what KEYSHINE was. Few other details are provided. Could this be our Srjan of the Trust Certification? It seems possible. At least it shows someone goes by that name in Australia.

To see what else this ABR database could tell me, I searched for anything potentially connected to Srjan. MJD’s pre-CMA enterprise Spirit Repair showed up something that got my attention: SPIRIT REPAIR AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (ABN 39158642507):

Searching (PTY LTD = Proprietary Limited)

Clicking through gives:

It says Spirit Repair Australia is the previous name for some business called “Consolidated Assembly Foundation”. Sounds like a manufacturing company. ABR gives no details of the company directors or owners. This looked to be going nowhere.

But the ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) link gives a new registry page that offers documents for purchase:

But it turned out there was no need to make a purchase, as tempted as I was. A Google search for this mysterious company, possibly connected to Srjan/MJD or possibly not, leads to a page on Dun & Bradstreet Business Directory called Religious Organizations Companies in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia. OK that sounds promising.

Clicking through to D&B’s page for Consolidated Assembly Foundation showed more details than ABR had:

Note the employee count and revenue are modelled, not actual figures.

Well what do we see? An exact address listed and a Srjan Marjanovic as Key Principal. I’ve partly hidden the address so I’ve invented a code for it throughout – RB1. We’ll be seeing it again.

So this Consolidated Assembly Foundation in Sydney is run by someone with same name as MJD’s real name, and its previous company name is MJD’s old business Spirit Repair. This was starting to add up. But I couldn’t be sure it was the same man. Note Consolidated Assembly Foundation changed their name summer 2017 and the business is still active.

There’s little else about Consolidated Assembly Foundation without buying documents – if anyone’s up for sending me copies I think much could be gleaned.

Now I’ll investigate the second significant Google result for “Srjan Marjanovic”.

Srjan Marjanovic the Resident

Incredibly, Google found the agenda of a Woollahra Municipal Council (Sydney) planning application meeting held 17th Febraury 2015.

Here’s an extract showing residents lodging objections to the construction plans of a new house next door:

The address given for Mr Garth Walter Fleeton & Srjan Marjanovic is RB1 – same as Consolidated Assembly Foundation. So the Marjanovic of Consolidated Assembly Foundation (Spirit Repair Australia until 2017) is certainly the same Marjanovic residing with the previously unknown Mr Fleeton. Discounting the unlikely possibility there are two men with that name at same address.

Their submissions to the panel concerned the planned neighbouring building’s negative impact on “privacy, overshadowing, sense of enclosure” for RB1. The building was eventually approved, with some alterations.

Ironic how concerns for privacy led to their names being on this public document. I suspect Marjanovic and Fleeton didn’t realize residents names would appear in it. But it’s a key to discovering a lot more.

The Bellevue Hill vicinity of RB1, from Google:

Prices below have been converted from Australian dollars to US dollars at current exchange rate.

RB1 was last sold March 2013 for $1.6million.

RB1’s current value estimates from property websites:

$3.8million &


$3million says of Bellevue Hill:

The grandeur and beauty of sprawling estate homes is what defines this prestigious neighbourhood. Bellevue Hill is where Sydney’s high rollers retreat to, to bask in the serenity of this quiet hillside suburb.

Quietly perched on the hillside, Bellevue Hill’s network of wide leafy streets and luxury sports cars set the scene for what lies behind unassuming gated properties – grand estate homes some of which have the largest land holdings in the Eastern Suburbs.

From the big screen to big business, some of Australia’s top executives, entertainers and athletes call Bellevue Hill home. An area that is renowned for its old money, Bellevue Hill is brimming with established families who hold on tightly to their homes in this exclusive Eastern Suburbs neighbourhood.

Australia’s richest man Kerry Packer was one such resident at the time of his death.

But still no proof this particular Srjan Marjanovic is the same one as MJD.

Let’s search for his housemate Garth Walter Fleeton and see where it leads.

Garth Walter Fleeton

Googling the name doesn’t show too many results. Like Srjan Marjanovic it’s a rare, practically unique name. And also like Srjan Marjanovic there are just a handful of photos out there.

It appears as the display name of an Instagram account @theodore_diamond with over 3000 photos of vintage ladies fashion. Currently it has 630 followers and is following an incredibly high number of accounts: 5993. There is also a @theodorediamond account with far fewer posts but similiar content, seemingly no longer used.

@theodore_diamond Instagram, December 2019.

The screenshot above is from December 2019. The bio link and indeed the website itself have since been removed. But here’s a sample of what it looked like back then: December 2019, homepage. December 2019, ‘Our Story’.

“Theodore Diamond is the Brain Child of Garth Walter Fleeton costume designer and stylist. The creation of beautiful and stylish work attire which can go from night to day in one step.

Garth’s background in fashion and design started in his twenties when working for Opera Australia and the Australian Ballet for 15 years.

For the past two decades Garth has strengthen [sic] his knowledge of garment construction and design while understanding a females perception of fashion.

The Theodore Diamond label never got off the ground. But the associated Instagram account strangely remains very active posting nothing except old fashion photos since at least 2016.

There is just a crumb of evidence of Fleeton’s career as a fashion designer. is the site of a ‘couturier’ evidentally with an interest in corsets and other vintage fashion. No updates more recent than 2014, some years before Garth’s unsuccessful rebrand as Theodore Diamond. There is a longer biography of Garth on the 2006 version of the site at Internet Archive.

Example page

The twitter icon on most pages of the site links to an account @cleverfitbra whose most recent tweet was in 2015:

Note the display name TheodoreDiamond, the bio link and the location Sydney. The tweets are mainly vintage fashion photos. All affirming the connection between and Theodore Diamond.

“CleverFit” was Garth’s invention of a “brassiere with individually adjustable inflatable air pockets located in the cups, that receive air from a pump, so to enhance a wearer’s cleavage and shape.”

Believe it or not.

CleverFit seems never to have reached production. Why the associated twitter account is named for Garth’s other failed brand Theodore Diamond is curious. Almost as if Theodore Diamond was used as an alias for Garth. I don’t know the origin of the name Theodore Diamond but I have a hunch there is a deeper connection to other enigmatic ‘Theodores’ I’ve mentioned elsewhere.

But is this fashion designer Garth Walter Fleeton / “Theodore Diamond” the same one living with a Srjan Marjanovic at RB1?


This is most easily proven from trademark records :

Trademarks owned by Garth Fleeton.

Clicking through, the owner of the Theodore Diamond trademark and his address is revealed:

‘Theodore Diamond’ trademark. Note description of goods & services, and date.

The blacked-out address is – you guessed it – “RB1” as found previously, proving beyond all reasonable doubt the Garth living with Srjan Marjanovic on the 2015 planning meeting agenda is the same Garth of Theodore Diamond’s Instagram/website/twitter.

For surety I’ll prove it a second way. Theodore Diamond’s business entry on : search

The blacked-out address is again RB1. And what is “Lifestyle Enterprises International Pty Ltd”? Looking up the registry information for the Theodore Diamond domain gives: search for

These two screenshots together show the Garth of “RB1” and the Garth of “Theodore Diamond” are one and the same. A fuller dive into Lifestyle Enterprises International will have to wait for another day.

The Door Unlocked

Remember I haven’t proved yet the Srjan Marjanovic of the Trust Certification is the same Srjan Marjanovic at RB1.

I wrote an extensive post about Australian Digestive Excellence and Audri & Jim Lanford’s deep involvement with MJD/CMA. Briefly, it was a health drink MJD and the Lanfords created, sold & promoted via CMA and other outlets. The owner company was “Excellent Purity”.

In 2016 Excellent Purity Corp made a single public filing with the US government’s Securities & Exchange Commision – click the link in the table to load details of the filing.

The document contains quite a surprise, below the entries for the Lanfords:

A John Douglas of Australia is the 3rd executive officer. His given address is RB1. Not a PO Box or someplace in USA but the exact address I’ve been discussing. This SEC document is practically a missing link telling us John Douglas/MJD lives at RB1. And the Trust Certification told us John Douglas/MJD is called Srjan Marjanovic. So excluding the chance there are two different men called Srjan Marjanovic living at the same address, John Douglas/MJD of CMA does indeed reside at RB1 with Garth.

