Master John Douglas Miracle Worker? Read This First

Anyone who believes or suspects MJD healed them or someone they know would do well to read this article by Dr. Beyerstein, a member of the executive council of the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal which I quote in full below.

It gives sensible, reasonable explanations anyone can understand of why alleged “miracle cures” are nothing of the sort.

So hold back your praise for MJD, his tools, philosophy and character, and similiar charlatans; think twice before purchasing that Silent Faith Remote Healing, Teleseminar Pass, or Elite Development course; first consider more down to earth explanations and ask if any apply to your own situation.

Subtle forces can lead intelligent people (both patients and therapists) to think that a treatment has helped someone when it has not. This is true for new treatments in scientific medicine, as well as for nostrums in folk medicine, fringe practices in “alternative medicine,” and the ministrations of faith healers.

Many dubious methods remain on the market primarily because satisfied customers offer testimonials to their worth. Essentially, these people say: “I tried it, and I got better, so it must be effective.” The electronic and print media typically portray testimonials as valid evidence. But without proper testing, it is difficult or impossible to determine whether this is so.

There are at least seven reasons why people may erroneously conclude that an ineffective therapy works:

1. The disease may have run its natural course. Many diseases are self-limiting. If the condition is not chronic or fatal, the body’s own recuperative processes usually restore the sufferer to health. Thus, to demonstrate that a therapy is effective, its proponents must show that the number of patients listed as improved exceeds the number expected to recover without any treatment at all (or that they recover reliably faster than if left untreated). Without detailed records of successes and failures for a large enough number of patients with the same complaint, someone cannot legitimately claim to have exceeded the published norms for unaided recovery.

2. Many diseases are cyclical. Such conditions as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, allergies, and gastrointestinal problems normally have “ups and downs.” Naturally, sufferers tend to seek therapy during the downturn of any given cycle. In this way, a bogus treatment will have repeated opportunities to coincide with upturns that would have happened anyway.

3. The placebo effect may be responsible. Through suggestion, belief, expectancy, cognitive reinterpretation, and diversion of attention, patients given biologically useless treatments often experience measurable relief. Some placebo responses produce actual changes in the physical condition; others are subjective changes that make patients feel better even though there has been no objective change in the underlying pathology.

4. People who hedge their bets credit the wrong thing. If improvement occurs after someone has had both “alternative” and science-based treatment, the fringe practice often gets a disproportionate share of the credit.

5. The original diagnosis or prognosis may have been incorrect. Scientifically trained physicians are not infallible. A mistaken diagnosis, followed by a trip to a shrine or an “alternative” healer, can lead to a glowing testimonial for curing a condition that would have resolved by itself. In other cases, the diagnosis may be correct but the time frame, which is inherently difficult to predict, might prove inaccurate.

6. Temporary mood improvement can be confused with cure. Alternative healers often have forceful, charismatic personalities. To the extent that patients are swept up by the messianic aspects of “alternative medicine,” psychological uplift may ensue.

7. Psychological needs can distort what people perceive and do. Even when no objective improvement occurs, people with a strong psychological investment in “alternative medicine” can convince themselves they have been helped. According to cognitive dissonance theory, when experiences contradict existing attitudes, feelings, or knowledge, mental distress is produced. People tend to alleviate this discord by reinterpreting (distorting) the offending information. If no relief occurs after committing time, money, and “face” to an alternate course of treatment (and perhaps to the worldview of which it is a part), internal disharmony can result. Rather than admit to themselves or to others that their efforts have been a waste, many people find some redeeming value in the treatment. Core beliefs tend to be vigorously defended by warping perception and memory. Fringe practitioners and their clients are prone to misinterpret cues and remember things as they wish they had happened. They may be selective in what they recall, overestimating their apparent successes while ignoring, downplaying, or explaining away their failures. The scientific method evolved in large part to reduce the impact of this human penchant for jumping to congenial conclusions. In addition, people normally feel obligated to reciprocate when someone does them a good turn. Since most “alternative” therapists sincerely believe they are helping, it is only natural that patients would want to please them in return. Without patients necessarily realizing it, such obligations are sufficient to inflate their perception of how much benefit they have received.

The job of distinguishing real from spurious causal relationships requires well designed studies and logical abstractions from large bodies of data. Many sources of error can mislead people who rely on intuition or informal reasoning to analyze complex events. Before agreeing to any kind of treatment, you should feel confident that it makes sense and has been scientifically validated through studies that control for placebo responses, compliance effects, and judgmental errors. You should be very wary if the “evidence” consists merely of testimonials, self-published pamphlets or books, or items from the popular media.

