McKayla Maroney and her Supreme Grand Master John Douglas

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McKayla Maroney, the gymnastics gold & silver medallist at the 2012 Olympic Games is a member of the Church of Master Angels and is an ardent devotee of the church’s faith healer “Supreme Grand Master John Douglas” who claims he can remotely look inside patients’ bodies across the world to identify and kill viruses by commanding angels.

Furthermore, McKayla believes in her master’s powers to such an extent she is a student of his “Elite Development” course, where he teaches those same powers together with “the scientific proof of God”.

Master John Douglas
The charlatan “Master John Douglas” (undated photo)

Access to the initial 4-day Elite course is strictly controlled and requires payment of $10,000 minimum. During the last 2-3 years, McKayla has attended multiple CMA seminars, events and visited their invitation-only chapel in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina. McKayla is believed to have successfully graduated from the Elite course by September 2020.

Master John Douglas (MJD) claims in total he has taught over 400 such Elite graduates to identify and kill viruses within the body using “remote scanning” before calling upon a mystical host of “master angels” under the guidance of the “Supreme God”. MJD is supposedly a world renowned healer but whose genuine biography is a mystery.

The Church of Master Angels make the preposterous claim that aged 9, MJD:

Received a complete clairvoyant activation, allowing full vision of the energetic or spiritual dimension. Higher faculties of remote scanning or sensing of the energetic realm or quantum level is also a feature of John’s holistic ability, allowing him to measure and identify various energetic frequencies within the body and surrounding spiritual realms.

About | CMA International Foundation

CMA sell a variety of esoteric products claiming to offer physical and spiritual benefit. From “karmic mitigation blessings” to “pet repair discs”, yearly sales of these placebo items bring in revenue of millions of dollars, sent through the supposedly charitable Global SELF Foundation to undisclosed destinations overseas. The church exists only to take money from recruits and provides no real or lasting benefits, no oversight and no charitable projects have ever been supported.

Centerpiece remote healing products Karmic Mitigation Blessings and Silent Faith Remote Healings are $250 each. These blessings are for “remediation and mitigation of a health challenge or a specific situation that is in need of Divine attention or support”. Buyers are told “once requested, the work is done by God and the Masters Angels on the subtle silent levels. There is no written or verbal interaction during or after these remote healing directed prayers.”

Meditation CDs are typically $149.99 each.

MJD is seen in this 2015 video performing a blessing for an audience by using his hands “like an air-traffic controller” to bring his Master Angels into the room:

CMA YouTube (clip from deleted 2015 workshop video)

CMA’s founder and business leader is Christopher Hartnett, ex-commodities broker, ex-gemstone salesman and ex-domain name reseller. Hartnett runs the CMA operation as a profit-motivated business, proclaiming its destiny is a “multi-billion dollar company”, using manipulative tests of loyality:

Hartnett, internal CMA conference call 2019

“… in order to make this group work self-sufficiently, we had to do a test, to show people how they get in the way, to show people how they react, to show people how they are obstructing the natural order of this movement becoming a multi-billion dollar company.”

A rare photo of Hartnett with MJD (undated)

CMA and MJD know they are charlatans because the following disclaimer appears on every page:

The products and items on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

The products and items on this website are not substitutes for prudent medical care offered by a licensed medical professional.

Additionally, when applying for the Elite course, the following disclaimer appears, which proves the course is nothing except snake oil and placebos:

I have not been cajoled, coerced, threatened or persuaded by Master Spiritual Teacher John Douglas; The Global SELF Foundation; CMA International Foundation or his/their associates to undergo or partake in any particular knowledge course, training, treatment, medication or substance and that I freely acknowledge that any unorthodox or unusual training, treatment, medication or substance that I may utilize is done with my full awareness and acknowledgment that it is of my own free will. I also fully acknowledge that no representations, promises or warranties, express or implied, have been made to me by Master Spiritual Teacher John Douglas or his associates as to the benefits or results that I may gain or experience as a result of attending any knowledge course, training, workshop seminar and the like. I attend such events of my own free will with no expectation of any health, spiritual or other personal benefits whatsoever.

The disclaimer raises troubling questions about how many ex-CMA members do indeed consider they were “cajoled, coerced, threatened or persuaded by Master Spiritual Teacher John Douglas; The Global SELF Foundation; CMA International Foundation or his/their associates”.

