Taste of Elite

What do graduates of CMA’s Elite Development course get to enjoy? What “divine bliss” do they experience? Besides their color-coded lanyards, certificates, lighter bank balances and of course seeing “proof of God”?

Well, CMA spare no expense by celebrating their student body’s achievement with a fireworks display on Heavenly Mountain; where chairman Christopher Hartnett lives close to the CMA chapel.

CMA Instagram 30 August 2017. One silhouette is holding a bullhorn and wearing a pair of costume angel wings, is this Hartnett? Or could it be one of the famed “Master Angels” – no, they do not exist.
The general neighborhood of Heavenly Mountain. (Google Maps)

August 2019
September 2020
September 2020

New graduates, CMA higher-ups, and Elite weekend helpers attend the displays together. Notably, I don’t have any photos of MJD himself enjoying the show.

“Elite 2019, Kaboom”. CMA higher-up Susie watches the show, August 2019.

For some reason attendees often wear glowing neon rings and other light-up adornments while watching the fireworks arc high into the nighttime sky.

@WeLuvMasterJohn twitter (2019)

August 2018
March 2020
August 2019

No graduate photos arm-in-arm with their revered MJD, smiling proudly. No groupshot of happy graduates shared to promote CMA’s “world renowned secret knowledge” lectures.

Fireworks are not just for celebrating at Elite weekends, they appear to be brought out at other times when Hartnett and company desire.

Though enjoyed by those in attendance, these events are appropriately suited to the fatuous and wasteful Elite Development courses.

Since around 2020 these firework displays seem to be the only occasions where photos/videos are permitted by CMA. It was not always like this. Though rare, photos before 2020 included joyous moments at graduation ceremonies, gatherings at the chapel and receiving certificates from MJD:

An early Elite graduate happily shows off her official certificate signed “MJD”, 2013
August 2019. Note different colored Elite lanyards.
MJD passes out Elite graduation certificates at the CMA chapel while Hartnett rings handheld bells, August 2017

But firework photos are more shareable than photos like these. Everyone understands and knows fireworks. Firework photos and videos attract fewer questions than photos of a man wearing a garland of flowers, surrounded by admirers whom he hands certificates to inside a golden chapel.

The fireworks used are clearly powerful, expensive and numerous and give a considerable display, necessitating CMA to have a “fireworks clean-up” team ready. The wider Heavenly Mountain community advertises itself as a place of ‘peace’ and “rejuvenating tranquility”. The impact on surrounding homes can’t be ignored.

“The morning after the fireworks”, November 2015.
September 2017
August 2019

‘Magic’, “angel celebrations”, “gratitude fireworks” are some of the words CMA people use to describe the displays.

A safe distance? August 2017
August 2018
August 2017
August 2018
Hartnett approves of the “Hour and a half of fireworks”, 26 August 2019

Do nearby Heavenly Mountain residents get to enjoy the show too or are they negatively impacted?

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