This diagram shows the four principal facts combine to reveal the aliases residing at “RB1”:

But there is another discovery which completes a link from RB1 back to MJD.

Among the almost 6000 accounts followed by Garth’s @theodore_diamond Instagram are two that speak volumes:

“Theodore Diamond” follows “John Douglas”.

And *drum roll* …

“Theodore Diamond” follows CMA.

Garth not only follows CMA but even MJD’s old abandoned single-post account @johndouglas1707 with 70 followers.

This shows Garth is absolutely aware who he’s living with. Is Garth a believer in MJD and a member of CMA? I don’t know. Has MJD been accompanied ever by Garth on his CMA visits to the USA? I don’t know. CMA have in the past mentioned “Gabriel, Master John’s dedicated assistant”:

I don’t have a photo of Srjan & Garth together so here’s Srjan and Gabriel instead.

Lest anyone wonder if this is all ancient history no longer current: Garth most recently ‘liked’ a CMA post only earlier this month:

CMA Instagram 3rd December 2021

Let’s see what we can find about Srjan through his friend Garth.

Garth & Srjan & John

Two photos of Garth Walter Fleeton dated circa 2010. Like Srjan there seems no recent ones to be found.

Garth’s Facebook:

His Facebook now evidently unused is similiar to the Theodore Diamond Instagram: thousands of vintage fashion photos, architecture, interior design, classic Hollywood.

The intro panel confirms various things already found but also states he’s in a relationship, albeit undated.

No mention of a ‘Srjan’ that I can find but there is a ‘John’:

16 June 2013 Facebook

Garth that is freakin’ hilarious. I want to see you and John modelling that in [RB1]” writes a friend on a photo of unknown models.

1 Sep 2012 Facebook

Have the most fabulous time – and lots of love to John too. Love you guys” writes a friend ahead of a Los Angeles/Las Vegas vacation for Garth & ‘John’.

I think it’s interesting, based on this evidence, not even Garth’s friends use or probably even know John’s real name is Srjan. At least this appears the case back around 2012-2013.

10 Sep 2012 Facebook, “Boobies ferragamo’s”, West Hollywood. One of the few original photos posted by Garth during the USA vacation.

January 2013.

The comment above shows an interest in property development. This will be relevant later.


Another Facebook find of interest, from 2009:

Mobile Wax +Tan

Waxilicious provides men and women with a professional level of body maintenance … in the privacy of your own home.

Call Garth on …

We can also arrange for Tanning Parties for you and your friends – just ask!

Waxilicious was another of Garth’s shortlived businesses years before Theodore Diamond. I’m guessing it was started before he met Srjan Marjanovic.

(Not to be confused with other businesses of same name that show up on Google.)

“Specialising in male Brazilian waxing”

Waxilicious is still listed on :

Welcome to “WAXILICIOUS” we are a proudly owned and operated in-house & mobile waxing & tanning service located in the Eastern Suburbs Rose Bay area of Sydney Australia.

Our clientelle are from all walks of life, we cater to both male/female, gay/straight.

In our busy lifestyles we believe here at “WAXILICIOUS” time is of the essence, so that is why our highly professional technians care for your every waxing and tanning needs, giving you that personal treatment in-house or in the privacy of your own home.

We utilise high quality products and take extra care with proven techniques to give your a truly special treatment, leaving your 100% satisfied. If you have any questions or have slight gitters at your treatment dont hesitate to talk to your technian. [sic]

We are here for you. If you require a Brazilian wax remember you should wait a week after your menstrual cycle, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, stress or [cuts off]

Waxilicious has a twitter page from 2009, though has zero tweets:

“Professional Waxier, Shaver, Clipper, Tanner based in Paddington NSW!! Why not give me a message for my email pricelist. All areas of the body waxed……”

Paddington is an area of Sydney very close to Bellevue Hill. I’m reminded it’s where MJD said he was operating from back in his Spirit Repair days: Internet Archive (2007)

One on one sessions with private clients”

Who would have thought MJD’s “Healing Energy” service would have so much in common with Garth’s waxing service?

I wonder how the two men first crossed paths.

One more Waxilicious thing. A sample of the 44 accounts @waxilicious twitter is following:

@MariahCarey @gayguys2 @Advice_from_gay @AskTheGayGuys @JurijsPhoto @turkgays @turkgays_net

@Gays @videosgays @GLNWMSU @GaysGoneWild @5BlackGays @0546762200 @ilove_5_a_gays @thegays

Quite a few of these accounts are following @waxilicious back. I can’t find any history of @waxilicious ever sending a tweet.

Theodore’s Interests

@waxilicious’ twitter followings inspired me to take another look at @theodore_diamond’s 5000+ followings.

A sample:

@nextgaything @seancodyxofficial etc

@mantrapclub @australiangayskiweek @massagemale etc

@biminibabes @itstayce @butthread etc

Another following (and follower) is Aliky Kouroupis, a major longtime Master John Douglas associate, enabler and promotor I’m yet to write about. Though like many, she’s been publicly very quiet about him recently.

Lilydale House

Returning to properties, a Google result for Garth Fleeton shows a paywalled Daily Telegraph article from 2019:

If anyone can send me this article please do. But in any case, Google provides some public extracts for free:

Two apartments inside the renovated nurses quarters of the former Marrickville hospital [Sydney] have each sold for $2.5 million.

Fashion designer Garth Fleeton and his partner had splashed out on the top-floor apartment before going “all-in” on historic Lilydale House …

The renovated Lilydale House. Mr Fleeton and his partner will rent out each apartment for $1400 a week from late October.

“Fashion designer Garth Fleeton and his partner”. I’m sure everyone will agree beyond all reasonable doubt this is the same Garth I have written about and has resided with Srjan Marjanovic.

Imagine having MJD as your landlord. I wonder if his $199 “Home Harmony Device” is a requirement of the rental agreement?

“It will keep the air around you clear by killing various organisms, such as nano bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus …” (obviously this is a total fraud – do not purchase) CMA Instagram 31st May 2017.

CMA higher-up Renata Maniaci with her Home Harmony Device behind her.

A $5 million (= US$3.6million) property purchase is quite the accomplishment for a “fashion designer” and other enterprises of unremarkable renown.

It seems being friends with the man who’s secretly MJD has been good financially for Garth.

A quote from the definitive CMA exposé on Reddit:

The elite workshop originated because John wanted to buy a very expensive house in Australia. He needed money fast to make the purchase and so they scrambled to put the elite workshop together, totally suckering those initial attendees into thinking it was some divine course that had been gifted by the angels. I can’t believe they pulled it off and have continued to find people willing to spend $10,000. But when the angels instruct John to travel abroad to exotic destinations and buy million-dollar properties and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars renovating them….well…..that money has to come from somewhere.


The purchase of Lilydale House by Garth Fleeton and unnamed ‘partner’ confirms this detail of the exposé even if not the specific “very expensive house” referred to. Maybe it was the purchase of “RB1” or another property.

Elite graduates – this is why MJD wanted your $10,000.

Maybe Garth lives wilfully ignorant about the source of money.

Who knew Lilydale House (rent US$1000/week) was one of the “alternative health technologies and solutions to eliminate physical and physiological challenges and nurture the self development, self awareness and self-sufficiency” the Global SELF Foundation claim they donate CMA’s revenue to?

Lastly is this review Garth Fleeton gave about their Building Manager for Lilydale House:

“We purchased the two premier apartments in the historical Lilydale House at the Marrick & Co development to add to our property portfolio in 2019 …”

Note the use of plural pronouns ‘we’ & ‘our’.

Why Fleeton twice went public about their purchase of Lilydale House is a mystery to me. But the testimony above implies Lilydale House is just one part of their portfolio. Property development and real estate investment appears to be far more succesful than his earlier pursuits.

Ironic the millions of dollars of income CMA obtained from thousands of Americans made to think buying prayers and karmic mitigation nonsense will cure their health issues has ended up buying a former hospital’s nurses home on the other side of the world.

Top & Bottom Stories

Multiple property renovation plans submitted to Woollahra Municipal Council give an insight into Garth & Srjan’s continued ownership of the RB1 residence.

This development application was filed in 2020 and approved February 2021:

From Woollahra Municipal Council’s public and free Development Application database

AU$583,000 = US$415,000. A considerable sum to spend on home improvements I’m sure you’ll agree.