The last two paragraphs are an exact description of “Supreme Grand Master John Douglas”. Any manipulative, persuasive person such as him can exploit a patient’s psychological needs to make himself appear greater than he is.

It is especially worth highlighting the end:

You should be very wary if the “evidence” consists merely of testimonials, self-published pamphlets or books, or items from the popular media.

Adoration of Master John Douglas

Despite MJD assigning attribution for his “miracles” onto his “Master Angels and the Supreme God”, and despite Christopher Hartnett insisting MJD and his Elites are merely “healing facilitators”, there is no shortage of gratitude and veneration for MJD personally. Indeed, it’s positively encouraged as part of CMA life.

The phrase “Thankyou Supreme Grand Master John Douglas” is a well-worn mantra of CMA. Formerly, the majority of their social media posts included the hashtag #thankyousupremegrandmasterjohndouglas but for some reason in 2020 usage has notably declined. Since around October the hashtag is infrequently used on CMA’s Instagram but earlier appeared in every post. On CMA’s Facebook there’s been no #thankyousupremegrandmasterjohndouglas tag since around March.

I’m not sure why that is. If CMA is trying to distance themselves from the supposedly independent MJD for legal reasons it’s totally unconvincing because their posts remain all about MJD and his philosophy and events. Besides, CMA was created to support MJD from the beginning anyway, and his name remains alongside “CMA International Foundation” in the titlebar of CMA’s homepage: homepage

Or have CMA decided the phrase conflicts too much with their disclaimer:

References to the concepts of healing or treatments on this website are describing faith-based blessings performed by God and the Master Angels and not performed by any individual

Here are examples of gratitude and thanks for MJD:

On July 7, 2010, I was diagnosed as having no discernible cancer.

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 anal cancer on January of 2010. I began taking chemotherapy in March and completed 5 chemo sessions on June 3. My doctor intended to provide chemo to me for the rest of my life. She was intent in convincing me that I would die from this cancer. I met John Douglas on April 21 and he changed my life. In our session, I felt the oily vapor of illness being lifted from my abdomen and I coughed as it left. I felt the blessing of his Master Spirit Guides as they surrounded me with loving strength. There was no need for “faith” as the experience was something that I “knew”. I have since played Master John’s CDs more or less constantly and have meditated with them daily. On July 7, 2010, I was diagnosed as having no discernible cancer. My immune system is strong, my anti-oxidant levels are high and my inflammation is extremely low. My circulating tumor count is zero. This is not due to the chemo. It is due to the work that is done by Master John Douglas.

AC – Beverly Hills, CA (2006)

Well, I told him about that pain and in 2 minutes it was gone.

I have had chronic neck/shoulder pain for as long as I can remember. I didn’t put it together until he said something, but it has been ever since I started taking medication about 20 years ago and MJD said the pain was due to drug residues on top of my pain receptors. I stopped the meds 5 years ago, but some residues stayed in the body.

Well, I told him about that pain and in 2 minutes it was gone. Amazing. It had gone from mild to horrendous, annoying to debilitating, requiring pain medication, chiropractic and bodywork. I’ll keep you posted if it continues like this long term, but it’s been a few days and it feels like I will continue to be pain free.

Please send MJD my love and appreciation for the changes in me and for helping my father long distance and for spending so much time with all of us from Farifield. He is a wonderful man and very angelic.

RG – Fairfield, IA (2006)

The first night in a hotel, I played Location Repair when we got into the room.

My friend and I traveled in Florida last week. The first night in a hotel, I played Location Repair when we got into the room. She said, “that Douglas stuff really works.” I asked her what she meant. She said that she sees spirits and it usually takes her a long time to clear a room, getting in the corners, etc. She said the room was clear of all in minutes. In the next hotel room, she asked me to play Location Repair as soon as we walked in. I played it in the rental car as well. She just ordered and downloaded Location and Spirit Repair, Location teleseminar, Spirit Repair DVD and the Food Repair Disc. She listened to Location Repair and wrote, “I feel so much better now that I am listening to Master John. Very powerful. So glad you got me going”.

CH – Silver Spring, MD (2006)

As a sidenote: CMA removed a crucial part of the previous Facebook post when they reposted it:

CMA wouldn’t want to give people the impression MJD can kill viruses would they, no way.

Sidenote: Jutta Zimbrich runs CMA’s German affiliate

Friday night, I had a stroke (and then a miracle happened).

