Watch Christopher Hartnett introduce Master John Douglas

Videos of CMA chairman, founder and chief MJD promotor Christopher Hartnett are hard to find, as with MJD.

There are currently no videos of either men on CMA’s YouTube channel but in 2019 some seminar videos were posted only to be deleted a few months later for some reason. CMA like deleting things especially recently. Searching wider gives impression there are no videos of them anywhere.

I posted a video clip of MJD here but recently realized I don’t have a Hartnett video up. Today I’m changing that. If you have any more, send me details.

Enjoy (if that’s the right word) this short compilation of Hartnett introducing MJD at previous seminars in an undetermined location, circa 2018/2019. No doubt Hartnett had been speaking at great length each time, as heard in the teleseminars. This video was to promote the upcoming “Golden Rays of Bliss” tour. All the edits are CMA’s.

Hartnett: My greatest honor, my greatest time and I’m sure everybody’s gonna love it, Master John Douglas.

MJD: Ah thank you Chris.

[Audience applause]

Hartnett: Feel the bliss, be the bliss, experience the bliss. And John, on my knees, thank you for all you do.

MJD (?) : Here we go!

Note the glimpses of blue or yellow lanyards of Elite Development graduates worn by some attendees, as also seen in e.g. this photo:

Comments expressing bombastic excitement and praise typical of CMA higher-ups were left:

Look out for another MJD video I’ll be posting soon.

Knocking On Heavenly Mountain’s Door

CMA and MJD may be lying low right now, but a recent sign of life from chairman and MJD’s enabler-in-chief Christopher Hartnett left me feeling alarmed.

Hartnett has a Reddit account @tedhens he’s occasionally used since 27 November 2020 in attempts to defend CMA, replying to critics in an insulting and disparaging manner. He shields MJD from criticism and defends by attacking, employing small-minded ad hominem arguments. Hartnett’s crude patronizing nature is on display, at odds with a self-proclaimed spiritual ‘senior pastor’. Example:

I’ll take a longer look at his comments another time. And a deeper examination of his username deserves a dedicated post. Today I’m writing about his most recent Reddit post from February 7:

GunPorn subreddit 7 February 2021

Reading the comments tells me this collection of guns is highpriced, and the post was well-received in the ‘GunPorn’ community.

But why would Hartnett have so many guns? Is he expecting to need them? To supply to others? How far is Hartnett prepared to go to protect his “Supreme Grand Master” John Douglas?

Hartnett’s display of deadly fire power is for him another ego-boost for a self-centered narcissist absent of personal responsibility. Again he sees offense as the best defense.

In another Reddit comment attempting to defend CMA, Hartnett uses his gun interest to belittle his opponent who had happened to post a gun photo in an unrelated subreddit:

Cults subreddit 25 December 2020

Clearly the particular model of gun was not to Hartnett’s standards and he can’t resist using it as a way to win the argument by trash-talking not only the gun but by extension his opponent’s credibilty. Showing again his genuine character contrasts with his CMA persona of a man dedicated to self-development and elevating the world’s spirituality.

How do vitriolic attacks such as this affect one’s karmic balance? I hope Hartnett purchased one of MJD’s Karmic Mitigation Blessings after these fireworks, to stop anything returning to bite him in the future.

It wasn’t news to me Hartnett is a gun fan. Earlier in 2020 he followed in quick succession a large number of firearms Instagram accounts: @glockinc @coltfirearms @henry_rifles @rugersofficial and so on.

He also followed @realdonaldtrump that day. Relevant because in the following YouTube comment Hartnett reveals his politics of gun ownership was tied to voting for Trump:

TheGunCollective YouTube 14 Sep 2020

Elsewhere on YouTube, Hartnett has favorited videos such as:

He shared his policy on trespassers in 2012:

“We don’t call 911”. Instagram 18 July 2012.

So be warned, believers of MJD and members of the “community Church open to all seekers of truth, cosmic awareness and soul-realization”; arrive uninvited to the CMA chapel and you may get shot! Some ‘church’ right?

For Hartnett, the path of spiritual growth is a long and winding road until you get to knock on heaven’s door.

Hartnett’s cratering ambition is creation of a multi-million dollar global movement built around MJD, purportedly for the benefit of mankind’s global spiritual advancement. Akin to how Transcendental Meditation in the 1960s-70s was dependent on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, revered by Hartnett.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into the new Waco instead.

Don’t Downvote Me, Bro!

In the 28 March 2020 teleseminar, MJD has strong views about YouTube videos being disliked within 30 seconds of being posted. It’s one of the most superficial things I’ve heard him talk about. As will be heard below, the way he returns to the subject 20 minutes later and blows it up to ludicrous significance suggests the effect of downvotes on his ego.

The YouTube video of that CMA teleseminar has been deleted like other teleseminars but I have the two relevant audio clips here.

“Master John Douglas”, unknown date and location

In this first clip MJD starts by condemning people’s general tendency for “negative” reactions and behaviours, because they eventually return to inflict pain via karmic law:

28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

Another aspect of illustration is the cynical, negative default that most of humanity exists in.

People don’t understand the harm they do to themselves by instigating laws of nature that deliver suffering.

