Like Mother, Like Daughter

I’ve previously revealed McKayla Maroney‘s deep involvement with the Church of Master Angels and her idolizing of Master John Douglas. In the last few years McKayla has transitioned from ex-Elite gymnast to a graduate of CMA’s Elite Development course learning “proof of God” and the ability to “remote scan matter and energies”.

Now I will reveal the discovery that Erin Maroney, McKayla’s mother, is also a serious devotee of MJD, praising him and attending his Elite Development courses just like her eldest daughter does.

Erin and McKayla Maroney, @McKaylaMaroneyOfficial Facebook (2014)

The proof is in two videos on CMA’s YouTube channel.

My Miracle Testimonials

The first video is called “My Miracle Testimonials” posted 5 September 2018. Filming date and location are unknown but likely at a seminar, workshop or Elite course that year:

It consists of believers briefly describing MJD’s “miracle cures” of their various health issues after medicine failed to help. They all thank him for improving their lives. Emotive piano music plays and the editing cuts between the talking heads.

No names are given but three of the CMA higher-ups included are Jan Casebolt (“He brought me closer to God”), Debra Wagner (“I experienced the most amazing absolute cooling sensation”) and Richard Sarnat (“He basically waved it away within 15 seconds”).

At the 1:53 mark I recognised another face: Erin Maroney, McKayla’s mother. This was completely unexpected and quite a shock to me when I first saw it in November 2019.

Erin says:

“The very first night after seeing John I slept through the night for the first time in ten years.”

Later in same video at 1:46 mark she says:

“It’s been the biggest blessing of my life. And I’m just an average everyday mom who will never be able to thank John enough.”

Leaving aside the question if Erin really is “an average everyday mom”, I don’t know how or exactly when McKayla and her mom were introduced to MJD, whether one introduced the other, or a third party introduced them both together. Reminder: McKayla claims he cured her of fibromyalgia, her testimony saying “What do you say to someone who has given you your life back. Who cures the incurable. Who gives and gives so gracefully. Who has time and time again blessed my life with miracles I can barely comprehend.”

Fragments of McKayla’s CMA life.

Gratitude Video

The second video is simply titled “Gratitude Video” posted 24 October 2019. Unknown location, possibly CMA’s “chapel” on Heavenly Mountain.

We can infer from the introductory text (above) that Erin, like everyone shown, has joined CMA’s $10,000-per person Elite Development course. I assume Erin and McKayla attended together but notably McKayla isn’t shown or mentioned in this video, or any video I’ve seen.

“Gratitude Video” is very similiar to 2018’s “My Miracle Testimonials”. Emotive music plays as MJD, unseen, is aggrandized by a selection of his cult members. Many wear the CMA pendant.

Again no names are given. Various CMA higher-ups are included: Debra & Jeffrey Wagner, Jan Casebolt, Renata Maniaci. There is a brief but significant glimpse of Hartnett‘s youngest daughter Grace whom he says is an Elite graduate and can kill viruses.

The sentimentality and veneration of MJD has intensified since 2018. Praise and thanks are poured onto him for clearing “karmic debt” and miracle cures of infections, ulcerative colitis, liver parasites, cancer and so on. As if that wasn’t enough, he is lauded for their general spiritual development and “truly universal and comprehensive transformation in every single department and aspect of life”.

The only purpose of this video is to elevate the “humble” MJD personally; not CMA, not the “Master Angels”, not the alleged 400+ other Elites supposedly taught the same powers. Imagine having a video like this made about you. Imagine the ego boost. How would your friends react to it?

At 4:11 mark Erin appears and we get a quick and rather vague, generic thanks:

“Thank you Master John for leading me out of the darkness and showing me the way to the truth and the light.”

Erin and McKayla are not the only parent/child pair to follow MJD. There are examples of devotees passing on his teachings to their children, much like a Christian for example would indoctrinate a child with their own religion. I’ll write more about this in a later post. This was a factor in prompting me to finally create this blog, realizing there was not enough criticism of CMA/MJD’s exploitative, fabricated, deceitful world.

Other Planets

Most CMA members and MJD followers appear to be past middle age. This makes sense because that age group naturally have more chronic medical problems, age-related and recurrent. The kind of physical problems that come and go but never permanently go away, but MJD can exploit for years to persuade his duped followers the peaks and troughs of their pain align with the waves of their karmic balance.