The plan consists of adding a whole new level onto the single-story building plus other interior & exterior alterations. This would necessitate living elsewhere while the work was underway this year. Amendments to the plans were submitted and approved as recently as September 2021 (aside: the same month MJD’s most devoted were gathered in Heavenly Mountain for the Elite courses.)

Extract showing addition of top story etc:


To my surprise we see “John Douglas + Garth Walter Fleeton” listed as the clients. The first time seeing Garth’s name alongside Srjan’s full CMA alias.

Yet elsewhere Srjan has signed off the RB1 plans using his legal name and signature, being the property’s owner:

Srjan’s handwritten name and signature, dated 14th October 2020. Fleeton’s signature does not appear in the documents I’ve seen.

Srjan’s signature matches that on the 2016 Trust Certification, proving in a satisfyingly straightforward and traditional way they’re the same person.

There’s an amusing detail in the plans, about replacing an exterior deck due to “major termite damage”:

Larger image of the damage.

What a pity Master John’s property has been infected with termites!

Perhaps it’s karma.

Family Ties has an intriguing entry that implies a closer connection between Fleeton and Marjanovic. I’m not knowledgeable in this field, if you have a full account and understand what the below entry is saying, please leave a comment:

Srjan was born 1971 and Garth 1973, from what I’ve found.

Connections Diagram

A broad overview:

Divine Mother Foundation is covered later in post.

More could be shown but at expensive of clarity. A clear separation of US & Australian interests is evident.

I may make a new version in future as more information comes to light.

Final Thoughts

I’d always had an inkling John Douglas wasn’t his real name: a hunch that explained the lack of confirmed biography. To claim the things he claims but not to have any reliable, third-party reports and stories about him is surprising to say the least. It did not sit right how he could appear in 2006 boasting of his incredible supernatural ‘abilities’ and a worldwide clientbase including heads of state, but with no prior information to be found. It’s a sign of healer-charlatans.

But obtaining hard proof seemed out of reach.

Srjan Marjanovic got way too confident with the act, especially teaming up with the self-aggrandizing J.P. Morgan-wannabe Christopher Hartnett who no doubt promised they’d make millions together. By 2018 with a popular Olympic star on their books, Marjanovic and Hartnett were comfortable enough to post videos on YouTube of his absurd seminars, forgetting the world was watching.

Then COVID-19 came in 2020. The man once promoted as “the man who can kill a virus” was plainly unable to kill this virus, dealing a critical blow to MJD’s credibility in the eyes of even his most devout believers.

And now we know his real name, it shows up as a lie what Christopher Hartnett said only earlier this year:

Master John later changed his surname to Douglas because his reputation as a healer was such that “he would come home and have eight people waiting [at his residence, hoping to be healed]. He wanted a private life.”

NY Post 9 Oct 2021

In fact, “Master John” had changed not only his surname but his first also and had zero reputation as a healer before the name change. Absolutely nothing to show a legitimate reason for a new identity. The story of people waiting at his house reminds me of the ridiculous story Hartnett spun about MJD being surrounded at airports by crowds wanting healing.

Hartnett is impotent and has no credibility. It’s time for Marjanovic to stop relying on him for defence.

Does having an alias allow Marjanovic to sleep at night? How he justifies the lies, manipulation and cult built around him? A separate person from his real self. “It wasn’t me that did all that, it was John Douglas! A character I invented. I did nothing wrong.”

His secrecy is deliberate of course, hiding from inspection, investigation and accountability.

Finding the Trust Certificate and the rest is a testament to the power of freely available information, the reason the world wide web was created.

Just the kind of information Srjan Marjanovic doesn’t want John Douglas’s followers to know exists.

Free information sources like the ones MJD says his own “secret knowledge” supplants: that “Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple-fed superiority” are doomed to crumble when confronted with his supposed proof of God and the soul.

It’s said that “News is what somebody does not want you to print” and I expect that applies to several things in this post.

If nothing else, the Trust Certificate alone should be of interest to those not only with an interest in Master John Douglas and the Church of the Master Angels but of any individual who pretends to have otherworldly access and knowledge.

This post has been long partly because I think it’s important to lay out details of sources and my method, unlike the practices of Master John Douglas and any number of similiar gurus who pull their “sacred” and “precious CMA knowledge” out of thin air.

Some words for Srjan Marjanovic’s remaining believers. The Trust Certificate is not an opinion or “trying to spoil someone else’s blessings, someone else’s hard work, someone else’s natural right to be successful” (MJD quote.) It’s a legal document signed by himself and filed with a public body. There’s no defence against what this document shows and where it led me. Marjanovic pretends to be in touch with angels to get people to give money to his church to fund his and Garth’s property developing and real estate investments. I guess many won’t want to hear that; but truth sets you free over time.

Thankyou to those people who wish to be anonymous but inspired and assisted my research.

Leave a comment if you find anything I didn’t or to share your thoughts.

Some Other Developments

Since my last post in June…

McKayla Maroney

McKayla discussed CMA and Master John in an Elle interview. “She says she hasn’t been to a Master John workshop since the start of the pandemic” – that wasn’t true then and it’s even more untrue now. She spent almost entirety of September 2021 in Heavenly Mountain for Elite Development Course activities. McKayla didn’t come close to revealing in Elle the depth of her continued involvement in CMA.

McKayla Maroney appears emboldened following that extended stay in Heavenly Mountain at the Hartnett residence. She has promoted a fellow Elite’s company: Miriam Thom‘s Club Psora whose mission is to “heal chronic skin conditions”.

But Club Psora has a bigger mission:

Miriam created club psora to provide for others what was missing for her: a safe container offering access to specialists, resources, personal stories and community discourse.

Above all, her mission is to facilitate a roadmap for people living with skin conditions as they navigate their own path of self-healing. She believes that together, we can challenge the prognosis of an “incurable” diagnosis.

Club Psora is connected to multiple CMA higher-ups and likely operates as an affiliate or funnel to CMA itself for selected members.

But McKayla’s interview for Club Psora was nothing compared to her Instagram post earlier this month:

Like a MJD seminar taster, hitting many of his ideas and keywords: energy, alignment, reaction, God’s plan, love, soul, invest, karma, opposition, growing. Note the friendly introduction before the green heart: readers unsusceptible to eventual funneling towards MJD are gently filtered out. Then the MJD-like patter begins.

Very easy to imagine the mind-numbing intonation of Srjan Marjanovic reading it.

On Instagram story videos McKayla recently said “I think I have bad skin karma” and gave advice such as “gut bacteria is really important for your skin health“.

Anyone referred by McKayla to a mentor, coach or ‘specialist’ of any kind: be cautious you are entering a CMA funnel.

Pat Buchanan

In the summer, Master John believer Pat Buchanan set up a Send Pat Buchanan to Divine Spiritual Training fundraiser for September’s Elite Development course $10,000 weekend:

Note the $501 total raised (as of 1st December 2021).

She wrote she has little money. And yet she has been encouraged to think it would be best for her to spend $10,000 on Master John’s “very special training.” Also note she says she did have the funds in 2014 but wasn’t “accepted”. This is MJD’s mindgames technique to grow believer’s emotional and financial investment over years, building to one day being “ready” and “grateful” for Elite acceptance. Since 2014 she may have spent more than $10,000 being strung along by Master John.

The full page is worth reading for a better understanding of exactly why a dedicated CMA member wants to begin Elite training and what benefits they’re led to believe will come from it. The same course CMA itself say in the application small print is “of no benefit whatsoever.”

There are multiple levels of Elite offering ever more “advanced training” to acquire preposterous “super abilities” like MJD’s own “remote scanning of matter” etc.

The most interesting part of Pat’s fundraiser is the failure to raise the required funds didn’t stop her attending the course in Heavenly Mountain. A mysterious benefactor evidentally granted her a fully funded placement:

“I got my huge blessing and I’m receiving my miracle! With deep gratitude to the divine creator, and to all beings, angels, bodhisattvas, light workers, and helpers who are part of my miracle.”

20 August 2021 GoFundMe update.

“My initial training is complete and I am so blessed! I am deeply grateful to all who helped me get to this day and to all who support me on this divine path.