I was told it would be months of rehab to regain my speech and movement — if at all. … Now I am fully recovered

How this miracle happened may challenge some of you, but it is real. The power of prayer is scientifically documented — this takes it to a whole new level. Laura immediately contacted the Church of the Master Angels ( We have both personally had several miraculous healings in the past with this organization. It’s humbling and inspiring how quickly people rallied — a large group started to pray for us. Master John Douglas heard the call, looked in remotely from Australia, and worked on me personally — this is what saved me. I am not sure how much I can share publicly of the details I was told, but I am forever grateful!

It is a miracle and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Master John Douglas.

Robert Styler Facebook, August 2020

Some comments made on the above Facebook post:

Robert appears to be friends with Hartnett.

Next is a story from Hartnett himself, as told in the 21 March 2020 teleseminar :

“… I don’t speak untruth. Six days ago I came down with the worst flu I’ve ever had. It was a taste of this virus [COVID-19] we found out later.

We don’t usually ask John, he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders with everybody dying, literally all of our family, people who are dying constantly, he’s constantly working on them. And my wife made a text she sent to John… I had a 104 fever for two days last week, could barely talk.

15 minutes after that was texted to Master John he killed that virus in my body. He called Linda and he said “Give him a while it was a mess, he had all types of things going on, double bacterias, different viruses exploding in his body, he said “I’ve killed it all” and literally 3 hours later my fever was 99 degrees, it took me two days to get back to normal.

This is just a taste of what Master John does. Constantly as we travel around the world I’ve personally witnessed over 25,000 of these healings whether it’s cancer, lupus … it’s a reality.

I’m a businessman, if it doesn’t work I don’t do it. I’ve seen so many miracles I don’t know what to do with them all.

Some are believers some are doubters.

Sustain your belief and turn off any doubt, negativity. For the next hour and a half, I’m gonna ask you to literally turn off that part of your brain that always thinks it knows better but doesn’t…


I hardly need to say I have a hard time believing any of that. The way he speaks and how he purposely brings up doubters to gain listeners’ confidence is just like an old-fashioned travelling snake oil salesman hawking dodgy concoctions (Something MJD knows something about himself, more about that in a later post.)

“For the next hour and a half, I’m gonna ask you to literally turn off that part of your brain…” sounds like the opening narration of The Outer Limits: “For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear.”

“If it doesn’t work I don’t do it” but that could be said of anyone about anything (unless it’s MJD persuading you to use his useless tools.) What Hartnett should really be saying as a businessman is “if it doesn’t make money I don’t do it.”

Even if Hartnett really had this fever and his wife really called MJD, it’s no miracle his fever had reduced two days later, that’s pretty standard for fevers right?

I’m planning a later post all about MJD and COVID-19.

“It’s not that we’re zealots for John Douglas, Master John Douglas, it’s just that we’re grateful.

He healed me, my three daughters, my mother, my father, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law … that’s what we’re grateful for.

How can we promote this guy, ’cause he won’t promote himself, he’s the humblest guy I know. it’s not like he wants millions and millions of followers, he doesn’t get off on that, there’s not an ego there.

His mission is to teach as many people as possible to do what he does, his advanced courses which I’ve taken, my wife, two daughters have taken. We love him …”

Hartnett, “Superhero of Love” podcast 12 Sep 2019

Hartnett created a church for MJD, commissioned saintly paintings of him for the walls of his gilted chapel and came up with the title “Supreme Grand Master” for him. But definitely not a zealot.

Most of those names you’ll find again and again commenting and sharing CMA material. I doubt any of them truly believe what they say. If any of this was true MJD would be world famous for real.

Jan Casebolt in particular I want to highlight as a lead promotor and booster for MJD. She has a email address. She was supposedly cured of Sarcoidosis by MJD. Watch her in a CMA series called “Divine Miracle Stories”:

As of time of writing, video has 1355 views, 58 upvotes, zero downvotes

She’s certainly not the only core member of MJD’s spirit squad, most of whom appear in their own similiar “Divine Miracle Stories” episodes.

CMA YouTube

I’ve included the above ‘physical trauma’ testimonial because I find it funny how unimpressive it is. This person was hit by a suitcase and it hurt enough that she could ‘barely’ walk (oh so it wasn’t even bad enough to stop her walking completely?) An unknown amount of time later, the initial numbness/tingling was gone. 2-3 hours later the overall pain had reduced. Next day she was fine. Wow a miracle indeed! I guess this story is intended to show SFRs are suitable purchases for life’s little problems not only the big problems.