Actual statistics aren’t available, but I’ve noticed women appear to outnumber men, at least within the circle of higher-ups and social media supporters of CMA.

Which gives me a suitable place to post this audio clip of Hartnett talking in typically grandiose and otherworldly style about CMA’s “most powerful women on the planet”:

Hartnett, CMA conference call 2019

“We have some of the most powerful women on the planet. That’s reality. They were on other planets and they came here. They’ve already learned a lot of these lessons, they’ve been given by John before… they already know a lot of this stuff without even learning it.”

A puzzling remark. I would be curious to hear about the time spent on other planets by these women, Hartnett’s knowledge of it and his implication MJD was with them. Need we add “space adventurer” to the list of his improbable achievements? Some of MJD’s claims are decidedly where no man has gone before.

Or perhaps this popular 1970s song below isn’t about aliens but is a prophecy of MJD?

In your mind you have capacities, you know

To telepath messages through the vast unknown

Please close your eyes and concentrate

With every thought you think

With your mind you have ability to form

And transmit thought energy far beyond the norm

You close your eyes, you concentrate

“Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”, The Carpenters

Joking aside, I suppose Hartnett was referring to the karmic notion of past lives. He connects it to MJD’s lessons somehow being retained over sucessive incarnations. Though I’m still unsure if he’s referring to their past lives existing on actual other planets. Mars? Venus? Delta Vega?

The fact McKayla and her mother are both deep into CMA shows how manipulative and persuasive the cult of MJD is to those in the orbit of their snake oil enterprise and its advocates. I highlight them because of the weight of evidence and to bring attention to the whole business. Elite Development attendees are banned from sharing the details of course contents. Though I expect most would be too embarrassed to speak about their “secret knowledge” to a non-CMA audience, lest the utter ridiculousness of it be thrown right back at them.

Master John Douglas and COVID-19

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic had an undeniable impact on CMA & MJD’s plans. Most obviously, their in-person seminars and workshops couldn’t go ahead on the USA “Infinite Bliss tour”, becoming virtual teleseminars instead.

Note all the events above are audio-only teleseminars, not just the first one which isn’t virtually tied to a city. Personally I’ve never listened to a non-free teleseminar because they cost $250. I can’t say what, if any, differences there are between the dates. Do you know? I expect all the teleseminars are precorded just like the free ones are although they are promoted as being MJD “live from Sydney”.

The Silver Pass price is $2750, put on sale before individual event passes. CMA wrote on Facebook: “Attending the entire tour provides the participant with unprecedented bliss, karmic mitigation and life path enhancement.”

I find listening to one CMA teleseminar hard enough, nevermind 12 and paying for them too.

An important exception to the online events has been the Elite Development Course weekends in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina with attendees arriving from around the country.

I haven’t looked into what pandemic restrictions were active for North Carolina during September but on Facebook there was a small mention of “Covid capacity limits”:

The most important thing to note is the news MJD will attend in person. Apparently he received special permission to travel from Australia to USA. I’ve seen no photographic evidence (or indeed any evidence) of his visit this year. Photos of MJD and CMA events have always been few and far between, presumably phones and cameras are almost always banned during seminars and courses.

Hartnett, 30 October 2020 teleseminar

“He was released from Australia to come to the US for the Elite courses in September. It was a miracle he was let out of Australia … he spent 3 weeks with us in Heavenly Mountain.

[On return to Australia] he was picked up by the Army and put into quarantine in a government-run hotel lockdown for 14 days, with limited food, in one room … not even a window that opened for fresh air.

During that time Master John healed literally thousands of people … we send him these Silent Faith Remotes, these Karmic Mitigation Blessings … I don’t know when he sleeps.

If you attended a September 2020 Elite course and actually saw MJD, or have any details about them, do let me know. Comment or use the Contact form, you can be totally anonymous.

Besides the above discussion, I’m curious how else COVID-19 has affected CMA/MJD. I get the feeling it’s more than they’re letting on.

I say that chiefly because CMA social media accounts went silent between June 29th and July 16th with no reason given. Extremely unusual.

I began to wonder if, for some reason, CMA was over. Were CMA running scared in the face of coronavirus?