I welcome continuing gifts so I may further my spiritual development throughout this year.

16 September 2021 GoFundMe update.

Her mysterious benefactor? I strongly suspect and am led to believe – McKayla Maroney.

Pulp Fiction

Volume Two of Medical Miracles by Elite graduate Richard Sarnat was published in October. CMA propaganda completely devoid of worth.

NY Post

A CMA/McKayla article by NY Post published in October.

Divine Mother Foundation (EIN 86-3743675)

The Hartnetts and Srjan Marjanovic have started a new “charitable organization” Divine Mother evidentally to replace the Global SELF Foundation:

The Divine Mother Foundation is the suggested way for CMA’s donors to directly and concretely assist others in need of basic necessities and provide a direct practical avenue for spiritual aspirants to pay homage to the universal Divine mothers and simultaneously uplift women in need of basic fundamentals around the globe.

Through guidance from the Master Angels and the direct help of the angelic realm, CMA wants to support humanity on all levels.

No details of the unnamed “three international orphanages” and other benefactors, no surprise. A screed of misdirection like Global SELF Foundation. Vague mission statement, no transparency, no names or oversight and not deserving of a single donation. Unless you want to help fund Srjan Marjanovic and Garth Fleeton’s lifestyle and next real estate project.

Mother Lover

Another new site I want to bring to attention is the creepy

It’s goal is “the ultimate digital celebratory tribute website, data depository, master photo vault, safety deposit box, and memory keeper for all things your mom.”

It’s gone around CMA’s network of higher-ups, many of whom are much less dedicated to CMA than they used to be. presents itself with no affiliation with any group, principle or person, thus it potentially appeals to anyone who comes across it. The project casts the widest possible net since everybody on the planet has or had a mother. and it’s Facebook page hide the CMA association but it’s revealed through the domain’s registration info (Hartnett’s Tedhens Limited) plus is listed on CMA’s new umbrella site which has the bizarre tagline “The Heart of the Inner Net”.

Linda Hartnett seen with a framed photo of Srjan Marjanovic, a/k/a John Douglas. Circa 2021.

There are 8.1 billion cherished mothers represented on Earth at this moment.

With super encrypted servers on four continents, all her information remains secure, and the easy-to-use family portal has been built to last for at least 10 generations to come.”

Laughable even by Hartnett’s standards.

8.1 billion mothers? Built to last for at least 10 generations? The domain is only registered until July 2022.


Don’t give your details. Avoid and stay away.

The Life and Death of Audri & Jim Lanford

Audri and James (Jim) Lanford were a married couple, Heavenly Mountain residents and influential higher-ups in CMA before their untimely deaths on 30 May 2018. I haven’t mentioned them before, so today I’m examining their CMA links and the uncommon circumstances of their deaths.

Indulge me writing some background information before relevance to CMA is more obvious. This turned out as my longest post so far.

Click here if you wish to jump to the deaths section.

Audri’s LinkedIn page is a good starting point:

Audri has been a pioneer in the fields of nutritional supplements, digital marketing, crowdfunding, going paperless, and has built more than a dozen entrepreneurial businesses, including an Inc. 500 company. describes Audri and her husband Jim as: “A husband/wife team with killer credentials. Basically, they’re… two super smart humans who have a lot of experience with small business.”

Audri appears to have been the most important of the pair and obtained a Ph.D. in Sociology from Stanford. Jim is said to have made software for the “Spartan 1 Space Shuttle Ground Station” but I haven’t been able to verify that.

They both had history in scientific research and technical writing:

DFHM composite of Audri & Jim’s contributions to a 1986 journal of Apple user group Washington Apple Pi

Their first business was Micro Dynamics in 1985, an early document digitalization service. After that in 1994 came NETrageous the first of a sucession of various digital marketing companies.

By the late-90s they were mainly known for founding, self-described as “the #1 publication on Internet fraud“. Over the years Audri was quoted many times in reports warning about scams, for example:

By now, the Lanford’s scientific background was replaced by the profit motive and expertise in marketing, advertising, publishing and mailing lists, all centered on the increasing popularity of the Internet.

It’s sad their knowledge of scams came in useful years later, when they took on influential but chiefly background roles in a scam church.

This is well illustrated and explained in these pages from a 39-page “New Special Confidential Report” direct marketing pamphlet the Lanfords published in 1998:

$516 for a “trial” membership of the Lanfords’ “Internet Business Advisory Service”, 2002

The full document is available as part of a 272-page PDF How To Write MillionDollar Ads, Sales Letters, & Web Marketing Pieces published 2002 by The Internet Marketing Center. It’s preceded by a detailed guide Audri wrote about how she wrote the pamphlet. Fascinating reading if you want to get in the head of an old-school junk mail creator.

I don’t know if CMA chairman Christopher Hartnett ever read a Lanford sales pitch but it perfectly illustrates the kind of humbug they put out. I can imagine Hartnett reading it, nodding his head saying “We need this”. The excessive length and detail, references to “exponential growth” and teleconferences would’ve attracted Hartnett like a fish to water.

The dubious use of the word “confidential” is of course an old lowbrow marketing technique, just like MJD promoting his “secret knowledge” in teleseminars. The word ‘secret’ appears in the 272-page PDF 54 times.

The practical and theoretical knowledge they had in scams and marketing were unfortunately perfect skillsets for creating and promoting just the kind of unethical business had worked against for many years. Their fate was sealed once they entered the orbit of MJD and Hartnett keen to grow CMA. The Lanfords must have known CMA and MJD were full of lies and baseless claims to catch susceptible people. But it’s easy to convince yourself you’re doing something good if it’s making you money.

Ironically the Lanfords said Scambusters was “a service that helps individuals and small businesses protect themselves from Internet scams, viruses, and hoaxes“. Who’d have predicted in their last act before their death, they would be aiding a hoaxer who says he can protect people from biological viruses?

It’s a shame the Lanfords ended up helping to create a bogus church, and shilling snake-oil health supplements for Master John Douglas. I don’t know when or how they met MJD but certainly it was by 2012 and likely via a longer friendship with Christopher Hartnett.

Here are the Lanfords socializing at a 2015 Thanksgiving dinner in the company of MJD, Hartnett and some other core CMA associates:

2015. I’ve only labelled people relevant to this post. Sidenote: MJD is standing behind his “dedicated assistant” Gabriel Wagner. Gabriel and Hartnett’s wife Linda seen wearing pendants.

Nor can I answer for sure how the Lanfords and Hartnett met but there are strong clues it was thanks to a mutual interest in transcendental meditation (TM).

This is evidenced in a study Audri contributed to Dec 1982 – Jan 1983 which sought to confirm TM meditation has detectable global effects. E.g. “simultaneous rise in stock indices in all countries” and “increased calming influence in the world’s trouble spots”. Similiar to a “world consciousness shift” CMA claimed MJD caused on 10 February 2018, though of course the truth was he did nothing.

The study was “The influence of the Maharishi technology of the Unified Field on world events and global social indicators: the effects of the taste of utopia assembly“. Details in this PDF for the interested reader. Relevant extracts:

“The Field Paradigm: 20 Experiments That Can Change The World” by Joachim Claes
“The Field Paradigm: 20 Experiments That Can Change The World” by Joachim Claes

Clear evidence as early as 1982 Audri was using her scientific skills for the benefit of Hartnett’s idol Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and was even considered one of the most experienced “Maharishi Effect” researchers around. The experiment took place in Fairfield, Iowa – a place Hartnett knew well having attended the Maharishi International University there.

Australian Digestive Excellence

This is an exploration of the “nutritional supplements” mentioned on Audri’s LinkedIn, the most public of the Lanfords’ CMA association.

Audri and Jim had no experience in health and nutrition but that didn’t stop them from forming the Boone-registered Excellent Purity Corp with a certain “John Douglas” of Australia. He and themselves were listed as executives.

Excellent Purity’s only product was the Australian Digestive Excellence (ADE) supplement and probiotic capsules. A “unique, proprietary blend of special herbs designed to promote your digestive health”.

From Wikipedia:

Probiotics are live microorganisms promoted with claims that they provide health benefits when consumed, generally by improving or restoring the gut flora.