To understand these laws is to be freed. To understand these laws is to have a machine to print money.

Say for example. One of these YouTubers that I watch occasionally about automobiles and he’s very popular, he has got a couple of million subscribers. He came out and said that as soon as he releases a video, within the first 30 seconds he has 10 or 20 downvotes. And he attributed to his competition who are trying to downvote his videos.

I was aghast when I found that out. That people literally do that. That people literally try and spoil someone else’s blessings, someone else’s hard work, someone else’s natural right to be successful. That people literally have that negative intention to downvote a person who is popular and true and honest and doing the right thing. And then we wonder why we suffer.

I was just watching our live stream on YouTube and before Chris [Hartnett] had even spoken there were four downvotes [laughs].

Y’know … do you really think your opinion has any cosmic weight to effect anything besides your own destruction?

That’s the key to it. And we as humans have been conditioned to own this universe. We’ve been conditioned that whatever is on our mind must be inflicted onto everybody else, that whatever difficulty, negativity, struggle we have is not self-created but we should just vomit it out onto everybody else.

And that is encouraged now. That is propagated. And that is self-destructive. That is self-destructive.

MJD, 28 March 2020 teleseminar

It is the way he goes from “instigating laws of nature that deliver suffering” to YouTube downvoting I find absurd.

The line “Do you really think your opinion has any cosmic weight to effect anything besides your own destruction?” is hugely disparaging and sanctimonious towards everyone with minds contrary to his own. It’s outrageously egotistical in the context of such a trivial matter as downvoting YouTube videos. I can hear a subtle inner anger in his voice as he says it.

It’s an over-the-top insult thrown out like he’s predicting the downvoters are going to hell for their actions.

Are MJD’s own opinions not subject to this law? It’s akin to his “your naturally doubting offensive mental capabilities” and “Just be” instructions rejecting any rational thought that might work against him.

In the latter part of the clip he links it to his wider philosophy: if something bad happens to you, it’s your fault due to something you did in your past. And most importantly don’t complain about it. Robbery? Cancer? Disabled? You’re to blame. Going through a hard time and want to talk about it? Too bad, your opinions are vomit to him. Which rather calls into question MJD’s genuine thoughts about the people who come to him for “healing”.

If anyone knows which automobile YouTuber he might be referring please comment below for interest.

20 minutes later…

… he’s back on the topic, after expounding his nonsense COVID-19 theories and waxing lyrical about coronavirus sufferers being killed by antiviral medication and immunosuppressants.

At the start of this second clip, MJD is still talking about his preposterous theory of one’s past negative reactions and behaviours causing future bad events like coronavirus (another example is 9/11):

28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“This is literally, as I mentioned last week, delivering to all sectors of society some kind of transformation, change and purification and some kind of uh, reunification of people.

If you go back to what I mentioned about downvoting someone’s video before you even watch it, that little tip of the iceberg is the reason a lot of this is happening.

As I mentioned last week… the state of politics, society, debate, media, country, the world, social media trends and tendencies.

I said nature simply brings forth a catastrophe when it’s required to blow away all kind of things and negativities…

MJD, 28 March 2020 teleseminar

Seeing those downvotes really unsettled his karmic balance.

In essence he is saying the downvoting of his videos contributed to the rise of COVID-19. As if his videos being quickly downvoted caused a massive butterfly effect of negativity resulting in a world-changing catastrophe. As if the very idea of deciding to downvote a video is an unethical act feeding a looming, growing monster of bad karma we’ll all bear the brunt of eventually.

Doesn’t this comeuppance contradict his earlier pretentious and overblown remark “Do you really think your opinion has any cosmic weight to effect anything besides your own destruction”?

“FREE Global Repair Livestream”, CMA YouTube 2 October 2020. 18 upvotes / 6 downvotes

At no point does he address quick upvotes of videos, despite this being extremely common on popular YouTube channels. Do upvotes not cancel out the downvotes in MJD’s karmic world? Sidenote: I wonder if CMA members are told to upvote videos ASAP as a matter of course.

MJD never considers if a downvote is ever honest and justified – not merely the work of biased and nefarious competition. “People literally try and spoil someone else’s blessings, someone else’s hard work, someone else’s natural right to be successful. That people literally have that negative intention to downvote a person who is popular and true and honest and doing the right thing” as if everything has a right to be accepted simply for existing. “popular and true and honest and doing the right thing” – he appears to be talking about both the automobile YouTuber and himself here.

The very idea people might disagree with him and also express it is offensive to MJD because it harms his standing in CMA. Any occurrence of doubt is an attack on a cult‘s authority.

The downvotes are a publicly visible sign not everyone agrees with him, seen not only by CMA members but all viewers and potential future devotees watching.

In particular, early downvotes on CMA’s Global Repair “livestreams” as mentioned in the first clip likely reduce viewer susceptibility to value what MJD and Hartnett say. I wonder if this was one reason the Global Repair streams moved to Twitch which has no upvote/downvote feature. Sidenote: the main reason was likely to find an untapped audience.

But in any case, CMA could’ve simply switched off the YouTube thumbs up/down feature. Now that’s what I call FREE Karmic Mitigation.