On July 11th, the below comment was left on CMA’s most recent Instagram post

It received no reply. To me, it was really starting to look like CMA was over. Or had their social media person simply gone on vacation?

Either way, that comment shows I wasn’t the only one to start wondering what was happening. On Facebook there were surprisingly no similiar comments.

Where was MJD when his followers needed him the most in the middle of a global virus pandemic?

I can only speculate at this stage.

Did the pandemic finally show up MJD’s powerlessness to kill viruses? Did MJD believers have difficult questions about his ability to cure COVID-19? How many of his followers pleaded with him for a cure? How could MJD – the man “famed” for killing viruses both known and unknown – happily co-exist in a world brought to its knees by a new coronavirus?

If anyone out there has insights on this social media silence, please comment or contact me.

By the second week of July with still no updates, I began to speculate if MJD or Hartnett had even died, perhaps of COVID-19. I could’ve emailed them to ask. However, on Jul 17th CMA social media became active again, promoting their new Global Repair project and brand, with no explanation given for the silence.

Global Repair was presented as a generic “help bless the world” campaign via 18 minute audio YouTube streams. “Together we can help Universal Love go viral”; “Enough is enough. Feel like you want to end the crazinesss?” were clearly a reaction to coronavirus. Later it was more overtly presented as coronavirus related:

I feel a change of some kind occured within CMA during this period, linked to the pandemic. A significant bump in the road not merely a result of gatherings/travel restrictions for COVID-19? Perhaps a significant person in CMA’s hierarchy did contract coronavirus and MJD was unable to help? It’s a moot question though: of course he was unable to help.

Or did MJD indeed contract COVID-19? I expect he’s in an “increased risk” category. Was he close to succumbing? If he did, he would lose all his believers in a heartbeat and CMA would be no more.

By October, Hartnett and MJD were back in action. Listening to the October 30 teleseminar, I was amused MJD was coughing more often than previous teleseminars. But besides that, everything seemed normal.

Leaving speculation aside now, let’s go back to March and see what insights MJD has about COVID-19.

CMA Facebook 18 March 2020

“The man who can kill a virus reveals the truth about Covid-19”. But this “truth” turns out to be some of the most absurd nonsense I’ve ever heard him say.

He starts with a well-worn annoyance of his: there’s too much conflicting information, statistics and experts you don’t know what to trust.

MJD, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

“The interesting thing to understand about this pandemic (cough) … so much conflicting information, everybody’s an expert. All kinds of figures and claims being made, I’m not gonna try spend too much time statistically on what’s going on.

Just a rough outline of what I know to be the truth and what I can see with this virus.

When I first was alerted to this outbreak in China I zoomed into a person that was there and I looked in their body and lungs with my ability and what I saw was something very very nasty, very awful, something I had seen many times in other forms.

Literally this coronavirus or COVID-19 the first wave that occurred in China had people literally old and young passing away very quickly… very savage, powerful.

In the way of the pathogen it’s what we call – and what hasn’t been discovered yet – it’s what we call a Multiple Viral Cell. These sorts of cells were discovered by me probably 12 years ago, where the actual main virus carries many other secondary infections.

Viral pneumonia could be one, and immune killing virus could be another, a t-cell destroying protein could be another one. A blood infection could be another one. A gastrointestinal virus could be another one. It’s always shape-shifting and very hard for them to pin it down … destroying everything and literally asphyxiating these people (cough) destroying their lungs totally.

… they couldn’t figure out where these infections came from. I’ll tell you where they came from: the initial outbreak of the Multiple Viral Cell. Something the doctors have no idea about. It’s gonna be very hard to vaccinate against a Multiple Viral Cell.”

Google gives zero results for “Multiple Viral Cell”. How inconsiderate of MJD to “discover” 12 years ago such a significant thing and not share it even with his “esteemed medical board” so they could research it for benefit of humanity in “peer-reviewed journals”, like his “miracles” have been.

Sidenote: there are no transcripts of MJD’s speeches and seminars on the Internet that I can find. This blog I expect is the only site to quote him at all outside CMA-endorsed people.

MJD, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

“That particular virus was contained, it doesn’t exist any more as far as I can see in all the investigation I’m doing. Some major merciful act occurred.