Although numerous claimed benefits are marketed towards using consumer probiotic products, such as reducing gastrointestinal discomfort, improving immune health, relieving constipation, or avoiding the common cold, such claims are not supported by scientific evidence, and are prohibited as deceptive advertising in the United States by the Federal Trade Commission.

Sold on (domain name registered with a CMA email address) as well as the CMA store and events where the Lanfords could be seen manning the promo desk:

Jim & Audri Lanford, CMA Instagram 19 April 2017. Note the photo of MJD holding a bottle of ADE.

“Stomach Problems Gone In Days!”, CMA Facebook 2017
Ingredients of ADE.

CMA Facebook 15 August 2018

Zero experience in health and nutrition was no barrier to Audri giving the impression she was a medical doctor, a knowledgable and qualified expert in the field:

Official ADE Facebook (titled “Healthy Gut Experts”) 28 May 2018

Quotes from her and a long list of other dodgy doctors can be found all over ADE’s social media. Practically all ‘testimonials’ can be identified as by CMA Elites and higher-ups. For example the following hyperbolic testimony from Susan Anderson, author of such self-published books as Avatar Master John Douglas and the Truth of Matter and Master John Douglas and Healing the Virus :

“Thank you for this miracle! It’s like waking up with the sun every day.”, @AustralianDigestiveExcellence Facebook 17 Nov 2018

Jan Casebolt left a glowing review:

CMA FB 29 July 2017. Flukes are a kind of parasitic flatform causing infections if certain undercooked food is consumed.

CMA and ADE occasionally shared each other’s posts. But what exactly does ADE have to do with CMA or MJD? Well, their improbable claim is MJD was the formulator of ADE:

“Designed and perfected in Australia for over 17 years.” 17 years! This must have been MJD’s hobby when he wasn’t busy being a “world renowned theologian, prophetic minister, spiritual healer and extraordinary teacher”. It went on sale in 2016 but in USA only.

Strangely, on ADE’s social media and website there is not a single quote from MJD. Did ADE feel endorsement from a man who pretended to communicate with angels to kill viruses might hurt their business? Doubly strange considering he’s a director of the parent company.

And MJD himself was lowkey about his miracle concoction that boasted “results so astoundingly successful that it was his dream to share his formula with the world”. I can find only this tiny photo of MJD pictured with the product:

If there is a video of this, I’d be interested in seeing it.

To reiterate: this man supposedly spent 17 years perfecting this product, capable of relieving all manner of conditions digestive and non-digestive. And once it was finally produced for the benefit of the world, he’s happy to be photographed in this single low quality picture in which he’s not even looking at the camera. Even for MJD this is laughable.

Most of the promo was rooted in Audri Lanford’s old-fashioned marketing and copywriting spiel. She wrote an excessively long ADE “report” document in the same style as her 1990s example I shared above. It’s too long to include here in full but can be read on Audri uses every trick in her book to convince readers to buy an ADE package for $149 (!):

ADE “sales report” excerpt 1
ADE “sales report” excerpt 2

It ends with a CMA-like disclaimer “You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.” But at least ADE had a money-back guarantee – something the Master Angels never offer!

ADE wasn’t the only “health” product sold by CMA or MJD’s old site but it was by far the most promoted.

Gallery of selfies. Everyone shown is a known CMA member (excluding I hope the cat and horse).

Jeff Rense

Perhaps the most interesting part of the ADE story is a December 2017 interview Audri and MJD did with Jeff Rense, a radio host I’d never heard of. His website is one of the worst I’ve ever seen and I don’t just mean the design. Dodgy health products, ads and conspiracy theories clutter every part of the screen. Anyone interested can search for it.

The interview is essentially a 46-minute promotion of ADE but what’s new is we get to hear MJD speaking about something besides angels, “the truth of matter” and the usual nonsense. What MJD doesn’t say is significant: no mention of CMA or his “powers”. But even in absence of those fairytales, not once does Rense challenge his guests’ wild claims about ADE, but is wholeheartedly enthusiastic about it.

The interview is worth listening to for MJD’s circuitous origin story of the ADE formula and to hear the general backslapping of three people trying to sell a product which does nothing.

MJD’s story would have more credibilty if he said he woke up in Lilliput whereupon he received from the Wizard of Oz the keys to Fort Knox where a flying carpet took him to Atlantis to discover Australian Digestive Excellence springing from geysers.

It’s available in an unlisted video on the official ADE YouTube channel (clips follow):

Clip #1: Rense introduces “John Douglas” and Audri.

Rense: Australian Digestive Excellence … I never thought I’d see a product like this, it’s really brilliant …

Rense: … John by sound of your accent you’re not in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

MJD: No I actually am … I have some business interests now in this wonderful land of yours and I think I’m an adopted son by now.

Audri: The story really starts with John and some of the background of how he got involved, he’s the brilliant person behind the formulation.

MJD: Oh thank you Audri (laughs)

Rense: … the formulation I would call probably as unique as it can get.

Clip #1

“Business interests”? I guess that’s how he’s referring to the Church of Master Angels. At no point in this interview does “John” think it’s worth mentioning he can commune with angels and thereby kill viruses and all manner of diseases in the body, including the digestive system. Audri says John is the “brilliant” person behind ADE but the origin story given by MJD contradicts that:

Clip #2 : MJD talks about health problems in mid-20s and how he was cured by a “magical experience” thanks to a “Doctor Ted”, then wanting to bring the formula to a wider audience

MJD: I’m not a qualified healthcare professional by any means, um, I came about this formula from a magical experience I had in my mid-20s … I was working for a large transportation company at a very young age. 9 black coffees a day, working 12-15 hours a day trying to make my name. I had haemorrhage in my stomach lining and also developed Crohn’s disease.

Rense: Sounds like mass ulceration … wore away from the stress and acid.

MJD: Totally right. A lot of people have that weakness … including the tone of the intestine that no-one, even professionals talk about. And these are the secrets I found from this wonderful person who treated me.

[Talk about his treatment in hospital, vets and prednisone.]

MJD: I came across a friend who had been seeing some naturopath that was well-liked. This person ended up being one of those great visionaries you meet, with a deep spiritual connection to the whole plant kingdom. He’d been trained in herbal medicine before World War 2. He said to me “I’ll make you a formula that will not just bring you back but give you vitality and help you build up the blood you lost … I know exactly what you need.”

MJD: … From the first day Jeff, I just felt this change in my stomach, torso, well-being. Even my brain and nerves felt better … I recovered wonderfully. I could tolerate things I couldn’t tolerate. I thought this guy’s onto something, this should really be known about.

MJD: I decided to leave my job at that time. The rat race wasn’t for me. I ended up working as his receptionist. That’s when Doctor Ted’s magic opened up for me. I saw people with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, discomfort, everything, coming in using the supplements for a couple of weeks, coming back for their follow-up; Jeff they were well. They were literally happy, well and telling me how good they felt …

MJD: I kept this in my mind for all those years then many years later other business interests brought me to the United States, this magnificent country of yours I love. I was walking along Santa Monica pier with Audri Lanford and had one of those intuitive moments: the world needs to know this, the US needs to have this.

MJD: … All sorts of people are treating intestinal disorders with diets. When you talk to people they’re not really well. They feel better because they’re not eating much. Anyone whose clothes start hanging off them feels better.

Rense: That’s true.

Clip #2

“Not a qualified health professional” but typically he speaks at length like he knows better than anyone else. We get some MJD biographical details more down to earth compared to what CMA gives us. But is any of it true?

Turns out MJD wasn’t actually the original formulator, but a mysterious “Doctor Ted” was. Ted short for Theodore of course. Who is “Dr Ted”? Did he really exist or has MJD conjured an amalgamation of himself and a person he wishes he was? Is there a part of Christopher Hartnett in “Ted”? Certainly MJD is a fantasist. The formulator of ADE is as nebulous as ever.

ADE marketing didn’t mention Dr Ted once, instead pushing the unlikely idea “John” spent 17 years developing it and having “remarkable results with his clients”, falsely implying he was a health practitioner.

Much like how MJD shifts responsibility for his fake healings onto imaginary angels, he shifts responsibility for ADE’s creation to an imaginary doctor. In his mind he can’t be held ultimately liable for anything. Like Hartnett, he has no personal responsibilty.

Anyone whose clothes start hanging off them feels better“. What.