I believe this is the first time all these details have been assembled and publicly revealed.


As I’ve discussed in previous posts:

  1. MJD claims “Our group and my Elites have seen proof of God…” :
MJD, 30th October 2020 teleseminar

Elite course attendees have to sign non-disclosure agreements about what they’re taught. What kind of legitmate church proffering global “soul elevation” does that and boasts “secret knowledge not for everyone“?

  1. Visitors to CMA’s invite-only chapel in Boone, North Carolina lay hands on a “14,680lb quartz crystal” to experience its “divine and transformational energy”
Believers lay hands on a large crystal at the CMA chapel in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina (2017)
  1. MJD claims COVID-19 is one of myriad viruses and health problems he can prevent and remotely cure by controlling angels with his hands and mind. He says he “discovered” COVID-19 is something called a “multiple viral cell” containing “parasitic worms”. Complete fiction.
  1. CMA and its sister organisation The Global Self Foundation have revenue of millions of dollars but the vast majority is sent overseas to an undisclosed destination ostensibly for charitable purposes.
  1. MJD claims he’s performed over 50,000 miracles and has published alleged proof in a “Medical Miracles” book written by Elite Development graduate Richard Sarnat.
  1. MJD devotees wear gold, silver or diamond pendants to ward off negative energies
A Church of the Master Angels member wearing a CMA pendant and showing her Elite Development certificate signed by MJD (2013)
  1. Hartnett and MJD insist CMA is not a cult
Christopher Hartnett with a painting of Master John Douglas (undated photo)
The “humble” “Supreme Grand Master John Douglas” in his gilded chapel near Boone, NC (2019)
  1. Believers in MJD’s supernatural healing and karmic powers are eager to praise and “bow in gratitude” for their “Supreme Grand Master”, saying they’re the “most fortunate people on the Earth to learn from Master John Douglas”. And that the “Elite Development Course exceeds what I once believed was only possible in Heaven”.


In late July 2018, McKayla added without explanation this unusual video to her twitter profile. The link remained there a year later.
@McKaylaMaroney twitter 1 Aug 2019 showing the CMA video link in bio area

This did not attract much attention.

I watched the video, posted on a channel called “Master Angels” shortly after she first linked to it. Perplexed and intrigued, I visited the channel’s website. Some kind of strange church I’d never heard of. And this was how I started researching CMA. The more I looked, the more insane it all was. My research was not regular, months would often pass without me thinking of CMA. Eventually her twitter link was changed and she wouldn’t publicly mention anything CMA related again until much later.

I don’t know when or how McKayla was introduced to CMA but I note she lives in Long Beach, Los Angeles which seems something of a CMA hotspot.

I was able to determine she visited CMA’s headquarters in Heavenly Mountain near Boone, North Carolina for a “Taste of Elite” event in June 2018. That indicated this so-called church meant more to her than than a casual twitter link of a random meditation video. I shall leave the details of this 2018 discovery for a later post.

It’s notable CMA have never pushed McKayla as a member or advocate. I imagine it would get far more publicity than their typical promo video:

But CMA say they don’t seek publicity. Of course they don’t: if CMA/MJD were exposed to a mass audience beyond their control the response would be disbelief how anyone – let alone a young, widely admired Olympic hero – could believe any of the snake oil they preach and sell.

Like many other cults, outsiders predisposed to the core beliefs are selectively introduced by existing members and friends, rather than mass-recruited via a wide net.

If the claims CMA/MJD make were real then McKayla and their other followers would have no reason to keep it exclusive and secret. If MJD’s 50,000 miracles were proven he would be genuinely world-renowned. If he was for real, it would spread positivity not the negativity MJD despises.

Hartnett has said some of his people work anonymously. As will be seen below and in later posts, the handful of times McKayla’s devotion to MJD has been revealed it’s been hidden, soon deleted or carefully obfuscated to avoid undue exposure or discovery by outsiders.


In November 2019 I noticed McKayla had recently liked a number of CMA tweets and followed their twitter account @churchofma. This prompted me to resume looking into CMA again, for personal curiosity. At this point I hadn’t investigated CMA or their followers very deeply.

18th November 2019 is a day I well remember for a discovery I made.

As I wrote here CMA sell a variety of expensive gold and silver pendants on for followers to wear. In summary, the pendants supposedly protect the wearer from negative energy.