A glowing review of the Elite course:

There are many more thanks & testimonials I could add, I hope this post gives a good idea of them.

The Powers and Teachings of Master John Douglas

CMA YouTube seminar screenshot, 17 Oct 2019

This is my understanding based on listening to the long sleep-inducing teleseminars (completing one in a single sitting was impossible for me) and other materials CMA have put out.

MJD and Hartnett know what they’re doing: the longer they talk in their seminars, the more casual listeners are filtered out. Hartnett always speaks before MJD. Listeners not completely convinced by Hartnett’s spiel will leave before MJD appears. It means the audience for MJD is more likely to believe what he says, consisting only of people not turned off by MJD’s warmup man. The longer MJD speaks, the more listeners enter a semi-hypnotic, malleable state. Remember Hartnett used to be a magician: he knows how to deceive, direct and mislead an audience.

When MJD finally speaks his listeners are in a state of reverence for him before he’s said anything, that’s what happens when you have preceding hype men and women spending 30mins or more building expectation for the “Supreme Grand Master.”

MJD’s fake philosophy is based on the existence and all-encompassing role of karma. People’s negativity and their negative reactions are the cause of bad situations, he says. How people choose to react to good and bad events decides the course of their lives. Bad things happen to yourself and others if you think bad.

He blames people with bad karma for the misfortunes that befall them, especially illnesses and diseases. For example, if you or a loved one get cancer, it’s because you had negative thoughts in the past. If something bad happens to you, don’t react with “dirty negative emotion” because that will increase your bad karmic debt and will come back to bite you and others in the future. Bad events apparently have a purpose and benefit we mortals are not aware of, this is “cosmic awareness”.

If something good happens to you, he says, it’s because you’ve successfully reduced your past negative karmic debt and the “Master Angels” have decided to bless you. How they decide depends on a mysterious factor called “deservingness”.

If you are able to reduce your karmic debt enough you can start to experience a “spiritual reformation”. This will allow you to understand the “truth of matter”. This means you’ll acquire the ability to break free of the known laws of nature and see with your mind’s eye inside living things at the molecular level, identifying viruses, pathogens and all manner of new contaminants unknown to science.

MJD says he acquired that ability aged 9 through a sudden “complete clairvoyant activation” and now uses it to heal people (and pets) via directing the Master Angels on your behalf.

“Angelic reformation” is asking the Master Angels for help in this process via MJD’s prayer products.

“Subconcious repair” is the process of purifying your subconcious, in order to start a “secondary track of unfolding a new being” by “replacing fear with love”.

It’s all about recognising “divine truth” will destroy “untruths”. Untruths about the known laws of nature taught by unenlightened disbelievers.

“What if what I’m saying is true?” MJD asks doubters as if that’s a reason to believe him.

“What have you got to lose?” asked Hartnett of his followers in 2017.

You’ll never reach MJD’s level of possessing “secret knowledge” if you don’t believe in this philosophy. You must stop thinking with your human brain about the human world and its negativity and doubts and allow yourself to be one with the universe. This means taking what MJD says as the unvarnished truth and ideally accepting without question the effectiveness of his CDs, “advanced courses” and other processes. Whereupon a “superior energy of divine power and bliss” will encompass you and you are elevated beyond your corporeal form into a oneness with the universe.

Of the 600+ people whom he says can verify his teachings, it’s unknown how many have actually acheived this “oneness with the universe” and acquired the same powers he was gifted aged 9.

The “miracles” he’s performed are, he says, the proof of his abilities until science can catch up with him.

Answering the question “What advice do you have for people with severe childhood PTSD?” :

“It is not just the events in your childhood, it is also the way you are structured to react to them later in your life. Quite often we find the actual events are nothing terrible… you are structured to hang onto those and not understand their purpose. …If you are able to have the Elite Development in you, you would see how most of these things are structured in the equation of your incarnation. If you’re able to look with cosmic awareness you would see … many many reasons of benefit for those events. Find the truth of those events and be empowered by them … All of these secrets are revealed through Angelic Reformation and especially Subconscious Repair.”

30 Oct 2020 Teleseminar

MJD has zero qualifications for offering advice on any medical matter, nor is he a therapist or councillor suitable for addressing such difficult, complex questions. His answer is basically saying “Your childhood trauma wasn’t so bad it was a good thing. Stop reacting negatively to it. Join my Elite course [$10,000] and you’ll find out why it happened, and buy my CDs [$149 each].” But it’s a very generic question and many people listening will consider it applies to themselves and take on board his answer.