What that first virus seemed to have done was it literally spat its RNA genetic code into a milder coronavirus type of influenza that was around. Then this thing took the characteristics of the first virus, … so this thing is the second wave spreading around the world.

There are many reports of people, if you just look them up (cough), who have tested positive for coronavirus are sick for 4-5 days then it’s all over. Their body fought it off.

But that first wave when people were literally dropping dead, people seeing dead people in the corridor, that doesn’t seem to be occuring anymore.”

Next he indulges in some conspiracy theory about testing.

MJD, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

“Many of the tests are varying in accuracy so we’re getting false positives and negatives which can spread this virus.

One of the interesting things – and this is to be believed or not – but there’s never been such a hysteric and panicked response in our lifetime. And one reason I can tell you is the world leaders and the World Health Organization and all of the main people in the world, the presidents and so on, what they’re not revealing is they all know this testing is inadequate.

One of the main reasons for the escalation of measures is that they know from the beginning the tests are inaccurate …

How off-brand for the deliverer of “divine truth” able to “destroy a million untruths” and who’s seen “proof of God”! Now reduced to relating a political conspiracy “to be believed or not”! Not to mention the unnamed “many reports” mentioned previously. I wonder where he’s getting his information, not from the Master Angels this time it appears. To be clear, the Master Angels don’t exist and have never existed.

He criticizes treatment of patients:

MJD, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

Antiviral medication is very toxic, they won’t tell you that but it is.

I’ve seen many cases of people being literally poisoned by the antiviral that’s been overloaded in their system… respirators on the highest pressure setting.

Many times in my life I’ve seen people sustain brain damage or death by overdose of antivirals.

MJD definitely fancies himself as one of the “experts” he was dismissing earlier doesn’t he. Do you think he was rejected by a medical school when he was younger?

MJD, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

“World events happen for many many convergent reasons of natural law.

I don’t want to say I told you so but I was speaking about the last two years and assessing the frequency of the world and minds and emotions, and the behaviour you see if you tap into the online world and the attitudes of people, socially, politically, emotionally, and so on that we’ve literally gone (cough) into a zone where people were shortcircuiting their positivity by their selfish, immoral and dangerous behavior and attitude. We were at a point where everybody wanted to inflict some divisive belief onto you, everything was divisive, libellous, intense, everybody was wrong except you, selfish agenda inflicted onto everybody else, no honour amongst the media of the world … rapidly declining worthiness of the collective consciousness. We watched it happen, in my inner circle I said there’s one thing that happens to reset all this, and it’s some sort of cataclysm or a disaster comes along and brings everyone together.

Here MJD says COVID-19 was caused by the moral decline of humanity as exemplified by arguments on the Internet. This is consistent with his karmic belief that people’s negative reactions are the cause of future bad events. He’s retrofitted his philosophy to imply he predicted COVID-19.

Do you think MJD spends a lot of time on the Internet? I get the impression he does.

28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

I should point out at the beginning of 28 Mar 2020 seminar, we are pointedly read a legal disclaimer which only confirms MJD was speaking complete rubbish in the previous teleseminar:

If you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or have symptoms, please get medical care. Follow medical advice, stay at home, wash hands … Speakers are not doctors and don’t practice medicine. … Statements not approved by Food and Drug Administration, healing is faith based … MJD emphasises “time and again” that divine blessings work with best medical practices.

Jeffrey Wagner, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

MJD later gives lip-service to a similiar disclaimer, just before talking about how the information age makes it easy to manipulate people to believe lies:

MJD, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“I’m not advising anybody, if you need medical help, seek medical help but the further I look into the truth of this matter the more it’s quite disturbing whats happening.

The world today is easily triggered in a different direction. If you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it. If you give a reason often enough that reason will be accepted…

All kinds of things are possible in this information age … The opinion of people can be easily manipulated.

In the old days, it took advertisements, newspapers, TV, trusted personalities to tell us. Now you have this absolute explosive diarrhea of millions of sources of information and enough can stick and we can go into a snowballing conflagration of whatever it may be.

Something MJD has extensive practical experience in. Um, manipulating opinions I mean. Not explosive diarrhea and snowballing.