Later, MJD talks about ADE’s connection with a familiar topic, killing parasites:

Clip #3: MJD extols the effectiveness of the mixture to kill parasites and cure conditions, compounding ADE & Dr Ted with his own imagined persona.


Dr Ted revealed to me the parasite problem is bigger than we all know. There are literally millions not discovered. He used the formula that we’ve included in our mixture that was very powerful across the whole spectrum of parasites … this three, four herb mix is very powerful to kill pretty much every nematode.

I had first hand experience way back then watching people prescribed the parasite herb for conditions like MS and Parkinson’s. I saw these people coming off interferon therapy, I saw their lesions go after 6 months. I saw all kinds of arresting of the progression of those conditions by having the parasites killed in their body.

So Dr Ted revealed a lot of interesting truths to me that no other practitioner was privy to at the time …. he understood ulcerative colitis always had a parasitic component. As did Crohn’s and IBS.

The food practices we have, the corporatization of food lends it to that.

Clip #3

MJD has assigned to “Dr Ted” and his magical herbs the same abilities and insights he himself pretends he has thanks to the “Master Angels”. The talk of nematodes and parasites unknown to science would be rehashed in 2020 for his coronavirus lies. But in this interview, MJD keeps to himself all the talk about angels and his “complete clairvoyant activation”. Incredibly, he doesn’t think it relevant or that Rense, a conspiracy theorist, would be interested to know his guest possesses the very same powers as the herbs thanks to his “higher faculties of remote scanning”!

MJD is using the “Dr Ted” character as an earthly stand-in for himself. The herbs and formulas are the equivalent of MJD’s angelic superpowers. Like his MJD/CMA-guise he’s presenting himself as communicator and owner of secret knowledge and special powers to cure all manner of issues. But it’s even more unbelievable here: herbs curing MS and Parkinson’s!?

MJD’s central fantasy is converted to a different lie better suited to selling a health drink to a non-CMA audience. Baseless, egotistical claptrap spoken by a shyster who knows he won’t be challenged on it. And at no point does Audri speak up about this nonsense.

Clip #4: MJD goes through the effects of some ADE ingredients

MJD: I’m talking about things like chamomile which is known to be a mucas smoother and strengthener of the sympathetic nervous system.

We have licorice root which is again an adaptogen that strengthens the cells of the intestine lining.

Marshmallow root that builds up the mucas lining. We have withania ashwagandha which is an ancient Indian herb which Ted used to give me. Once I took ashwagandha I had this incredible increase in presence and brain power because those intestinal nerves really got jacked up and stronger.

Clip #4

Wikipedia on ‘adaptogens’:

The term is currently not accepted in pharmacological, physiological, or mainstream clinical practices in the European Union as it requires further studies and more data. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in 2013 to a Washington-based company for illegal advertising and false health claims concerning use of the word “adaptogen” for one of its products.


And ashwagandha:

Although thought to be useful as a medicinal herb in Ayurveda and sold in many countries as a dietary supplement, there is insufficient scientific evidence that it is safe or effective for treating any disease.


MJD makes the unbelievable claim his “brain power” increased thanks to this herb “jacking up” his intestines, and implies ADE will do the same. Again, Audri remains silent.

In my final clip Audri indirectly provides an explanation why CMA’s Elite course states “no pork, no shellfish”:

Clip #5: Audri talks about parasites, despite saying earlier the FDA say she can’t talk about parasites. The three thank each other.

Audri: So many people think “Oh there’s no way I can have parasites …” The answer is if you have a dog, if you’ve ever eaten pork, shellfish, there’s so many ways in day to day living you can get all of these things.

MJD: Sashimi

Jeff: Cat box in the house, that’s another one.

Audri: We hope all our listeners here are interested in making a difference in your life and getting back your life. So we’re so happy to be here and get to share this info.

MJD: Thank you Jeff, you’re a man too of my own heart, I really love the work you do and I’ve been following you for a number of years, thank you for the service you give to everyone.

Jeff: Thank you John that’s very kind of you.

Clip #5

Despite MJD earlier saying there’s no need to cut out certain foods from your diet, pork and shellfish must be an exception due to their high risk of “parasites”. MJD and Audri missed a golden marketing tie-in by not making ADE consumption compulsory for Elite application.

At no point do they simply say don’t eat undercooked food.

International orders for ADE finally became available for Australia, New Zealand and Canada in late 2019, just months before production ceased without explanation. Prices of remaining stock were promptly cut from $49.97 to $10 per bottle. On CMA’s site the price was now just $5.

December 2019 & March 2020: ADE’s website announces the end of operations and finally use MJD’s full “title” only after the close of business.

Perhaps ADE ended because its purpose overlapped with CMA’s magical “food repair disks” which “help God kill the unseen animals in food”:

CMA Facebook 21 June 2017

It’s curious the shutdown was met with indifference, for a supposedly amazing product. Almost as if the product was without merit and nobody bought it.

Australian Digestive Excellence was a failure.

30 May 2018 deaths

On 30 May 2018 Audri and Jim were found dead among the debris of their destroyed home by emergency services responding to a 911 call of an explosion.

The Lanfords’ home at 201 Pine Ridge, Heavenly Mountain after collapse. Watauga Democrat June 1

Their house was less than 2000ft from the CMA chapel which chairman Christopher Hartnett lives close to.

After an investigation by Watauga County Sheriff’s Office and other departments and agencies, the timeline of events was detailed in a June 4 press release.

Midday on May 30, the Lanfords discovered a landslide had occured to the immediate rear of their property affecting their liquid petroleum gas tank regulator.

Around 2:30pm a strong gas smell was detected in the vicinity of their house. At 4:30pm Jim phoned Suburban Propane and they assisted him in turning off the supply to the tank. Also around this time the Lanfords ventilated the house in an effort to remove the fumes.

Around 5:08pm the power to a backup water heater was switched on.

At 5:11pm 911 received a call from an area resident. Per Watauga Democrat, June 1:

Caller: The house exploded. I’m still trying to determine if anybody is home.

Dispatch: The entire house … like it was an explosion?

Caller: Yeah, a large portion of it exploded. It smells kind of like fireworks to be honest with you.

The caller said he didn’t see a fire but there was extensive damage.

At 5:15pm emergency responders were sent to the scene where they remained until the evening. The bodies of Audri and Jim were found amongst the rubble of their home.

@boonepolice twitter

Sheriff Len Hagaman’s press release continued:

“Due to the complexity of the investigation, unstable conditions, and complications of severe weather; the investigation was lengthy. There have been many theories and much speculation about how this tragedy occurred. The above listed timeline was established based on the evidence and facts uncovered during the investigation.”

press release
Watauga Democrat May 30

Something else was happening on Heavenly Mountain in those 24 hours. CMA’s Instagram posted a hazy video of a nighttime “purification fire”:

The post above was deleted circa 22-25 February 2021.

On June 1, the following post appeared on CMA’s Facebook but was deleted circa 20-25 February 2021. It received comments with tributes and memories of the Lanfords:

The Church of the Master Angels and Heavenly Mountain community are in prayer for two beloved beings of light: Jim and Audri Lanford.

Their infectious joy, perfect love, kindness, devotion, and dedication will be missed by all who knew them.

Please join us in homage for their tireless pursuit of consciousness development and contributions to human evolution.

CMA Facebook 1 June 2018

One comment mentioned Audri was once in a transcendental meditation training course, confirming the association I described previously.

On June 6, CMA went as far as calling them “our dear, enlightened leaders”:

Was the Lanfords’ ability to discern “Truth of Nature” more or less powerful than MJD’s “Truth of Matter”? We may never know.

There was a lot in this rather broad post, I hope it was interesting and readable.

I’m sure this won’t be my only post about Audri & Jim Lanford.

McKayla Maroney and her Supreme Grand Master John Douglas

Credit Descent From Heavenly Mountain and include link if quoting this article


McKayla Maroney, the gymnastics gold & silver medallist at the 2012 Olympic Games is a member of the Church of Master Angels and is an ardent devotee of the church’s faith healer “Supreme Grand Master John Douglas” who claims he can remotely look inside patients’ bodies across the world to identify and kill viruses by commanding angels.