Casually browsing the selection of pendants I wondered if McKayla had ever worn one.

So I looked back at her recent Instagram/twitter photos and immediately saw very clearly on her September 28th photos she was wearing one of the CMA pendants. Indeed she appears to be wearing two (plus a smaller heart-shaped necklace not related to CMA as far as I know):

@mckaylamaroney Instagram/twitter composite 28 September 2019

Discovering this was jawdropping at the time. I continued going through her posts. Other photos and videos she posted also showed them, others not so clearly or not at all. Buying and wearing a pendant is not compulsory in CMA but is a key sign of CMA affiliation and strong belief in Master John Douglas’s teaching.

It’s hard to be sure from her photos but McKayla’s pendants look to be the large, most expensive sizes (34mm) so that’s almost $4,000 total.

It’s curious how something can be repeatedly shown to you and thousands of others in plain sight but you don’t it notice until you know the significance.

From that day on, I was curious if and when the pendant would appear next.

@mckaylamaroney Instagram story 29 September 2019
@mckaylamaroney Instagram 7 March 2020

Sometimes, her hair was covering the pendant(s) and I wondered if it was on purpose.

At first I couldn’t understand why she would wear two pendants of different colors. CMA’s product pages don’t mention any extra “benefit” double pendants gives, and I hadn’t seen other CMA members wearing two.

McKayla’s TikTok, 27 January 2020

Then I had a realisation which is obvious in hindsight. McKayla is wearing her gold and silver Church of the Master Angels pendants in imitation of her gold and silver medals in the 2012 Olympics.

McKayla wearing her gold and silver Olympic medals in London, 9 August 2012

I can’t say for sure this was her line of thought, but presumably she must be aware of the similarity at least.

It was an eye-opening moment when this dawned on me. Just how deep was she into CMA? Did she really believe in MJD’s superpowers?

“Miracles I Can Barely Comprehend”

Later in November 2019, I discovered something even more remarkable which answered “Yes” to that question.

A totally unknown social media account, with few followers, clandestinely run by McKayla as a MJD admiration page. It appears not used since 2019. I prefer not to link it here but will in a subsequent post. I fully understand some might think this is fake but soon I will post more content that undeniably confirms the authenticity, plus the username. For now, please trust the following composite of images is taken from that social media account:

Left (circa summer-late 2018) McKayla and unknown others wearing the same fluorescent adornments as seen in other Elite Graduate celebration photos, such as the one I posted at

Right (January 2019) McKayla’s testimony for MJD. Personally, this was an extraordinary find. CMA are fond of sharing praise for MJD but have never done so from McKayla. But here she is sharing it herself on a secret account.

Notice she’s signed her testimony with her full name, but because it’s a graphic (Notes App screenshot) it can’t be found by chance by anyone searching her name. I hold this was done intentionally so as not to attract random attention.

I have made some alterations to the left photo to frustrate reverse image searches, to protect my source. If you do know the account name, I ask you to keep it to yourself for the time being. I do know at least four CMA higher-ups are aware of the account.

“I don’t know if I can put into words what Master John has done for me. What do you say to someone who has given you your life back. Who cures the incurable. Who gives and gives so gracefully. Who has time and time again blessed my life with miracles I can barely comprehend.

My life only gets better because of Master John, and he does the same for the next person, and the next person.. and if you let him, he’ll do the same for you!

Thank you never seems like enough.

So I listen to all the tools, (his CDs) to try and be the best person I can be. To honor him, and make him proud. We love you Master John. Thank you!

McKayla Maroney

Endorsements don’t come much stronger than that. Very much along the lines of other positive MJD endorsements I’ve documented.

So, in January 2019 we can see McKayla was full-in with CMA and viewed MJD as a genuine miracle worker.

Tweet Tweet Delete

On 29th March 2020, McKayla very unexpectedly tweeted about MJD:

@McKaylaMaroney twitter 29 March 2020

Personally this was shocking after almost two years off-and-on researching CMA, because McKayla never properly acknowledged her devotion to MJD, at least nothing I saw. Finally she had gone public with her love for MJD. This was far more obvious to her 544K followers than her 2018 bio link video.