Next we have more analysis by MJD of COVID-19 :

MJD, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“What I have found with this virus is it carries viral pneumonia, and also “nano nematodes” which they haven’t seen and which attack the heart, lungs and liver.

So you have a viral carrier carrying nematodes and viral pneumonia which is dangerous, hard to detect and understand.

Nematodes are a kind of microscopic worm. Needless to say, there is zero evidence coronavirus has anything to do with these worms, it’s science fiction.

MJD then reads a long transcription of a German interview with Dr Claus Köhnlein which criticizes coronavirus tests and an immunosuppressant/antibiotic treatment published in The Lancet. This is the video with captions:

MJD, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“I’m just a lay person, but I can observe nature. There is no way you can survive viral pneumonia with this level of immune-blocking, immune-destroying and toxicity. And none of these things destroy the virus. All around the world doctors are choosing what to do based on this kind of literature.”

Essentially MJD belives the treatment is killing the patients and he found this video which agrees with him.

MJD, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“It’s just eye-opening and something to have presented to you. I have my own observations and the one person I looked at that passed away who I thought shouldn’t have, had antiviral poisoning in their body

So this sort of thing can happen. I can’t imagine any doctor talking to me right now and giving some kind of logical scientific explanation why give immunosuppressant drugs for a viral infection.

… I don’t understand why this is happening. Something’s very out of whack…

Yes something’s very wacky indeed. Remember MJD is supposed to be tight with the “Lords of Karma”, his friendship group is the “Master Angels”, he’s performed 50,000 “miracles” and can detect and kill unknown microbes with his mind, but here the best he can give us is “something’s very out of whack.”

Before the end of the teleseminar, MJD returns to his previous idea of general negativity causing bad events like coronavirus:

MJD, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“If you go back to what I mentioned about downvoting someone’s video before you even watch it, that little tip of the iceberg is the reason a lot of this is happening.

As I mentioned last week… the state of politics, society, debate, media, country, the world, social media trends and tendencies.

I said nature simply brings forth a catastrophe when it’s required to blow away all kind of things and negativities.

MJD is annoyed his videos get downvoted and it’s caused COVID-19 to come and kill us all.

30 October 2020 teleseminar

(This is the teleseminar where MJD is coughing more frequently.)

Only one significant mention of coronavirus this time. In his answer to a question from a follower, MJD states the Silent Faith Remote product is able to kill COVID-19, then repeats the nonsense from before about parasitic worms within a “multiple cell virus”. He says vaccines will be ineffective, then ends on a very vague remark.

“Dear John, I’m soon to leave New Zealand which is free of COVID-19 for India, can one order a Silent Faith Remote to prevent one contracting over a long period of time? If one develops symptons or tests positive, can a Silent Faith Remote eradicate the virus?

Yes to the second question … definitely Silent Faith Remote is able to have that eradicated.

Coronavirus… is a Multiple Cell Virus not yet discovered by science. It carries certain protein lifeforms which attack liver, kidneys, heart, lungs.

We’ve performed many blessings to have it eradicated and a Silent Faith Remote works absolutely …

I’m not optimistic about vaccines being able to work … it’s not the virus doing the damage it’s the secondary lifeform this virus is carrying which have not been discovered. Which explains why certain parasitic medication has helped people recover. A mutation of a lifeform called a prion into a wormlike creature… nematodes. It’s this prion causing the problems.

That’s how much we know about coronavirus. Certainly a complicated virus but there will be a solution soon.

To end, I want to briefly mention a recent comment on Reddit in a rare critical discussion about CMA. As I expected, CMA and MJD have given their followers the impression his tools not only eradicate COVID-19 but also prevent it:

“I guess I am just skeptical of some man being able to do these things and all of the quirky things and habits that my family has picked up since they’ve started it … Thinking they are protected from covid-19 bc of master John douglas and their higher vibrations”

reddit thread 19 Nov 2020

The Powers and Teachings of Master John Douglas

CMA YouTube seminar screenshot, 17 Oct 2019

This is my understanding based on listening to the long sleep-inducing teleseminars (completing one in a single sitting was impossible for me) and other materials CMA have put out.

