“We Are Not a Cult”

Definitely not a cult

CMA aren’t afraid of bringing up the c-word.

“There are many many many many people on the planet that claim all kinds of things, but as I said … none of them can verify and prove what they say and do … we don’t parade around looking for publicity. And we are not a money driven organization looking for empires. And we’re not looking to control people’s lives or to create a cult …”

MJD, 21 Mar 2020 teleseminar

MJD raising the subject of cults and money himself seems to me a “controlling the narrative” or a confidence trick. By acknowledging those issues without prompting, he bonds sympathetically with any doubters in the audience. When he then dismisses the ideas by presenting his reasons why those doubts are unfounded, many in the audience will be on his side: “OK he just said it’s not a cult, I guess not then since he’s directly saying it’s not. Maybe this really is legit.”

“We are not a religion, we are not a cult. We have nothing really esoteric. We’re very practical. You’re sick, we’re gonna heal you … through the grace of John Douglas, Master John Douglas and the Master Angels.”

Hartnett, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

That clip couldn’t be more inaccurate. Nothing esoteric? CMA/MJD have obscure terminology coming out their eyeballs. MJD frequently claims to be in possession of secret, protected knowledge and runs the Elite course to teach it.

“I came up with the name Supreme Grand Master John Douglas. We live on a road that has those initials on it … this is not some cult thing … John is the humblest person I know.

He is the perfect person for this karmic mitigation for the world because he takes no credit, yet I’ve seen him do things no-one else on the planet can do.”

Hartnett, 28 Mar 2020 teleseminar

“Supreme Grand Master John Douglas”; a road with the initials on; a spirtual head who talks to angels and uses them to kill viruses; a church formed in his honor; tiers of devotees; endless praise and reverence. Need I go on. Hartnett should ask himself the right questions: who here among us behaves like a cult leader? And to whom is that cult leader dedicated?

Definitely not a cult (2017)
Definitely not a cult (2018)

Questioning Credibility: it’s worth going through the “20 Questions to Evaluate the Validity of a Group or Leader” on Janja Lalich’s site http://cultresearch.org/help/questioning-credibility – CMA/MJD do not score highly.

The humble Supreme Grand Master John Douglas in his gilded chapel (2019)

Hartnett, 28 March 2020 teleseminar

“… We have secret knowledge. John’s told us that from the very beginning. We don’t broadcast what we do. We don’t even advertise. We go on Facebook or maybe Instagram and tell people there’s an opportunity to get healed. We could market this, we have great marketing talent, we got great legal talent, we’ve got people that have been healed from every type of disease you can possibly think of and they’re willing to help.

But we wanna grow organically, we don’t want quantity, we want quality. If this isn’t for you then it’s not for you, God bless you we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

But there’s a new sheriff in town, there’s a whole new paradigm in town.

Now there’s no reason for people to be sick, in pain… I’ve had every disease you can think of… I’ve spent the last 30 years practically in bed…

Notice how Hartnett cultivates exclusivity of being in CMA. This makes those introduced to CMA feel immediately special and more willing to stay around. A selected group of people, chosen, filtered and worked by existing devotees. This contrasts with MJD’s preceding “spiritual masters” such as Jesus who preached for all people, with no paygate or “great legal talent.” What kind of Church to benefit humanity says “If this isn’t for you then it’s not for you”? What happened to “one truth can destroy a million untruths”?

Hartnett, obsessed with being global, invented a Church built on the insane claims of a narcissist “faith healer” for the purpose of becoming a self-sufficient “multi-billion dollar company”:

Hartnett, clip from internal CMA conference call 2019

“… in order to make this group work self-sufficiently, we had to do a test, to show people how they get in the way, to show people how they react, to show people how they are obstructing the natural order of this movement becoming a multi-billion dollar company.”

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