Less than 10 minutes later she tweeted some new song lyrics she was working on about COVID-19. This had the effect of quickly reducing attention for her MJD tweets. As can be seen in the screenshot, it got some replies and interactions but nothing huge. But not long after, both her MJD tweets were deleted and nothing more seemed to be discussed about it.

So she had posted that CMA video, mentioned she found it beneficial (but didn’t go overboard on the MJD praise like her covert testimony did) then deleted it for some reason. I’ve always wondered if she was told to delete them because CMA say they don’t court publicity. McKayla’s 544K twitter followers are definitely not the typical audience CMA like to present themselves to.

I made this blog to discuss the insanity of what CMA, Hartnett and MJD supposedly believe and say. I don’t have a fight with casual CMA members, but I want this blog to open your eyes. Be aware of what you’re getting into. Use your rational brain just like MJD doesn’t want you to. It is the higher-up enablers of MJD I criticize most. I don’t know how high up the organization McKayla is but I will show in the next section, she is certainly an Elite.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

On 27 September 2020, McKayla posted a short video of a natural pool and waterfall on her Instagram story. Her first update for almost a month.

@mckaylamaroney Instagram story 27 September 2020

I had a hunch she was outside California, perhaps somewhere in Heavenly Mountain, North Carolina to attend this year’s Elite Development Course announced in August:

CMA Facebook 3 August 2020

A few days after this announcement the dates for the three September weekends were scheduled. Note 25-28th is for “Elite graduates only”: 7 August 2020

Boone is the main town near Heavenly Mountain.

I don’t know precisely where the Elite courses are taught. No photos, videos are public and exact details of the course are kept secret. I believe the venue is the CMA chapel and/or the rather more mundane Heavenly Mountain Community Center nearby:

At first it seemed impossible to identify where that waterfall was, to perhaps confirm she was in NC for MJD’s course. Assuming her video was posted same day it was filmed; there was no reason to think it wasn’t. I doubted a direct question would receive a response.

I searched Instagram for “Heavenly Mountain / Boone” location tags and it wasn’t long until I found confirmation:

Instagram 17 Aug 2020
Instagram 5 Aug 2017

(Redacted details except location tags, as far as I know these Instagram users have nothing to do with CMA.)

A careful comparison of these photos (and others) with McKayla’s 27th September waterfall video confirms without doubt she was somewhere in the Boone/Heavenly Mountain area.

Felt like I was working for Bellingcat.

Later I discovered I needn’t have looked so hard; Hartnett was there in 2010:

Hartnett Facebook 15 December 2010

Sidenote: I couldn’t find the precise location of the waterfall; there are a lot of similiar waterfalls in those mountains. If anyone knows please contact me to satisfy my curiosity. It must be somewhere fairly public and not purely CMA connected, considering it seems a quite well known spot to visit. (Update, 6 March 2021 : location known)

So, McKayla was again in Heavenly Mountain as in 2018. The possibility she was there for anything other than the CMA Elite course is vanishingly small. Remember September 27th was only for Elite graduates.

Recall what Elites are taught on the exclusive $10,000+ course, the revenue of which is sent overseas to undisclosed destinations by way of fulfilling Hartnett’s goal of becoming a “multi-billion dollar company“:

  1. Preparation and installation of the apparatus and angelic assistance for beginning remote scanning ability of matter and energies
  2. Special revelations for rapid remodeling of sensory pathways
  3. Introduction for remote scanning your own body
  4. Transmitting energy
  5. Secret commands to work with the Masters for self healing and assistance
  6. And much more given by the Masters discretion
  7. Proof of God
  8. A special lanyard
CMA Elite Development students August 2020

To conclude, think about McKayla’s song “Covid Lockdown” and her Apr 17th tweet:

“i wrote covid lockdown as a joke, but everytime i listen to it, it makes me laugh, and i think we could all use a laugh right now

… i love u guys sm!! wish i had words to make things better. hopefully music helps a little

McKayla knew her Supreme Grand Master John Douglas’s claim he can cure COVID-19 and other viruses but instead of telling us his supposed “truth for all”, she wrote “wish i had words to make things better. hopefully music helps a little”.

CMA Facebook 18 March 2020
CMA Facebook 19 March 2020

More posts are in the pipeline, including further McKayla content showing the depths of her involvement with MJD and CMA.

Master John Douglas Miracle Worker? Read This First

Prosperity Blessings

This is one of my most important posts.