MJD and Hartnett know what they’re doing: the longer they talk in their seminars, the more casual listeners are filtered out. Hartnett always speaks before MJD. Listeners not completely convinced by Hartnett’s spiel will leave before MJD appears. It means the audience for MJD is more likely to believe what he says, consisting only of people not turned off by MJD’s warmup man. The longer MJD speaks, the more listeners enter a semi-hypnotic, malleable state. Remember Hartnett used to be a magician: he knows how to deceive, direct and mislead an audience.

When MJD finally speaks his listeners are in a state of reverence for him before he’s said anything, that’s what happens when you have preceding hype men and women spending 30mins or more building expectation for the “Supreme Grand Master.”

MJD’s fake philosophy is based on the existence and all-encompassing role of karma. People’s negativity and their negative reactions are the cause of bad situations, he says. How people choose to react to good and bad events decides the course of their lives. Bad things happen to yourself and others if you think bad.

He blames people with bad karma for the misfortunes that befall them, especially illnesses and diseases. For example, if you or a loved one get cancer, it’s because you had negative thoughts in the past. If something bad happens to you, don’t react with “dirty negative emotion” because that will increase your bad karmic debt and will come back to bite you and others in the future. Bad events apparently have a purpose and benefit we mortals are not aware of, this is “cosmic awareness”.

If something good happens to you, he says, it’s because you’ve successfully reduced your past negative karmic debt and the “Master Angels” have decided to bless you. How they decide depends on a mysterious factor called “deservingness”.

If you are able to reduce your karmic debt enough you can start to experience a “spiritual reformation”. This will allow you to understand the “truth of matter”. This means you’ll acquire the ability to break free of the known laws of nature and see with your mind’s eye inside living things at the molecular level, identifying viruses, pathogens and all manner of new contaminants unknown to science.

MJD says he acquired that ability aged 9 through a sudden “complete clairvoyant activation” and now uses it to heal people (and pets) via directing the Master Angels on your behalf.

“Angelic reformation” is asking the Master Angels for help in this process via MJD’s prayer products.

“Subconcious repair” is the process of purifying your subconcious, in order to start a “secondary track of unfolding a new being” by “replacing fear with love”.

It’s all about recognising “divine truth” will destroy “untruths”. Untruths about the known laws of nature taught by unenlightened disbelievers.

“What if what I’m saying is true?” MJD asks doubters as if that’s a reason to believe him.

“What have you got to lose?” asked Hartnett of his followers in 2017.

You’ll never reach MJD’s level of possessing “secret knowledge” if you don’t believe in this philosophy. You must stop thinking with your human brain about the human world and its negativity and doubts and allow yourself to be one with the universe. This means taking what MJD says as the unvarnished truth and ideally accepting without question the effectiveness of his CDs, “advanced courses” and other processes. Whereupon a “superior energy of divine power and bliss” will encompass you and you are elevated beyond your corporeal form into a oneness with the universe.

Of the 600+ people whom he says can verify his teachings, it’s unknown how many have actually acheived this “oneness with the universe” and acquired the same powers he was gifted aged 9.

The “miracles” he’s performed are, he says, the proof of his abilities until science can catch up with him.

Answering the question “What advice do you have for people with severe childhood PTSD?” :

“It is not just the events in your childhood, it is also the way you are structured to react to them later in your life. Quite often we find the actual events are nothing terrible… you are structured to hang onto those and not understand their purpose. …If you are able to have the Elite Development in you, you would see how most of these things are structured in the equation of your incarnation. If you’re able to look with cosmic awareness you would see … many many reasons of benefit for those events. Find the truth of those events and be empowered by them … All of these secrets are revealed through Angelic Reformation and especially Subconscious Repair.”

30 Oct 2020 Teleseminar

MJD has zero qualifications for offering advice on any medical matter, nor is he a therapist or councillor suitable for addressing such difficult, complex questions. His answer is basically saying “Your childhood trauma wasn’t so bad it was a good thing. Stop reacting negatively to it. Join my Elite course [$10,000] and you’ll find out why it happened, and buy my CDs [$149 each].” But it’s a very generic question and many people listening will consider it applies to themselves and take on board his answer.