Hartnett agrees with this karmic view. No more so than when he talked about 9/11:

“… There was so much negativity that was building up with the Bush administration or the world or whatever, people were negative. Large groups of negativity create wars … we were blowing up other countries… If you start a war that wasn’t yours to start… This karma in the US it deserves to be here. And as a collective consciousness the US had that karma… We got a phone call from Maharishi [Mahesh Yogi] said “New York is in trouble”, this is on September 10th … you can ring the “Bell of Invincibilty” for New York, find something to clang… and leave New York.”

Hartnett, Superhero of Love podcast 12 Sep 2019

We’re all grateful Hartnett and friends stopped 9/11 by banging a lamp shade with a pen, I’m sure.

Hartnett then goes on a rambling story about Maharishi preventing the staff of Hartnett’s Maharishi Global Development Fund being in the World Trade Center on 9/11 by telling him to relocate the office to New Jersey four months prior. How very considerate his karma took care of his own interests that day.

Hartnett all smiles with some MJD iconography (Undated)

MJD and Hartnett view previous spiritual mentors like Jesus, Buddha and Maharishi as forerunners to himself. They all developed insights into the universe that were incomplete but improved upon by suceeding spiritual masters, until the present day. MJD is presented as the latest such saint, with a more accurate and powerful knowledge than anyone before.

“MJD can help mitigate the karma, he has the ability to pray or negotiate with the Lord of Karma on your behalf. Every great saint was able to do this, they didn’t talk a lot about it but that’s just what they do. And those of us who spend a lot of time with John we watch him do it. And he literally can help take on the karma then once that person is cured, the karma is alleviated…

Hartnett, Superhero of Love podcast 12 Sep 2019

CMA is an all-embracing church open to all faiths because all the other faiths were simply forerunners to MJD’s “advanced powers”. But this means many people listening to his seminars will need to resolve differences with their existing beliefs. E.g. karma is not part of Christian tradition, so what would a Christain make of MJD’s focus on it?

It can be resolved if MJD can persuade the listener he alone is in possession of secret knowledge of a kind more “advanced” than anyone prior had, e.g. Jesus. MJD doesn’t replace Jesus but he is the next stage of human spiritual evolution.

But unlike Jesus and the rest, MJD sells CDs and prayers purporting powerful effects to mitigate negative karma and remove “levels of negative behaviours and gunk”:

“You cannot understand how many levels there are to any sort of behaviour inside you. Often with the people that have been with us for a few years you just take off three levels of negative behaviours and gunk. And the fourth level smells even worse. And then you work through that and the fifth level well no-one can take, smells even worse than that because so much has been purified out of you by reformations the lower levels start to stink really badly because they’re so apparent you don’t have the protective mechanisms anymore … and Subconscious Repair, Soul Elevation, all of the seminars work we do reform people from the inside. “

“Let yourself go down the road to quash your human negativity, your naturally doubting offensive mental capabilities, your belittling and the ego…”

MJD, 30 Oct 2019 teleseminar clip

MJD uses followers’ preexisting common beliefs in supernatural beings to introduce his own “Master Angels” and build his philosophy on top.

Hartnett says “healing facilitators” such as MJD and his Elite graduates get their power from God but “if you don’t believe in God to be honest I really can’t help you at this point”:

“These viruses are killed through frequency… there’s over 400 people graduated from John’s advanced course.. we consider ourselves healing facilitators, all of this comes from God… “

Hartnett, 21 March 2020 teleseminar

Why does he say this? He is admitting no-one could have faith in MJD’s powers or belief in what he says if the receiver doesn’t have a pre-existing faith. I.e. “We can’t convince you to get on board with CMA if you’ve got this far in life without subscribing to some other divine belief system”.

Shifting responsibility to God for healing (or lack of) disavows MJD and CMA of worldly legal blame, at least they hope so. Spent $$$$ on MJD’s products to cure your illness but it didn’t work? Too bad, not their fault.

Where does Hartnett’s “if you don’t believe in God I can’t help you” statement leave MJD’s purported scientific evidence “medically proven in peer reviewed journals”? They can’t have it both ways. His faith-based system can’t be proven with scientific methods no matter how much he and Hartnett say it’s based on (divine) truth with verifiable evidence.