Both CMA International (CMA) and The Global Self Foundation (SELF) are 501(c)(3) organizations exempt from federal income tax in USA.

To be clear, I’m not familiar with complexities of taxes and accounting but I was interested to see what I could learn from looking into this. The bottom line is clear.

I’ll include download links to public documents for inspection; perhaps you have expertise and can glean insights or research deeper than I’m able to? Comment or use the Contact form.

Hartnett and the various disclaimers are at pains to say MJD is independent of CMA and SELF (e.g. calling him a “guest speaker”.) This is an attempt to absolve MJD of any responsibily of the ineffectiveness of his products. On paper, these organization’s tax documents don’t mention him but as I will show, this isn’t the whole story and there are questions to be answered.

501(c)(3) tax-exemptions apply to entities operated for religious, charitable, scientific, educational purposes and the like.

Pertinent details of such organizations from are:

To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual.

A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.

Definition of inure : to be of use, benefit, or advantage to an individual.

Of course, MJD has a personal and private interest in both CMA and SELF. CMA was created by Hartnett as a home for MJD’s teachings, and sales of his CDs, blessings and seminars etc are initially received by CMA and not sold anywhere else. SELF receive MJD’s Elite Development course “donations” ($10,000+ course fees) and has numerous ties to CMA. We are told there are 400+ total elite graduates. 400 x $10,000 = $4million. Let’s follow the money.

As I wrote elsewhere, CMA and MJD are two sides of the same coin. SELF is the middle part joining them together.

Taken with everything else on my blog, what I’ve found casts doubt if the two 501(c)(3) legal requirements above are being met.

If nothing else, these documents & numbers show just how much money these two organizations have been accumulating since 2017. and are the two sites to search on if you wish. Documents are “Form 990” PDFs for 2017 & 2018 only.

Before I get into it, it’s worth noting I’ve never heard MJD, Hartnett or even CMA recognise the cost of anything sold. Prices seem to only be mentioned on the order page for the items; not in any seminar or social media post have prices been mentioned. Of course not: remember MJD preaches to persevere without “measuring in human terms” the “effort” (money & time) to “use” (buy) his tools, processes, seminars and courses:

MJD, 30 October 2020 teleseminar

SELF’s single page website contains nothing besides their vague mission statement, a plea for donations and assurances staff don’t receive compensation. There is nothing at all about the research they supposedly support, how they spend their donations, or how to apply for a grant.

By way of staying grounded before the delve into the tax documents, let me share these aspirational Facebook comments made following the announcement of the 2020 Elite Development Courses:

Two MJD followers measuring in human terms, CMA Facebook 3 August 2020

CMA International Foundation

Mission Statement

CMA International Foundation, DBA: The Church of the Master Angels, is a unitary, non-denominational, faith-based community Church open to all seekers of truth, cosmic awareness and soul-realization, regardless of belief, tradition, creed, or religious affiliation that promotes the selfless worship of God through the teaching of God’s Masters, Angels, and Holy Saints.

Employer Identification Number 82-0722844

CMA’s address is in North Carolina but in 2017 was legally domiciled in Delaware – file number 6341113, registered agent The Company Corporation (“This company offers formation services to form business entities such as LLCs and Corporations”.)

McCormick Tax Group (2017) & Sassetti (2018) – CMA’s accountants – are in Chicago. Chicago-based SELF is also domiciled in Delaware. Anyone know reasons for this arrangement? Is it significant? In 2018 CMA moved domicile to North Carolina.

Tax Year 2017

Signed by Linda Hartnett, 16 Sep 2018

Total revenue $2,208,529

Total expenses $1,513,920

Revenue less expenses $694,609

Total liabilities and net assets/fund balances $719,609 (including $680,468 cash)

Statement of Program Service Accomplishments:

The organization has established a nondenominational faith based community church with a strong emphasis on health research and alternative health modality education, offering training courses to its congregations with a faith based missionary expansion healing focus.