Hartnett agrees with this karmic view. No more so than when he talked about 9/11:

“… There was so much negativity that was building up with the Bush administration or the world or whatever, people were negative. Large groups of negativity create wars … we were blowing up other countries… If you start a war that wasn’t yours to start… This karma in the US it deserves to be here. And as a collective consciousness the US had that karma… We got a phone call from Maharishi [Mahesh Yogi] said “New York is in trouble”, this is on September 10th … you can ring the “Bell of Invincibilty” for New York, find something to clang… and leave New York.”

Hartnett, Superhero of Love podcast 12 Sep 2019

We’re all grateful Hartnett and friends stopped 9/11 by banging a lamp shade with a pen, I’m sure.

Hartnett then goes on a rambling story about Maharishi preventing the staff of Hartnett’s Maharishi Global Development Fund being in the World Trade Center on 9/11 by telling him to relocate the office to New Jersey four months prior. How very considerate his karma took care of his own interests that day.

Hartnett all smiles with some MJD iconography (Undated)

MJD and Hartnett view previous spiritual mentors like Jesus, Buddha and Maharishi as forerunners to himself. They all developed insights into the universe that were incomplete but improved upon by suceeding spiritual masters, until the present day. MJD is presented as the latest such saint, with a more accurate and powerful knowledge than anyone before.

“MJD can help mitigate the karma, he has the ability to pray or negotiate with the Lord of Karma on your behalf. Every great saint was able to do this, they didn’t talk a lot about it but that’s just what they do. And those of us who spend a lot of time with John we watch him do it. And he literally can help take on the karma then once that person is cured, the karma is alleviated…

Hartnett, Superhero of Love podcast 12 Sep 2019

CMA is an all-embracing church open to all faiths because all the other faiths were simply forerunners to MJD’s “advanced powers”. But this means many people listening to his seminars will need to resolve differences with their existing beliefs. E.g. karma is not part of Christian tradition, so what would a Christain make of MJD’s focus on it?

It can be resolved if MJD can persuade the listener he alone is in possession of secret knowledge of a kind more “advanced” than anyone prior had, e.g. Jesus. MJD doesn’t replace Jesus but he is the next stage of human spiritual evolution.

But unlike Jesus and the rest, MJD sells CDs and prayers purporting powerful effects to mitigate negative karma and remove “levels of negative behaviours and gunk”:

“You cannot understand how many levels there are to any sort of behaviour inside you. Often with the people that have been with us for a few years you just take off three levels of negative behaviours and gunk. And the fourth level smells even worse. And then you work through that and the fifth level well no-one can take, smells even worse than that because so much has been purified out of you by reformations the lower levels start to stink really badly because they’re so apparent you don’t have the protective mechanisms anymore … and Subconscious Repair, Soul Elevation, all of the seminars work we do reform people from the inside. “

“Let yourself go down the road to quash your human negativity, your naturally doubting offensive mental capabilities, your belittling and the ego…”

MJD, 30 Oct 2019 teleseminar clip

MJD uses followers’ preexisting common beliefs in supernatural beings to introduce his own “Master Angels” and build his philosophy on top.

Hartnett says “healing facilitators” such as MJD and his Elite graduates get their power from God but “if you don’t believe in God to be honest I really can’t help you at this point”:

“These viruses are killed through frequency… there’s over 400 people graduated from John’s advanced course.. we consider ourselves healing facilitators, all of this comes from God… “

Hartnett, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

Why does he say this? He is admitting no-one could have faith in MJD’s powers or belief in what he says if the receiver doesn’t have a pre-existing faith. I.e. “We can’t convince you to get on board with CMA if you’ve got this far in life without subscribing to some other divine belief system”.

Shifting responsibility to God for healing (or lack of) disavows MJD and CMA of worldly legal blame, at least they hope so. Spent $$$$ on MJD’s products to cure your illness but it didn’t work? Too bad, not their fault.

Where does Hartnett’s “if you don’t believe in God I can’t help you” statement leave MJD’s purported scientific evidence “medically proven in peer reviewed journals”? They can’t have it both ways. His faith-based system can’t be proven with scientific methods no matter how much he and Hartnett say it’s based on (divine) truth with verifiable evidence.