Furthermore, McKayla believes in her master’s powers to such an extent she is a student of his “Elite Development” course, where he teaches those same powers together with “the scientific proof of God”.

Master John Douglas
The charlatan “Master John Douglas” (undated photo)

Access to the initial 4-day Elite course is strictly controlled and requires payment of $10,000 minimum. During the last 2-3 years, McKayla has attended multiple CMA seminars, events and visited their invitation-only chapel in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina. McKayla is believed to have successfully graduated from the Elite course by September 2020.

Master John Douglas (MJD) claims in total he has taught over 400 such Elite graduates to identify and kill viruses within the body using “remote scanning” before calling upon a mystical host of “master angels” under the guidance of the “Supreme God”. MJD is supposedly a world renowned healer but whose genuine biography is a mystery.

The Church of Master Angels make the preposterous claim that aged 9, MJD:

Received a complete clairvoyant activation, allowing full vision of the energetic or spiritual dimension. Higher faculties of remote scanning or sensing of the energetic realm or quantum level is also a feature of John’s holistic ability, allowing him to measure and identify various energetic frequencies within the body and surrounding spiritual realms.

About | CMA International Foundation

CMA sell a variety of esoteric products claiming to offer physical and spiritual benefit. From “karmic mitigation blessings” to “pet repair discs”, yearly sales of these placebo items bring in revenue of millions of dollars, sent through the supposedly charitable Global SELF Foundation to undisclosed destinations overseas. The church exists only to take money from recruits and provides no real or lasting benefits, no oversight and no charitable projects have ever been supported.

Centerpiece remote healing products Karmic Mitigation Blessings and Silent Faith Remote Healings are $250 each. These blessings are for “remediation and mitigation of a health challenge or a specific situation that is in need of Divine attention or support”. Buyers are told “once requested, the work is done by God and the Masters Angels on the subtle silent levels. There is no written or verbal interaction during or after these remote healing directed prayers.”

Meditation CDs are typically $149.99 each.

MJD is seen in this 2015 video performing a blessing for an audience by using his hands “like an air-traffic controller” to bring his Master Angels into the room:

CMA YouTube (clip from deleted 2015 workshop video)

CMA’s founder and business leader is Christopher Hartnett, ex-commodities broker, ex-gemstone salesman and ex-domain name reseller. Hartnett runs the CMA operation as a profit-motivated business, proclaiming its destiny is a “multi-billion dollar company”, using manipulative tests of loyality:

Hartnett, internal CMA conference call 2019

“… in order to make this group work self-sufficiently, we had to do a test, to show people how they get in the way, to show people how they react, to show people how they are obstructing the natural order of this movement becoming a multi-billion dollar company.”

A rare photo of Hartnett with MJD (undated)

CMA and MJD know they are charlatans because the following disclaimer appears on every page:

The products and items on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

The products and items on this website are not substitutes for prudent medical care offered by a licensed medical professional.

Additionally, when applying for the Elite course, the following disclaimer appears, which proves the course is nothing except snake oil and placebos:

I have not been cajoled, coerced, threatened or persuaded by Master Spiritual Teacher John Douglas; The Global SELF Foundation; CMA International Foundation or his/their associates to undergo or partake in any particular knowledge course, training, treatment, medication or substance and that I freely acknowledge that any unorthodox or unusual training, treatment, medication or substance that I may utilize is done with my full awareness and acknowledgment that it is of my own free will. I also fully acknowledge that no representations, promises or warranties, express or implied, have been made to me by Master Spiritual Teacher John Douglas or his associates as to the benefits or results that I may gain or experience as a result of attending any knowledge course, training, workshop seminar and the like. I attend such events of my own free will with no expectation of any health, spiritual or other personal benefits whatsoever.

The disclaimer raises troubling questions about how many ex-CMA members do indeed consider they were “cajoled, coerced, threatened or persuaded by Master Spiritual Teacher John Douglas; The Global SELF Foundation; CMA International Foundation or his/their associates”.

I believe this is the first time all these details have been assembled and publicly revealed.


As I’ve discussed in previous posts:

  1. MJD claims “Our group and my Elites have seen proof of God…” :
MJD, 30th October 2020 teleseminar

Elite course attendees have to sign non-disclosure agreements about what they’re taught. What kind of legitmate church proffering global “soul elevation” does that and boasts “secret knowledge not for everyone“?

  1. Visitors to CMA’s invite-only chapel in Boone, North Carolina lay hands on a “14,680lb quartz crystal” to experience its “divine and transformational energy”
Believers lay hands on a large crystal at the CMA chapel in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina (2017)
  1. MJD claims COVID-19 is one of myriad viruses and health problems he can prevent and remotely cure by controlling angels with his hands and mind. He says he “discovered” COVID-19 is something called a “multiple viral cell” containing “parasitic worms”. Complete fiction.
  1. CMA and its sister organisation The Global Self Foundation have revenue of millions of dollars but the vast majority is sent overseas to an undisclosed destination ostensibly for charitable purposes.
  1. MJD claims he’s performed over 50,000 miracles and has published alleged proof in a “Medical Miracles” book written by Elite Development graduate Richard Sarnat.
  1. MJD devotees wear gold, silver or diamond pendants to ward off negative energies
A Church of the Master Angels member wearing a CMA pendant and showing her Elite Development certificate signed by MJD (2013)
  1. Hartnett and MJD insist CMA is not a cult
Christopher Hartnett with a painting of Master John Douglas (undated photo)
The “humble” “Supreme Grand Master John Douglas” in his gilded chapel near Boone, NC (2019)
  1. Believers in MJD’s supernatural healing and karmic powers are eager to praise and “bow in gratitude” for their “Supreme Grand Master”, saying they’re the “most fortunate people on the Earth to learn from Master John Douglas”. And that the “Elite Development Course exceeds what I once believed was only possible in Heaven”.


In late July 2018, McKayla added without explanation this unusual video to her twitter profile. The link remained there a year later.
@McKaylaMaroney twitter 1 Aug 2019 showing the CMA video link in bio area

This did not attract much attention.

I watched the video, posted on a channel called “Master Angels” shortly after she first linked to it. Perplexed and intrigued, I visited the channel’s website. Some kind of strange church I’d never heard of. And this was how I started researching CMA. The more I looked, the more insane it all was. My research was not regular, months would often pass without me thinking of CMA. Eventually her twitter link was changed and she wouldn’t publicly mention anything CMA related again until much later.

I don’t know when or how McKayla was introduced to CMA but I note she lives in Long Beach, Los Angeles which seems something of a CMA hotspot.

I was able to determine she visited CMA’s headquarters in Heavenly Mountain near Boone, North Carolina for a “Taste of Elite” event in June 2018. That indicated this so-called church meant more to her than than a casual twitter link of a random meditation video. I shall leave the details of this 2018 discovery for a later post.

It’s notable CMA have never pushed McKayla as a member or advocate. I imagine it would get far more publicity than their typical promo video:

But CMA say they don’t seek publicity. Of course they don’t: if CMA/MJD were exposed to a mass audience beyond their control the response would be disbelief how anyone – let alone a young, widely admired Olympic hero – could believe any of the snake oil they preach and sell.

Like many other cults, outsiders predisposed to the core beliefs are selectively introduced by existing members and friends, rather than mass-recruited via a wide net.

If the claims CMA/MJD make were real then McKayla and their other followers would have no reason to keep it exclusive and secret. If MJD’s 50,000 miracles were proven he would be genuinely world-renowned. If he was for real, it would spread positivity not the negativity MJD despises.

Hartnett has said some of his people work anonymously. As will be seen below and in later posts, the handful of times McKayla’s devotion to MJD has been revealed it’s been hidden, soon deleted or carefully obfuscated to avoid undue exposure or discovery by outsiders.


In November 2019 I noticed McKayla had recently liked a number of CMA tweets and followed their twitter account @churchofma. This prompted me to resume looking into CMA again, for personal curiosity. At this point I hadn’t investigated CMA or their followers very deeply.

18th November 2019 is a day I well remember for a discovery I made.

As I wrote here CMA sell a variety of expensive gold and silver pendants on for followers to wear. In summary, the pendants supposedly protect the wearer from negative energy.

Casually browsing the selection of pendants I wondered if McKayla had ever worn one.