Chris Hartnett chairman [founder of CMA after MJD supposedly cured his supposed multiple health problems supposedly in 2008 and whom I’ve written much about]

Tom Tomaselli president [“Thomas Tomaselli, M.D.,  Senior Attending and Board Certified Anesthesiologist, New York” endorser of Sarnat’s “Medical Miracles” book, quote: “this one of a kind book, studied nine clinical scenarios where a spiritual healer, Master John Douglas, is able to literally see the cause of these ‘incurable’ diseases. Not only can he see the cause of the diseases, he can enact quick, non-invasive cures.” He is surely the same Thomas Tomaselli seen in this 2007 video endorsing transcendental meditation. His son Michael claims MJD cured him of backpain and breathing problems caused by “toxic mold”:]

Karen Terrell vice president [no more information known]

Linda Hartnett treasurer [wife of Chris Hartnett]

Ben-Gabriel Wagner secretary [“Gabriel”, son of lawyer Jeffrey Wagner who in 2020 says he’s CEO of CMA and claims MJD remotely saved him from a heart-attack in 2016: Gabriel Wagner is MJD’s “right-hand man”]

MJD and his “dedicated assistant” Gabriel Wagner, circa May 2017

Selected Expenses:

Travel $133,675

Grants and other assistance to foreign organizations, foreign governments, and foreign individuals: $1,100,000

Region: “East Asia And The Pacific – Australia, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia”. Purpose: “Continue to conduct and promote research in alternative health modalities for cancer, lyme disease, stage 2 diabetes and high cholestrol”

The checkbox above is ticked “No” which seems strange to me. IRS guidelines regarding filling in this form state:

Indicate “Yes” or “No” regarding whether the organization maintains records to substantiate amounts, eligibility, and selection criteria used for making grants and providing other assistance. Describe how the organization monitors its grants and other assistance (and re-grants) to ensure that such grants and other assistance are used for proper purposes or aren’t otherwise diverted from the intended use. For example, the organization can describe required periodic reports and accountings, field investigations by the organization’s personnel, and third-party audits.

Can any Form 990 experts suggest why any organization wouldn’t maintain records of grants and eligibility? Especially one sponsoring research – how else could they track the effectiveness of the work? A legitimate funder wouldn’t give away $millions without recording where it’s gone.

The one grant listed is crucial. Why is the Name column blank? Notice the Region includes Australia. We’re told MJD is Australian and lives there. To whom is this $1.1million going? Why are there no grants to other regions of the world, in paricular the USA? Where is evidence of the “research in alternative health modalities …” they claim the grant is for?

Tax Year 2018

Signed by Linda Hartnett, 16 October 2019

Total revenue $3,070,621

Total expenses $2,364,551

Revenue less expenses $706,070

Total liabilities and net assets/fund balances $1,428,962 (including $1,338,596 cash)


Same names as 2017 report, but Tom Tomaselli is now vice president. Karen Terrell is now secretary and received $17,500 compensation. Ben (Gabriel) Wagner is now director.

Selected Expenses:

Travel $150,360

Grants to domestic individuals $183 [no more details]

Grants and other assistance to foreign organizations, foreign governments, and foreign individuals: $0 [Incorrect? See below]

Fees for services (non-employees) $1,590,000 [To my eye, appears to be incorrectly classified on expenses page, because later in form this amount appears on Grants page, see below]

Like 2017, the “maintains records to substantiate amounts, eligibility, and selection criteria used for making grants and providing other assistance” checkbox is “No.”

Again there is a large sum being granted to an unnamed foreign entity in “East Asia and the Pacific” region. This time $1,590,000 :

Purpose of grant: “Helping the church expand its global reach and its membership by providing speakers and content of interest to potential and active church members.”

This grant sounds more like a payment to me. Is this why it was classified under “Fees for services (non-employees)” earlier in form or was that an error? At end of form, this payment is declared for “consulting”. As I said, I’m not familiar with tax forms so I might be missing something.

Regardless, CMA have no speakers from outside CMA or USA other than MJD. It’s inconceivable this money is ending up anywhere other than him.

Now I’ll turn to The SELF Foundation.

The Global SELF Foundation

Mission Statement:

The organization creates, connects, and collaborates with organizations and experts to raise awareness and inspire research education and development related to self development through alternative health modalities.

The organization has been supporting research for self and health development with with the goal of finding alternative health technologies and solutions to eliminate physical and physiological challenges and nuture the self development, self awareness, and self sufficiency of the individual.

Employer Identification Number 47-4431894

Their address and accountants McCormick Tax Group are in Chicago but organization is legally domicled in Delaware (file number 5760849, registered agent is Corporate Creations Network “the third largest provider of nationwide registered agent, incorporation and compliance services.”)