Next is one of the most troubling things I’ve heard MJD say. Here he tells devotees not to measure the effort “in human terms” of following his teachings. I.e. don’t count the financial cost of how much you’re spending on his CDs, prayers, seminars and courses:

“One of the most important things we impart in you is the perseverance of your reformation … perseverance is an agreement to God that you are ready to deserve more and ready to do what it takes and you are not measuring in human terms what the effort is to meditate or use a process or attend a seminar or Elite development course”

MJD, 30 October 2020 teleseminar
MJD seminar 2015 (pre-CMA)

This next clip is MJD talking about “stopping the machine” of intellectual thought to experience oneness and bliss. Then he unexpectedly claims he can read the minds of his audience, which is a power I’ve not heard him mention elsewhere:

“Superior energy of divine power and bliss comes into you when you are surrendered in oneness. That is, when the machine stops. The machine must stop. The intellect must stop … in order for your particles to blend into oneness with the rest of creation.

I could pick anyone of you on the call and see exactly what the state of your liver is … what your conscious mind is thinking. Not maybe, or guessing or speculating, I will see it exactly as it is.

Clip from 30 Oct 2020 teleseminar

Next clip MJD talks about how doubters eventually regret their initial skepticism, because a year later they have transformed so much they’re a completely different, “better” person compared to when they were introduced.

“You can see the scientific peer-reviewed papers, the evidence, if that’s what you need. But it’s a greater reward if you just jump in.

You’ll see how many people who first come to us have all the alarm bells ringing, then after a year or so they regret the way they were when they first came because (cough) do much has been transformed, so much is different, they are living different, breathing different, feeling different, speaking different, thinking different, and better. And there is almost no need for them to have anything proved to them.

You must be in the world but not of it.

MJD, 30 Oct 2020 teleseminar

He is admitting he and CMA change everything you are if you’re with them long enough. You are changed into a person of unquestioning acceptance of MJD. Everything about you will be changed by MJD. How? Because you get proof of God’s existence:

“Our group and my Elites have seen proof of God…

30th October 2020 teleseminar
CMA Instagram 4 November 2018

Here he talks about the infections he’s supposedly able to cure:

“Every miracle of discovery I’m known for: properly curing Lyme disease and understanding the range of infections that cause it. Properly curing chronic fatigue syndrome. And fibromyalgia. Properly curing most autoimmune disorders… all of these truths are laid out there and I’m known for these truths.

28 March 2020 teleseminar

Needless to say, there’s nothing to back any of this up. What I do know is his ease of adopting the persona of a healer, and the willingness of others to go along with it.

CMA Facebook 18 March 2020

In this last clip, MJD’s answer to a question about depression brings together several of the points above:

Reads question: “… This year has been very rocky … I find myself using the processes for a month feeling at peace and clear, and another month of depression and anxiety (cough) and am unable to focus while using the tools. Is there something I can do to help balance this…?”

Response: “… A very common situation. … You’re literally reaching different levels and having periods of what we call unstressing or transformational reaction to your journey (cough). … This is the price you pay for reformation and expansion of consciousness. Things have been removed and unstressing is literally grieving over the lost negativities that have been removed out of your consciousness and it’s very normal. Those periods of difficultly go away for a while then they come back. And they become less, then one year they’ll become higher. Everyone goes through these periods and this great evidence that something is actually happening to you. Frame it in the right way. You are going through major development and it’s beneficial. What you should do is keep using the tools … Soul Repair, Relationship Development and you will smooth over those periods. But persevere, don’t go away from the processes when these difficulties happen. There are major major gems that will come to you in those difficulties, and answers and revelations and blessings.

MJD, 30 Oct 2020 teleseminar

Another very generic question and many of his audience will feel it applies to themselves. The subject is experiencing depression and MJD’s spiritual tools are no use. What MJD does in his reply is switch it around and say the evidence of the tools’ failure is actually evidence of the tools’ success. “Frame it in the right way” indeed!

He invents a term “unstressing” to label the subjects’ depressive episodes and so presents their occurence as expected evidence of the tools working. And not only that, MJD tells the subject their depression is beneficial! So, he’s effectively convincing the subject “you should be happy you’re depressed, my tools caused it”. And that gives MJD the opportunity – going against all rational thought – to recommend the subject keep using his tools regardless how bad they feel about their ineffectiveness. And to buy more tools! “Soul Repair” and “Relationship Development” processes will make the subject feel better about their depression, right? And if your depression returns even worse in a year or so, that’s OK, that’s the tools still working! Keep the faith!