So I looked back at her recent Instagram/twitter photos and immediately saw very clearly on her September 28th photos she was wearing one of the CMA pendants. Indeed she appears to be wearing two (plus a smaller heart-shaped necklace not related to CMA as far as I know):

@mckaylamaroney Instagram/twitter composite 28 September 2019

Discovering this was jawdropping at the time. I continued going through her posts. Other photos and videos she posted also showed them, others not so clearly or not at all. Buying and wearing a pendant is not compulsory in CMA but is a key sign of CMA affiliation and strong belief in Master John Douglas’s teaching.

It’s hard to be sure from her photos but McKayla’s pendants look to be the large, most expensive sizes (34mm) so that’s almost $4,000 total.

It’s curious how something can be repeatedly shown to you and thousands of others in plain sight but you don’t it notice until you know the significance.

From that day on, I was curious if and when the pendant would appear next.

@mckaylamaroney Instagram story 29 September 2019
@mckaylamaroney Instagram 7 March 2020

Sometimes, her hair was covering the pendant(s) and I wondered if it was on purpose.

At first I couldn’t understand why she would wear two pendants of different colors. CMA’s product pages don’t mention any extra “benefit” double pendants gives, and I hadn’t seen other CMA members wearing two.

McKayla’s TikTok, 27 January 2020

Then I had a realisation which is obvious in hindsight. McKayla is wearing her gold and silver Church of the Master Angels pendants in imitation of her gold and silver medals in the 2012 Olympics.

McKayla wearing her gold and silver Olympic medals in London, 9 August 2012

I can’t say for sure this was her line of thought, but presumably she must be aware of the similarity at least.

It was an eye-opening moment when this dawned on me. Just how deep was she into CMA? Did she really believe in MJD’s superpowers?

“Miracles I Can Barely Comprehend”

Later in November 2019, I discovered something even more remarkable which answered “Yes” to that question.

A totally unknown social media account, with few followers, clandestinely run by McKayla as a MJD admiration page. It appears not used since 2019. I prefer not to link it here but will in a subsequent post. I fully understand some might think this is fake but soon I will post more content that undeniably confirms the authenticity, plus the username. For now, please trust the following composite of images is taken from that social media account:

Left (circa summer-late 2018) McKayla and unknown others wearing the same fluorescent adornments as seen in other Elite Graduate celebration photos, such as the one I posted at

Right (January 2019) McKayla’s testimony for MJD. Personally, this was an extraordinary find. CMA are fond of sharing praise for MJD but have never done so from McKayla. But here she is sharing it herself on a secret account.

Notice she’s signed her testimony with her full name, but because it’s a graphic (Notes App screenshot) it can’t be found by chance by anyone searching her name. I hold this was done intentionally so as not to attract random attention.

I have made some alterations to the left photo to frustrate reverse image searches, to protect my source. If you do know the account name, I ask you to keep it to yourself for the time being. I do know at least four CMA higher-ups are aware of the account.

“I don’t know if I can put into words what Master John has done for me. What do you say to someone who has given you your life back. Who cures the incurable. Who gives and gives so gracefully. Who has time and time again blessed my life with miracles I can barely comprehend.

My life only gets better because of Master John, and he does the same for the next person, and the next person.. and if you let him, he’ll do the same for you!

Thank you never seems like enough.

So I listen to all the tools, (his CDs) to try and be the best person I can be. To honor him, and make him proud. We love you Master John. Thank you!

McKayla Maroney

Endorsements don’t come much stronger than that. Very much along the lines of other positive MJD endorsements I’ve documented.

So, in January 2019 we can see McKayla was full-in with CMA and viewed MJD as a genuine miracle worker.

Tweet Tweet Delete

On 29th March 2020, McKayla very unexpectedly tweeted about MJD:

@McKaylaMaroney twitter 29 March 2020

Personally this was shocking after almost two years off-and-on researching CMA, because McKayla never properly acknowledged her devotion to MJD, at least nothing I saw. Finally she had gone public with her love for MJD. This was far more obvious to her 544K followers than her 2018 bio link video.

Less than 10 minutes later she tweeted some new song lyrics she was working on about COVID-19. This had the effect of quickly reducing attention for her MJD tweets. As can be seen in the screenshot, it got some replies and interactions but nothing huge. But not long after, both her MJD tweets were deleted and nothing more seemed to be discussed about it.

So she had posted that CMA video, mentioned she found it beneficial (but didn’t go overboard on the MJD praise like her covert testimony did) then deleted it for some reason. I’ve always wondered if she was told to delete them because CMA say they don’t court publicity. McKayla’s 544K twitter followers are definitely not the typical audience CMA like to present themselves to.

I made this blog to discuss the insanity of what CMA, Hartnett and MJD supposedly believe and say. I don’t have a fight with casual CMA members, but I want this blog to open your eyes. Be aware of what you’re getting into. Use your rational brain just like MJD doesn’t want you to. It is the higher-up enablers of MJD I criticize most. I don’t know how high up the organization McKayla is but I will show in the next section, she is certainly an Elite.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

On 27 September 2020, McKayla posted a short video of a natural pool and waterfall on her Instagram story. Her first update for almost a month.

@mckaylamaroney Instagram story 27 September 2020

I had a hunch she was outside California, perhaps somewhere in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina to attend this year’s Elite Development Course announced in August:

CMA Facebook 3 August 2020

A few days after this announcement the dates for the three September weekends were scheduled. Note 25-28th is for “Elite graduates only”: 7 August 2020

Boone is the main town near Heavenly Mountain.

I don’t know precisely where the Elite courses are taught. No photos, videos are public and exact details of the course are kept secret. I believe the venue is the CMA chapel and/or the rather more mundane Heavenly Mountain Community Center nearby:

At first it seemed impossible to identify where that waterfall was, to perhaps confirm she was in NC for MJD’s course. Assuming her video was posted same day it was filmed; there was no reason to think it wasn’t. I doubted a direct question would receive a response.

I searched Instagram for “Heavenly Mountain / Boone” location tags and it wasn’t long until I found confirmation:

Instagram 17 Aug 2020
Instagram 5 Aug 2017

(Redacted details except location tags, as far as I know these Instagram users have nothing to do with CMA.)

A careful comparison of these photos (and others) with McKayla’s 27th September waterfall video confirms without doubt she was somewhere in the Boone/Heavenly Mountain area.

Felt like I was working for Bellingcat.

Later I discovered I needn’t have looked so hard; Hartnett was there in 2010:

Hartnett Facebook 15 December 2010

Sidenote: I couldn’t find the precise location of the waterfall; there are a lot of similiar waterfalls in those mountains. If anyone knows please contact me to satisfy my curiosity. It must be somewhere fairly public and not purely CMA connected, considering it seems a quite well known spot to visit. (Update, 6 March 2021 : location known)

So, McKayla was again in Heavenly Mountain as in 2018. The possibility she was there for anything other than the CMA Elite course is vanishingly small. Remember September 27th was only for Elite graduates.

Recall what Elites are taught on the exclusive $10,000+ course, the revenue of which is sent overseas to undisclosed destinations by way of fulfilling Hartnett’s goal of becoming a “multi-billion dollar company“:

  1. Preparation and installation of the apparatus and angelic assistance for beginning remote scanning ability of matter and energies
  2. Special revelations for rapid remodeling of sensory pathways
  3. Introduction for remote scanning your own body
  4. Transmitting energy
  5. Secret commands to work with the Masters for self healing and assistance
  6. And much more given by the Masters discretion
  7. Proof of God
  8. A special lanyard
CMA Elite Development students August 2020

To conclude, think about McKayla’s song “Covid Lockdown” and her Apr 17th tweet:

“i wrote covid lockdown as a joke, but everytime i listen to it, it makes me laugh, and i think we could all use a laugh right now

… i love u guys sm!! wish i had words to make things better. hopefully music helps a little

McKayla knew her Supreme Grand Master John Douglas’s claim he can cure COVID-19 and other viruses but instead of telling us his supposed “truth for all”, she wrote “wish i had words to make things better. hopefully music helps a little”.

CMA Facebook 18 March 2020
CMA Facebook 19 March 2020

More posts are in the pipeline, including further McKayla content showing the depths of her involvement with MJD and CMA.

Master John Douglas Miracle Worker? Read This First