Stated year of formation is 2015, which conflicts with 2012 stated on Facebook (not to mention posts older than 2015) and 2008 Hartnett has given as year he met MJD. Hartnett also has vaguely said SELF was started by “a group of Chicago business people and two families” which almost sounds like some kind of Mafia situation to me.

Tax Year 2017

Signed by Greta Huizenga, 16 September 2018

Total revenue $2,146,626 (includes $9,572 (“Income from Sydney Inv”))

Total expenses $2,213,383

Revenue less expenses -$66,757

Total liabilities and net assets/fund balances $3,687,036 (including $2,595,414 cash)


Christopher Hartnett president [see previous discussion]

Ruth Espy-Romeror director [further details unknown but I guess same person as]

Michael T McCormick director [presumably same person as accountancy firm]

Peter Sterling vice president [further details unknown]

Linda Hartnett secretary [see previous discussion]

Greta Huizenga treasurer [Chicago, interior designer and board member of Global Faith Network. CMA Elite Development Course attendee, CMA published her testimonial in 2018]

Selected Expenses

Travel $31,797

Grants and other assistance to domestic organizations/governments $15,695 [no more details]

Grants and Other Assistance to Organizations or Entities Outside the United States $1,725,000

Like CMA, SELF are sending mysterious large overseas grants to unnamed entities in East Asia and Pacific region::

Purpose of grant is same as CMA’s: “continue to conduct and promote research in alternative health modalities for cancer, lyme disease, stage 2 diabetes and high cholestrol.”


Investment in Sydney Investment Partners LLC $512,723

This is new, SELF are investing in a company with a rather intriguing name. “Sydney” presumably as in Australia where MJD supposedly lives. Can’t find much about “Sydney Investment Partners”, I wonder what kind of investment it is. Formed in 2013 in Delaware (that place again):

Sydney Investment Partners are presumably the same “Sydney Inv” that $9,572 was received from as income (see above.)

According to Corporation Trust Company is associated with at least 5 offshore companies in Bermuda and Cayman Islands. Though my skills at interpreting this data is lacking. Anyone figure out if this is actually linked and significant to SELF?

Tax Year 2018

Signed by Greta Huizenga, 7 October 2019

Total revenue $2,791,379 (including $16,475 from “Sydney Inv”)

Total expenses $2,253,955

Revenue less expenses $537,424

Total liabilities and net assets/fund balances $4,232,404 (including $2,863,612 cash)


Same as 2017 except Ruth Espy-Romeror and Michael T McCormick are removed.

Selected Expenses

Travel $14,849

Grants and other assistance to domestic organizations/governments $56,000

Grants and Other Assistance to Organizations or Entities Outside the United States $1,735,000

Elite Event Expenses $44,152

Investment in Sydney Investment Partners LLC $761,488

The $56,000 grant to a domestic entity turns out to be CMA International. Finally they’ve included the organization name receiving a grant and it’s essentially themselves in all but name. This ties with what we’re told, remember SELF “sponsor” CMA’s free events:

Unless I’ve majorly misinterpreted these documents, the bottom line is CMA+SELF combined have sent a total of


to the part of the world MJD’s home country of Australia is located. In 2017-2018 alone. That’s a lot of money to promote and research “alternative health modalities” and “character development” – by which they obviously mean MJD’s bogus philosophy and tools, i.e. MJD himself. But where’s the evidence of CMA/MJD doing anything in “East Asia and Pacific” during 2017-2018 or indeed ever? The money must be going to him.

$6,500,000 is a lot of money but to Hartnett it’s small beans and just the beginning. Remember his Global Link USA company (or was it USA Global Link?) was apparently valued at $2.2billion, and he explicity revealed his financial ambitions for CMA in this clip from a 2019 internal CMA conference call:

“… in order to make this group work self-sufficiently, we had to do a test, to show people how they get in the way, to show people how they react, to show people how they are obstructing the natural order of this movement becoming a multi-billion dollar company.”

Does that sound like a 501(c)(3) organization run for exclusively charitable purposes to you?

I would not blame CMA devotees for wondering where this money ended up and how it’s spent. Could it be, just maybe, when he’s out of sight MJD’s mind is on his money more than your karmic nourishment.

Update log:

14 December 2020, revised censor bars on one screenshot