Next is one of the most troubling things I’ve heard MJD say. Here he tells devotees not to measure the effort “in human terms” of following his teachings. I.e. don’t count the financial cost of how much you’re spending on his CDs, prayers, seminars and courses:

“One of the most important things we impart in you is the perseverance of your reformation … perseverance is an agreement to God that you are ready to deserve more and ready to do what it takes and you are not measuring in human terms what the effort is to meditate or use a process or attend a seminar or Elite development course”

MJD, 30 October 2020 teleseminar
MJD seminar 2015 (pre-CMA)

This next clip is MJD talking about “stopping the machine” of intellectual thought to experience oneness and bliss. Then he unexpectedly claims he can read the minds of his audience, which is a power I’ve not heard him mention elsewhere:

“Superior energy of divine power and bliss comes into you when you are surrendered in oneness. That is, when the machine stops. The machine must stop. The intellect must stop … in order for your particles to blend into oneness with the rest of creation.

I could pick anyone of you on the call and see exactly what the state of your liver is … what your conscious mind is thinking. Not maybe, or guessing or speculating, I will see it exactly as it is.

Clip from 30 Oct 2020 teleseminar

Next clip MJD talks about how doubters eventually regret their initial skepticism, because a year later they have transformed so much they’re a completely different, “better” person compared to when they were introduced.

“You can see the scientific peer-reviewed papers, the evidence, if that’s what you need. But it’s a greater reward if you just jump in.

You’ll see how many people who first come to us have all the alarm bells ringing, then after a year or so they regret the way they were when they first came because (cough) do much has been transformed, so much is different, they are living different, breathing different, feeling different, speaking different, thinking different, and better. And there is almost no need for them to have anything proved to them.

You must be in the world but not of it.

MJD, 30 Oct 2020 teleseminar

He is admitting he and CMA change everything you are if you’re with them long enough. You are changed into a person of unquestioning acceptance of MJD. Everything about you will be changed by MJD. How? Because you get proof of God’s existence:

“Our group and my Elites have seen proof of God…

30th October 2020 teleseminar
CMA Instagram 4 November 2018

Here he talks about the infections he’s supposedly able to cure:

“Every miracle of discovery I’m known for: properly curing Lyme disease and understanding the range of infections that cause it. Properly curing chronic fatigue syndrome. And fibromyalgia. Properly curing most autoimmune disorders… all of these truths are laid out there and I’m known for these truths.

28 March 2020 teleseminar

Needless to say, there’s nothing to back any of this up. What I do know is his ease of adopting the persona of a healer, and the willingness of others to go along with it.

CMA Facebook 18 March 2020

In this last clip, MJD’s answer to a question about depression brings together several of the points above:

Reads question: “… This year has been very rocky … I find myself using the processes for a month feeling at peace and clear, and another month of depression and anxiety (cough) and am unable to focus while using the tools. Is there something I can do to help balance this…?”

Response: “… A very common situation. … You’re literally reaching different levels and having periods of what we call unstressing or transformational reaction to your journey (cough). … This is the price you pay for reformation and expansion of consciousness. Things have been removed and unstressing is literally grieving over the lost negativities that have been removed out of your consciousness and it’s very normal. Those periods of difficultly go away for a while then they come back. And they become less, then one year they’ll become higher. Everyone goes through these periods and this great evidence that something is actually happening to you. Frame it in the right way. You are going through major development and it’s beneficial. What you should do is keep using the tools … Soul Repair, Relationship Development and you will smooth over those periods. But persevere, don’t go away from the processes when these difficulties happen. There are major major gems that will come to you in those difficulties, and answers and revelations and blessings.

MJD, 30 Oct 2020 teleseminar

Another very generic question and many of his audience will feel it applies to themselves. The subject is experiencing depression and MJD’s spiritual tools are no use. What MJD does in his reply is switch it around and say the evidence of the tools’ failure is actually evidence of the tools’ success. “Frame it in the right way” indeed!

He invents a term “unstressing” to label the subjects’ depressive episodes and so presents their occurence as expected evidence of the tools working. And not only that, MJD tells the subject their depression is beneficial! So, he’s effectively convincing the subject “you should be happy you’re depressed, my tools caused it”. And that gives MJD the opportunity – going against all rational thought – to recommend the subject keep using his tools regardless how bad they feel about their ineffectiveness. And to buy more tools! “Soul Repair” and “Relationship Development” processes will make the subject feel better about their depression, right? And if your depression returns even worse in a year or so, that’s OK, that’s the tools still working! Keep the faith!